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  1. Makes a lot of sense to me. I've seen what happens when people start searching through a handheld GPS for the next waypoint while driving. The Ontario law is pretty benign compared to some of the others around the world. I'm off to the UK next week where getting caught operating a handheld GPS or cellphone while driving constitutes dangerous driving with the possibility of 2 years in jail.
  2. I've done that but I was the driver and at least contributed by driving to the right lampost
  3. That's a big improvement. The map on the cache page is now the Google map. Double click it you get the Google Map with all the closest caches. Click the My Topo tab and you get them superimposed on the NRCan Topo Map. They aren't that up to date (I'm not sure that there are any more recent ones) but that's way better than what was available before.
  4. On achieving the 3000 milestone yesterday. And on picking a cache that hadn't been found in 6 months to do it (and in the snow too!) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b7-997d70f3c042 And a confession - they also found a cache close by that I know exactly where it is but still couldn't find it again last Friday when caching in the area with friends - I guess they have that geocaching sixth sense that comes with experience and know just where in the snow to dig! Tony
  5. I just got one too today (two actually - one for my Waymarking earthcache and one for my geocaching earthcache). Shouldn't be too hard to comply with the requests and they make sense to me.
  6. Good idea and I have one already to go (and there's a cache underneath and you may well be able to guess where )
  7. Well, although I wasn't impressed with the Yellow Jeep I did enjoy doing this one which you could do from virtually anywhere but would fit a "temporaily available at that location" category.
  8. I've seen some too. One of my waymarks got "visited" in a category I don't own with the log: "Can't remember the date I visited this" No picture posted even though this was a category that requires a picture. I don't believe I can delete the log and not sure if I really want to anyway. If someone wants to visit then that's fine with me although I wish they'd say something slightly more interesting . It really is an interesting spot
  9. Hmm - I did just notice that the currency variable only has one currency option. There are still a few parts of the world that don't use $'s
  10. Wondered why getting in was so quick today. Now I know. Many thanks for the fix
  11. Hey! I'm not alone. I too thought that I cleaned up something I shouldn't have. What's even more annoying is that when I'm logged in to GC.com and do a search for nearest waymarks from a cache it logs me out again. I'm sure that didn't used to happen.
  12. I think if you want different names you have to make them different ranks (click on Group Ranks to add another rank/name). They can all have the same permissions but you'll need to change the officers to the new rank/names that you've added. I think that's how it works although I haven't tried it in practice.
  13. It's really pretty straightforward and you'll get lots of help from other officers. Give it a try
  14. I checked a couple of local ones and there do seem to be a lot of omissions and errors. A good reason for a Waymark category to correct them . I wonder if the category shouldn't be Canadian War Memorials with Province as a drop-down variable. That would make it a bit broader and an opportunity for more waymarkers to contribute.
  15. Hard Oiler

    Antenna ?

    Wonder why you'd need it with an Explorist. Mine will even get a signal in the basement. Did lose signal once but I'm convinced that was because they turned off the satellites
  16. You're absolutely right Your turn NP
  17. Amazing! Here's one for the map readers. If you see the following symbol on a Canadian topo map what would you expect to see at the location?
  18. Based on what my satellite screen looks like and a vague memory my guess would be that they range between 55 North and 55 South for a total range of 110. Mind you if true my GPSr wouldn't be very accurate at the poles .
  19. I had to look it up too and it really is a trick question (even tougher would be who was the first finder of any cache in Canada and I seem to remember that someone did once figure that out too)
  20. Post deleted (should have read page 2!)
  21. Or you can just click here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...&lon=-81.798733
  22. NP your memory is working well EGNOS it is. I would also have accepted "European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service" . And it does appear to be working well. I was consistently getting an EGNOS signal and a 2 metre accuracy last time I was in Europe. Not that that helps much as many of the hides were pre EGNOS. Over to you
  23. Geez - I sent you one - you mean you never saw it
  24. That was a good guess . Here's a GPSr one. If you take your GPSr to Europe and get a WAAS enabled reading what is the name of the system that you are getting your "WAAS" signal from.
  25. Got it somewhere but no idea where so I'm guessing that it's Chart #1
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