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  1. Ok, thanks, I'll try. Now I'm working in Firefox. Your answer for "download queries" is the same for the pictures, "Open in new tab" shows the picture in chrome. Very strange, looks like the webpages from geocaching don't work 100% in chrome anymore.
  2. Hello Lackey, is there a solution already? See the new problems mentioned in this thread.
  3. Yes, I have the same problem, and a new one. The download link in gmail doesn't do anything anymore in Chrome. Firefox is ok. The second problem with chrome: for several of my geocache pages. No pictures are shown anymore. But the link is still ok in a separate tabpage, pictures is still visible. But not in the total cache description. What is the solution? Is deleted the history and cookies, but no solution.
  4. Strange....nobody has the right answer Unfortunally IE 11 (latest version) doesn't work either. And yes I use PQ's for larger numbers of caches. But why supplying a button SEND TO GPS on your site that doesn't work well? Or tell how to use it?? To bad and a bit annoying
  5. How to do this for a 60 CSx? I find the GARMIN unit as an USB mass-storage (after changing it in settings) but cannot find the GPX file?? I did copy a GPX file in the garmin file but nothing appears...or are GPX files not suitable for the 60 CSx??
  6. IE doesn't fix this problem (for me). I installed the latest Communicator, I did add geocaching.com to my compatibility but...nothing. What next???
  7. Same problem here......Chrome has finished supporting Garmin Communicator, so now I use IE....but it's not working. Did you solve the SEND TO GPS problem in IE and what options do I have to activate?
  8. YES, I found this forum thread by searching GARMIN Communicator. Thank you, now I can sent caches again to my GPS. We'll see after September again. I like Chrome more than IE. Or do I have to install Firefox again?
  9. Only findable at sunrise/sunset? I miss the smiley Nice idea, keep on thinking and posting here. I just got an answer from HQ, so maybe it's in the "system" yet.
  10. imho, IE is too commercial and not unique. The original idea of is neutral and understandable. But now......how to recommend by Groundspeak? This thread is already two years old
  11. Is this idea still alive? More and more smartphones are used for geocaching, geocaching app's and now and then also mobile internet. Off line app's are ok (code tables, GPX files etc.) but without mobile internet several caches are not findable. A new attribute may be required soon. I like the very simple and plain www logo. But of course we can create a more modern look like: or or Any ideas and what is HQ thinking?
  12. Nice dragonfly. X area will be the color of the metal? Otherwise I have another idea
  13. Great......I really am happy with this special edition . Now I feel a greater need to help with creating a multi cache in remembrance of this historic epic. I guess Dofferson can start with the Airborne Mars and the war memorials along this route.
  14. Monday 25 september 1944 Decision is made: withdrawing of troops from Oosterbeek across the Rijn and leaving the perimeter. At 10.30 am the order by Major-General Roy Urquhart came under the name Operation Berlin (trying to confuse the germans). At 22.00 pm British and Polish para's left their positions and crossed the river. Big artillery fire of the XXX Corps was used to cover and protect the withdrawing para's. The end of Market Garden was a fact. Tuesday 26 september 1944 About 2200 British Airbornes came back with 160 Polish para's and 75 ‘Dorsets’. Arnhem was no longer the frontline of the war, Nijmegen was now the warzone and a long cold and deadly winter started. Book written by Major-General Roy Urquhart
  15. 23th of september. Hotel Hartenstein and the perimeter is still in hands of General Urquhart and his men, but it's not as good as it sounds. Lack of materials, supplies and resources are a great problem. Tons of material are dumped but got into the hands of the Germans. Meanwhile the polish brigade tried to cross the river again with only 16 boats. They suffered great losses and only 250 polish soldiers reached Hotel Hartenstein. General Urguhart reported to headquarters: " morale is still good but we have our critical moments!" Trying to get attention of the planes with supplies
  16. 22th of september 1944. Oosterbeek. Major General Roy Urquhart estimates he has less than 3000 men left. He’s convinced that XXX Corps doesn’t understand the desperate nature of his situation. The commander of the Red Devils now begins considering a withdrawal across the Lower Rhine. Even the landed para's from the first Polish independent Brigade with commanding officer Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski couldn't help enough. They tried to cross the river towards Oosterbeek but only 300 of them reached Hotel Hartenstein and it's surroundings. Sosabowski
  17. 21th of september. The british para's surrender. Exhausted without food, water and ammo fighting was no longer a option. Duty officer, Major Gough, said to a german SS officer: "this was our first attemp, next time we'll do better!"
  18. 20th of september. The battle for the Arnhem bridge is lost. The position and bridge cannot be kept anymore. XXX Corps is too far away fighting and crawling over hell's highway. The decimated para's have to pull back. The last place were the Royal Engineers (RE) under command of Captain Eric Mackay were stuck was a school. In front of the picture you see a burned Panzer SdKfz 251 from group Gräbner.
  19. 19th of september. General-major Roy Urquhart and two officers were stuck for about 12 hours in a house Zwarteweg at Arnhem while a german tank was in front of the house. This house still exists. They escaped early in the morning and arrived at Hotel Hartenstein at 7.25 am. Meanwhile the para's are slowly slaughtered by 50 german tanks...the battle turns into a disaster.
  20. One more for the show! The bridge and destroyed vehicles.
  21. 18th of September 1944, between 500 and 700 para's went through german defences and arrived at the bridge. They took place in the houses around the bridge to hold it and waiting for the XXX Corps....... But instead of the arriving of XXX Corps they had to fight against 9de SS Panzer Division from SS-Hauptsturmführer Paul Gräbner. Lot's of vehicles were distroyed and germans killed including Gräbner.
  22. The British 1st Airborne Division, led by Major General Roy Urquhart, had the bridges over the Rhine at Arnhem take. The Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, led by Major General Stanisław Sosabowski, supported the British at Oosterbeek, in defense of the Rhine.
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