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  1. Just installed from .ISO version 2.1 with a previous version 1.22 installed. Mapsource version 6.13.4 XP Pro SP2 Burned the .ISO with Alcohol 120% version 1.9.5 Installation seems to have went as expected. Ray
  2. Yaaaaaaay!!! will you let us know when it's ready? Of course . Its going to be a pretty big download though (I'm guessing ~1.4GB). Sounds like about a 40 min download for me, that's over 1/2 MB/sec. Not bad for a semi-rural area.
  3. Oops, I guess it wasn't an update yet. Will be watching for it. Thanks again for your efforts.
  4. Gotta do the Teapot one on the coast north of Kensington, I believe. Do this one in the summer when the tide is out.
  5. This is fabulous! A few things I've noticed looking over the NB map sans roads are several labels that you may want to have a look at. The map grid lines are coming up as county borders, solid black lines across waterways are shown as ferries which is good, but black tags along water edges are also showing as ferries which should be wharves (wharf). Also red lines along waterways and some inland places are listing as marine hazards, these appear to be dykes or earth berms. Great job non the less. Beautiful detail when zoomed in to 1.5 km or closer. It looks like another update avaliable with NB roads. Must try this one and have a look. Thanks for sharing Ray PS: also noticed sans roads that where bridges would be are labled trails.
  6. I called GPS Central's toll free number before ordering and was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable voice at the other end and had confirmation that the unit I wanted was in stock, as per their order site. I then proceeded to place my order on-line and shortly after, realized I omitted some info and called them back and things were corrected immediatly and had shipping confirmation within 2 hours. This was on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm Calgary time. My order was recieved in Moncton by noon on Monday. I also assisted a friend place an order about a month later on a Tuesday evening, about 4:30 pm Calgary time and the order was recieved by 9:00 am Friday in Dieppe (Moncton). Shipping was by xPress Post. Excellent service and wouldn't hesitate to order again. Keeping it in Canada for quick and hassle free shipping. RAYAR
  7. I purchased the Belkin F5U109 USB to serial adapter and down loaded the .pdf installation instructions and driver file for XP. Had to follow installation instructions carefully and it worked first time. The packaging makes it sound like it's for PDA's but it actually gives you a serial port. Do not install USB driver for your GPSr when asked because you are actually connecting by serial 9 pin. You already installed the USB driver for the adapter. You're actually setting up your GPSr for a serial port connection. Remember that. I'm using the Garmin GPS-V.
  8. RAYAR

    Gilsson Antennas

    YAHOOOOOOO......15 days later...... I finally recieved my antenna today. Much smaller than I imagined, which is good, and the coax is very small in diameter, gotta like that. The antenna with 16' of coax will fit in the palm of your hand.
  9. RAYAR

    Gilsson Antennas

    13 days and still waiting ......... they must be sending it by boat via the Panama Canal
  10. My '99 Contour is right on.
  11. I use a Canon A-80, 4 MP, and I still have my first one, a Fuji DX10. It might only be a .85 MP but it's one great little camera, and it takes great pics.
  12. RAYAR

    Gilsson Antennas

    Just ordered one a few moments ago and received the shipping confirmation. Now the waiting game. Ray maritimes, Canada
  13. Just ordered my first GPSr this evening from GPScentral. Called their 1 800 # and talked to someone first, then placed my order online. Should have it early in the week here on the east coast. I think they were able to get it in the mail before the weekend. btw, I ordered the GPS V Deluxe. Can't wait to get it. Ray
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