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  1. anyone care to direct me to some gulf shore caches to get some newbies hooked on? i'm taking a crew down between the ages of 3 and 45. thanks, sis
  2. Yes, only reason. At one time, I enjoyed the ability to watch unlimited caches; but no more.
  3. Must of came while I was dealing with my grandson's devastating illness. Still, how'd I miss that? Glad to hear they still send the notices out.
  4. I came to rely on the yearly e-mail reminding me that my membership is about to expire. That notice is no longer offered. I've lost my Charter membership status. Sad; but guess I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  5. with me, if it's a owner log or a watchlist log, i can't see it. if it's a contacting owner message, i can.
  6. i'm having the same problem. it's been happening for a few days. i have comcast, too. no problems except with geocaching.com.
  7. as a reading teacher, i can tell you that reading words and actually comprehending the intended message are separate issues. perhaps that's the problem here.
  8. i got one yesterday in old hickory, tn. that's just outside of nashville...named beech river (tn).
  9. entiat river (wa), beech river (tn)...is there a link to see what they are named? editors note: i found it. 400 pages. http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.asp...3d-402ff0b6a015
  10. i thought i'd place mine on july 1. maybe i'll enter the contest this time thanks, Groundspeak inc.
  11. got my little red jeep today. i recall when applying that we would not be activating it. grab it then place it is the deal.
  12. i have one at the hermitage (home of andrew jackson), hidey hole for old hickory, if you're going there.
  13. i knew where you meant, too; but we wont be there until july.
  14. i came to this topic via a search for "status: not validated member". what does that mean? anyway, i chose your thread since noaa radio is playing in the background... actually, i may be addicted to noaa. glad i stopped in.
  15. i see your stat bar. nothing happened when i right clicked on it besides quicktime. i can do a friend request when i get back to that site. i'm on myspace. thanks for the code. sis
  16. got mine today...twin peaks (UT). sent my request in around the middle of july. placing in nichol tomorrow. sweet.
  17. i'm not surprised to see maxb on the list over and over. i had no idea what i was in for when he received a couple of my tbs. he had happy recently, my absolutely favorite, and took for a nice ride that included geowoodstock and the original plaque. in fact, happy met every goal of several while in the care of this fine cacher. also, ...pictures for days! happy burned in california shortly after its' magic carpet ride. so i am especially thankful for maxb's hospitality. i will be delighted for any of my tbs to meet up with the likes of maxb on the river again.
  18. i'll be in area around mid july. we cached in the area a couple of years ago and loved "vereen", "avian", and "weekdays" to name a few; but i was curious as to what was new. if you go to gc8c99, there are a couple of bookmarked lists i think will be helpful. sis
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