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What Digital Camera Do You Have

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We've had 3 Canons. The best of which is the current one, the S60. They work well and the colour balance and clarity are excellent. Macro mode works particularly well on all of them. To get your money's worth you really need to read and understand the different shooting modes. Have a look at my cache listings and you'll see several shots that you can't do in Auto mode! Nonetheless, I can recommend these cameras without hesitation.



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Fuji Finpix S604. The focus isn't right, and it took over a year before I was able to see what other digital cameras were doing and to realize it wan't us and it was the camera.


My efforts to work with Fuji to verify the focus issue (and maybe fix it) have gotten me nowhere. I will not purchase another Fuji because of this frustration.

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I just bought a Kodak 7330 and love it Took SD card out of my Palm Pilot that I wasn't using and stuck it into the camera and reformatted it... works great. Only use it for www-destined pics for GeoCaching and eMail so lots of room for lots of pics. Don't use Kodak's software as my eMac has lots of photo software that I am already using.

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Sony DSC-F828 8Mpx, 7x optical zoom (+2 digital), very clean optics, fast autofocus and processing.

Full auto mode and all the manual overides you could hope for.

With the Sony Pro MemStix, 30 frame/sec 640x480 MPGS. Also takes reg MemStix & CF / Microdrives


Completely happy, awesone camera


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I have and use through work Nikon, Sony and others. Either of these two are great.


The key factors in getting a camera to me are:


1. Only AA batteries.. you can always get them at a corner store in rural areas.


2. Costs seem to be about $100 a megapixel.. and I would suggest a minimum of 3 megapixels. You often see 3.x megapixels on sale in the $250 range.


3. Optical zoom is better.. digital is really fake.. you can enlarge the image and crop it with many pieces of software.


For prints.. I suggest looking at Wal Mart.. email them the files and then go pick them up 25 cents a print. Check out Wal Mart Photo Centre?


And No I don't work for them, I don't like alot about them, but the printing quality and price is a good deal IMHO.



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Just sold my Fugi Fine Pix 3800 a 3.2 mega pixel c/w a 1.5 telephoto lens :blink: . It was used to take all of the pictures on my Kayaking and Canoeing site http://kayaking.i8.com/1.htm < free web site < limits the band width < if it does not load try later. This camera took to riding in a dry bag in the back of my whitewater kayak very well!


Just bought a Nikon 8700 Coopix 8 mega pixel, 8x optical c/w wide angle and telephoto len's :D looking forward to taking a whole bunch of huge pic's this year!


CzY Horse

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Yahoo Tiger brand digital camera - A smoking piece of doots, not even worth the wrist tether in came with. This is a digital camera only by the most extreme stretching of the definition.


Hope to upgrade to a actual digital camera that will take a picture in which you can actually make out what the the final image is.

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I gave up film several years ago and started on digital with a 2MP C2020Z from Olympus with a 3x optical zoom. Great little camera and still works but 2MP is a bit limiting for anything serious.


Next a 3MP Sony DSCP72. Small enough to slip in a pocket and the one that goes geocaching with me most of the time.


Finally (for now that is) a Fuji S7000 - 6Mp (interpolates to 12MP) 6x optical zoom - enough bells and whistles to handle pretty well any picture - a nice big comfortable size - takes great pictures - and has a wide angle lens convertor and external flash which are almost essential for a lot of indoor shots.


And, guess what, my Fuji cost less than my original Olympus. Of course that doesn't include the big memory card, the faster computer with a ton of RAM for Photoshop, the new printer with lots of ink cartridges and a few other things I've forgotten.

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I have a Canon Powershot A80. I love the flip-out view screen. It allows me to get many wierd-angle shots with ease, such as small plant life close to the ground, views over the edges of cliffs and waterfalls, top views while holding the camera way above your head, and self portraits. The Photo-stitch software for putting together your multi-shot panoramas is awesome!

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Its sounds like most every digital camera over 250$ is going to work fine.


These are all from a 2MP Canon A60:





I used macro mode, fill-in flash and exposure push on one too. The good thing about digital is you can take 6 pictures of the same thing and pick the best after you download to the big-screen! :-)

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Minolta A1. Very pleased with it and will probably keep it even after I finally get a digital SLR.


Shoot in RAW format and convert using Adobe CS RAW converter if you want to get the best possible quality. I'm a long time film camera user (still have 5 film SLRs) and this was the first digital camera I bought for photography (as opposed to the Epson 850Z which we bought several yrs ago just to help create web content).



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I bought my camera refurbished because I typically drop them. I think I ended up paying about $125 for an outdated 2Megapixel Kodak 4230


The camera sucks pretty bad, and its only 2 Megapixel, but I love it to pieces!


I have dropped it relentlessly. Although it never makes any claims of being waterproof, I have had it out in the rain more times than can be good. The shutoff mechanism stinks due to its location, but it does what I need it to do.


The best thing I can say for this camera is that it takes pictures. No matter how badly I beat it up, it still takes pictures. Maybe if I paid more for a camera, I would take care of it a little better! :D

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