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  1. Heh! I just found out about the coin, and then this thread, so I thought I should share my story. I live in the desert of Southern California, so sometime we go caching on the quadrunners. Well, on April 14 of this year, my buddy called me up in the morning and asked me if I wanted to go riding and take him to one of my caches that is about 5 miles out from home, so we hopped on the quads and headed out. We got to the top of the hill (cliff, actually) where I had placed the cache, but it was missing. Yep, I DNFed my own cache. So we were looking for a safe way to get home, and apparently, the trail I chose down the hill was too steep, too sandy, and had a big patch of rocks, so when I drove over the edge, the quad went way too fast, then went tumbling, with me in front of it! Along with many abrasions over my arms legs and torso, I broke my front tooth, punched a hole through my lower lip, fractured my elbow which is now held together with a titanium plate and 8 various screws, and I lost 2 months from work. All this from seeking my own cache. This really is my post op X-ray, not photoshopped! -=Brian=-
  2. Hello San Diego Cachers! Is this your one and only discussion forum or do you have a SDcachers.com somewhere with a BBS running. Anyway, I am trying to let everyone know that the GPS Cachers are hosting the Greater Palm Springs Geocache Event #2 on Saturday January 20, 2007. We are still hammering out the details, including location, but we should have that all worked out soon, and I am planning to have the event listed by 12/1/06. Hope to see ya here! -=BRI=-
  3. Well I had hoped to have a handfull of these coins on Sept 9 when I start my vacation and head to Utah & Colorado with my wife and kids, but that looks like it wont happen. Oh well, I still have some of the CA micros to spread out across the southwestern states, and I will still order some of these to keep and some to release. This is a very nice design and I look forward to seeing it in metal.
  4. I like tracking numbers that make into words, not necessarily correct spellings, but easy to remember. If it is a non-trackable sequencial, I try to request 666 since some people get freaked out over a mere number and it means nothing to me. Makes for good conversation though...
  5. OMG! A seperate icon for each coin? That's just silly, especially since it's the same icon with a different number on it. Is this really necesary? Now what if I miss on 5&6, there'll be a gap in my numbers, so I'll just have to stop buying anymore after that so my icons don't go 1234789 10 and so on. On the bright side, these coins are really beautiful. I can hardly wait to get the activation codes... but I'll wait, no need to make anyone search out the numbers when I can do it when I get home sunday.
  6. I'm curious if anyone has recieved one of these as a trade fulfillment? I'm just wondering if I should keep my hopes up or count on a loss and seek another trade?
  7. I have to disagree. I see an oil pump, and I think... Black Gold (or in the case of coins, black nickel) it just wouldn't seem right any other way. I really think these would look sharp.
  8. Very nice. I just picked up my 2nd 2005 utah coin off ebay, and now there's this awesome new 2006 coin coming out. I'm gonna need a couple of these for sure, especially since Utah is my vacation destination this summer, and I'm gonna release a bunch of coins along the way. Again I say, "Cool!"
  9. I know were all waiting with baited breath for the announcement of this coin's availability, but in case your making a list, I want several of these as well. Gonna release them.
  10. I'll be wanting 3 of the nut coins, regular finish, to match my screws.
  11. Is this purchased coins only, or does it include trades made and owed?
  12. Great to see the new CA coin is to have GC tracking. I will be in for several of these, 1 to keep and the rest to release into the wild. I did very much like the 2005 CA coin.
  13. When I release coins, I place them in a ziploc bag with a travel bug sheet to explain. I also deface the coin, usually by scratching a small X on the face. I don't remember who's idea that was, but it is a good idea. I will drill a hole through all my USA geocoins that get released. Also, I try not to leave more than one coin per cache to help prevent what happened to you. Sorry some people think that the world is their toilet, and they can crap wherever they want to.
  14. Are there still any of these available for purchase? If so, what is the chance of picking one up at the campout htis weekend?
  15. Heh! I jumped right to the order page without reading the details. What a pleasant surprise to find the ten packs, since I was intending to buy 10 anyway, and thought I would be spending upwards of $50 or more for 10 coins. I may well buy another 10 pack next week, if still available. Gee, can you tell I live in California? And I'm gonna do some multi state caching this summer. I'll release most all of them.
  16. Sorry to chime in so late, but... I did receive an invoice and a cancelled invoice. I sent an email requesting to be invoiced again to the invoice e-mail address. I still have not heard anything either way. If my name is not still on the list (it should be) is there any way to purchase one of these coins? Thanks.
  17. This is cool. I wouldn't mind having one of these in my modest collection. Reminds of something that happened a while back... Seems one of my travel bugs made it to Japan, Osaka to be exact, in the hands of a non geocacher. Long story short, I spent a couple of weeks with email translators getting one semi muggle hooked up with an avid local cacher to get my travel bug back into a cache. It still travel's today, been in germany for a while now. TBEE62 if your interested. Sorry to go so far OT
  18. Did you fill in the form to request to have the site admin register it to the site? I dunno why they don't just automatically have all the coins in the system waiting to be logged (like many other sites) but they don't.
  19. I got my coins this week (got home tonight to find them in) and I just wanted to check, the shiny one is thegold and the dull one is the bronze. I only want to confirm since I wil be trading my gold and silver coins and I want to make sure when I do trade, I give the recipient the right coin. Please no offers for personal coins, I do not collect personal coins.
  20. Yeah, I'll buy a few of these. Next we're gonna need one in 30-06 or .223
  21. How soon? Minutes? Hours? Days? I just want to know if I can leave my computer to use the bathroom! Not that soon, go ahead and take a break. It will be real soon though but not today and probably not tomorrow since we are going geocaching. But if I were you I would start watching real close around Monday evening or so............Dang...Did I spoil it? Remember, I said or so. Curse my job... I work far from home, and the place where we stay has no internet right now. Would someone be so kind as to order one of these coins for me?
  22. Wow! 20 free coins? At a rough average of $7/coin thats $140 worth of free coins for doing nothing. I guess I should come up with some ideas so someone else can do all the work and give me a whole sh**load of free coins...
  23. Another midweek sale that I had no chance of being a part of... Oh well again. I guess now I'm seeking a trade for lighthouse #1 and #2... Anyone???
  24. I'm such an idiot... I recieved and payed the invoice over a week ago. Kindly disregard previous post.
  25. Your links are duds (not clickable) Not links, lists. That's it... Take it or leave it, basically. Sorry I don't have more
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