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  1. The MapQuest maps are a total disappointment, especially the aerial views. I have to zoom all the way out to even get the aerial maps to load. If i zoom in to get the lay of the land the aerial maps do not load. MaqQuest is far inferior to what Google offered. Shame on you Groundspeak...go back to quality. Greasmonkey is not the answer, when a company provides a service you should not have to have another company have to come in and clean up their problem. Go back to Google Maps.
  2. I was wondering if there were any county challenges for KS, NE or OK? if there are can you please post a link here. i have found ones for ND and SD...thx
  3. it comes with the standard USB cable and manuals. it is about 3 yrs old and has been out to cache about 5 times. ill provide the shipping at a standard rate.
  4. i am looking to sell an etrex vista for 100 USD or trade for a Garmin Forerunner 101/201 or 301. please contact me if you are interested.
  5. I have moved from Charleston, SC to Omaha, NE and will no longer be able to Service the following caches: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9c-17cd097888cf http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e7-4d7b78e03db9 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...17-c79a3992135d http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...df-40caaa0c245a I was wondering if i could find an active SCGA member to adopt these caches and keep them alive. Send a message to my profile e-mail and i will respond ASAP. Thanks!
  6. Satellite/Wideband Communications and Telemetry Systems Technician in the Air Force!!
  7. if your really good you can find them during the day...
  8. I must have not read something...i reread and answered my own question.
  9. This is a great idea but how do you maintain these caches? Say if you live in Omaha and your cache in the Scottsbluff area is gone? The reviewers allowed this? Do you get someone else to do your cache maintenance? Dont get me wrong this is a great idea but i just had some questions.
  10. Sissy's Snarky Walk # 1 Try this one on for size. I would climb the tree unassisted...forget 15ft, try 20-30ft. Now we are talking tree climbing.
  11. I think i am best known for being the "most complained about in the forums" for numerous lame 35 mm micros hidden 15 miles into the woods...just kidding!
  12. Think Inside the Box I have not logged this one but have figured out the puzzle and am waiting to log it during Christmas. This is hands down one of the most clever use of puzzles and use of terrain to create a cache.
  13. I dont think that i have a particular problem with one cache being sooo bad. You know no one is perfect and even the greatest of cachers is likely to place something dumb. But i do have a problem with one particular cacher, some interloper from some other state coming to SC and bombarding us with lame micros. I cannot stand another micro hidden in a palm tree that is hidden in a used hotel shampoo bottle...i cant take it. i guess im so addicted to caching i keep finding them hoping that, just one time, the next one will be better...not a chance...i am an idiot.
  14. Bag-O-Tricks, way to hang in there and log the find. Whatever it takes...that is hard core caching!
  15. red-haired witch...i totally agree with your last statement. a difficulty of 5 would mean that it was hidden well or that you solved some great mystery to get to the cache. i think most 5/5 water caches should be 1 or 2/5 caches.
  16. they are a legend...you will see the icon there next to the cache type on the web page, but you wont find any geocoin in the cache because some dirtbag just came by and took it out of the cache and put it in his/her personal collection of geocoins...ignore them.
  17. i am a displaced Marylander by the military and i pine for snow here in South Carolina...i get jealous hearing how other parts of the country may be under havey snow cover...God bless all of you who witness real snow...i have not for 2.5 years and counting.
  18. I was perusing the GeoMatrix (gc.com) and was wondering about some of the caches in some states where the caches are rated 4/4 or higher and it has more than 30 logs on that cache. is it me or should they be readjusted for terrain and difficulty? i am thinking that 4/4 is reaching the level of caches that not everyone attempts...so it seems a 5/5 with 70 logs on it should be re-evaluated?!
  19. anyone have a wrist strap for an etrex yellow? i will send an SASE to retrieve it if you have one.
  20. i think im going to go there, but, i think it is to keep an area from being saturated with lame micros. on the other hand, i think that the guidelines/rules are great the way they are.
  21. Does anyone know if you can shut the welcome screen off on the Vista? The screen i am talking about is the screen that says this gps belongs to xxx if found please return to xxx. thanks for any help.
  22. the bronco is great but so is the flag...go with the bronco...
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