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  1. The logs on my cache called "Lock-em-Up" have brought a smile to my face a few times.
  2. I would have to agree that I am really not a fan of micros in the woods. Micros can be tough enough to find in an urban setting let alone trying to find them in the woods. Although I can’t always do this I would prefer to hide the biggest cache container I can and still have a good hide. I do have caches that are micros but there is no way that a larger container can be placed there and still have a hide that can be “safe” (if there is such a thing) from muggles. There are times when a film container or something similar can be hidden in other items that make the whole cache bigger. (Like a film canister in an fake animal).
  3. I also like the fact that I don't have to carry and load two units when I go Geocaching. The last Garmin update helped with a number of the issues that I saw right after I purchased my 300. It may not do things the 60s would do but it will do things that the 60s will never do. I own a couple of 60CSs that the grandkids use when they go geocaching with me and things for the most part work fine for us. I agree the 300 is a bit pricey but that is what happens when anything new comes out. I am sure they will come down in price someday just as others before the 300 have. I was concerned when I saw how many owners were having troubles but there were also those that reported theirs was not having any of those issues. A person could say this could be about the same as purchasing a new or replacement for your TV, VCR and other components and learning all over how to program the darn remote and we all know how frustrating that can be at times. Just try and get tech support from a remote control company sometime.
  4. I bought my 300 from GPSNow and was well pleased with the transaction. I had it the very next day after I ordered it and got to talk to a live person from the start of the order, although you can order via internet too. I am not planniing on returning it so I am not sure about restocking fees.
  5. I have had my 300 shut off for 4 days and just turned it on to check the clock and the clock was correct. My serial number falls in the 16900500-169000600 area.
  6. I love how you're already defensive It's almost like you know what's coming See John 20:27. I was mainly reacting to the assertion in the OP that I couldn't possibly have enjoyed myself. Ummm, when I'm not having fun, I stop. I was with a group that found 217 caches in 22 1/2 hours and we had a ball. It wasn't so much about the quality of the caches but the fun we had as a group doing this mission. Like The Leprechauns when it is not fun I stop too. (Unless I quit first because everyone is tired )
  7. I think the Vista HCx is also listed to support only NT as well but it supports the non-NT maps. BTW, where the heck to people buy the full (non-update) version of 2008 NT? I see it at REI for $130 and that's about it other than a couple of smaller places I've never heard of. GO$Rs I bought miine at Gpsnow.com ($119.95) when I ordered my 300
  8. Like Starbrand I have had my 300 for a day now and I have a few conclusions about the 300 so far. 1. I agree with it not being designed for-car routing but that may be just because it is different from the operation of the 60CS that I was use to using. I do like the way it works when I am on foot though. 2. I had a little problem loading caches into the 300 at first but I did finally get caches to load after some experimenting but I am still new at this too. I do like the fact that I can put them on my 300 and not carry a PDA. I wish that the caches could be marked as found but I can work around that for now. 3. The first set of "throw away" batteries I put in the 300 showed up as discharged in what I thought was a very short time and after checking them with a battery tester they were not even close to dead. After I put in a set of rechargeable batteries I didn't have a problem with them showing up prematurely dead. 4. I have a Streetpilot C530 and it uses similar ways to transfer things so I could not see a major problem with that either. 5. I do wish the street names would show on the screen instead of not showing up. I also hope that a firmware update will take care of some of the problems. There are several features on the 300 I may never use or use very little but I am glad they are there just in case I do ever want t use them. These are just my first impressions and maybe in time I will think differently.
  9. What he said. I like Nvu also. It is easy to use and all that is asked in return is a donation to use it.
  10. I agree with what Starband said 120%
  11. Actually my first find was with a StreetPilot c530, but as others have said "it is not designed with Geocaching in mind." When I am caching in a strange area, I load the caches into the c530 to get me into the general vicinity of the cache and use my Garmin 60csx to find it. I also have a StreetPilot c530 and I load waypoints into it but I don't take it out of the cache mobile, I just use it to route me to the cache. The one thing that is nice about the c530 s that it has a bigger screen so it is easier to see while I am on the road but it is not made to take on the trail in search of a cache that is where I use my 60CS. The 530 works great for other things besides geocaching (like trying to find a good place to eat) now isn't that a clever idea?? I found the C530 for less than $200.
  12. I have several different grand children that geocache with me from time to time. They love finding geocaches in playgrounds and often make it easier to find the cache without causing raised eyebrows. If there are children at the parks when I am alone I skip the cache. No one has a gun to my head saying "You have to find this cache" There are plenty of caches if I skip this one and I would hope there would be another time I could return either with one of the grandkids or when the park is empty. It really isn't much different than skipping a "normal" cache that has muggles in the area. I skip them to and come back another time if that is the best way to handle the situation. If we avoid playgrounds then we should also avoid baseball/softball parks, and parks in general and everywhere that children may be found?? I would think we as geocachers can use common sense when geocaching and that would help avoid most 'confrotational situations'.
  13. Here is another one Un-Original Stash With 711 logs, 642 Finds, 15 DNF and 54 notes. I am sure there are more but these were easy to find
  14. This cache (the oldest active in the US I have been told) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= has 479 logs with 417 finds as of today.
  15. I am still waiting I ordered mine on Dec 6, 2005 for 5 coins. Not a word from Ross here yet though
  16. Mine must be lost in space?????????
  17. It was a well done story I thought. Good to see a positive story for a change
  18. I waited until after 12:01 CDT to do this so here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLEEN
  19. No Wymoning Coins here yet although a couple of cachers from Nebraska got theirs yesterday
  20. No Wyoming geocoins here yet.
  21. Us too! Thought the password went away @ 2130 EST? No password is needed now I don't think. It worked for me without one at least
  22. Just for your information the Nebraskache Geocorn goes on sale to the general public at 9:30: PM Eastern Time today.
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