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Screw Geocoins (revisited)


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On the silver coins will you be working through the wait list and go by the ones that next reqested for them?  Just wondering cause I was so close to the wait list and still want one. 


Yes, we will start at the top of the wail list, and work our way down. BBF were the first up, and they used their option.


What was the total number of screw coins minted?


There are 1000 coins being minted.


900 Regular


75 Silver


25 (As yet unmentioned metal.) :ph34r:

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Update as of 11/8


I wish I could give solid numbers, but we are waiting on the tracking numbers from Groundspeak. Needless to say, they have been quite busy of late, so hopefully this won't hold us up.


The Screws are being made now, and I anticipate them being ready for the numbering process by the end of next week. Hopefully, we have numbers to put on them by then.


There is some question as to whether or not we will be able to make a trackable GeoNut or not. As I find out more information regarding this issue, I will post it here.


Thanks for your support, and continued patience on this.



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In answer to the recent posts...


No, it's not to late to order, we still have a few left. I have a feeling that once some of these start to get placed, and the general caching population starts to see the icon, there could be a surge in demand.


As far as the nuts go...I am still working on getting some clarification to the situation. I don't want to say anything about what my understanding of the situation is, until I get more information.


No need to start any rumors.


I'll keep everyone posted.



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