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  1. A very nice GPS'r, but for caching it's a bit like using a sledge hammer to swat flies.
  2. The 76 family with their top mounted buttons are much easier to use single-handed, especially in winter when you're wearing gloves. It's just natural the way your thumb is positioned over the buttons as you carry the unit. I haven't used a 60 series but it looks like the buttons are a bit of a reach for your thumb if you try to use it with just one hand. My 76cs operates easily and carries well...I like it much more than my old Vista.
  3. Hmmm...explains why some launches go "BOOM" shortly after liftoff.
  4. I guess I'll save our poor overworked moderator some time and close this thread as it's reached the end of it's useful life.
  5. I've dropped my GPS'r's into several feet of icy water, had them blasted by hot dust and freezing rain on my ATV, dropped them several feet onto concrete...try that with a "consumer" grade hand-held device and you'll end up with an expensive paperweight or a handful of bits. These things are designed to look cool to the kiddies, not to survive in the woods.
  6. Steiner has a whole range of binoculars with a compass reticle. Tasco also makes one...it's around $230. Great for use offshore, but that's about it. The compass just obscures too much of the viewing area for use on-land, except for deserts.
  7. Well, there is Memory Map that works quite well (I use it exclusively for looking at large areas of several topo's at once) but it is pricey and not as friendly as Ozi. Of course, you could always use the "stitching" utility for Ozi called Map Merge. It's a bit of work, but it serves the purpose and it's free. Hope this helps you out.
  8. Weather-beaten pantyhose strung in a tree (?!) on the way to this cache.
  9. Cobra's generally get poor reviews from people who use them and post in these forums. Have a look at some of the replies in this post to give you some idea of the hit-or-miss quality of a Cobra. Cobra Quality? And to reiterate what others have said, 99% of us here use Garmins or Magellans so you can count on better info, better customer service, and a much larger user base. GPSr's are the only thing these two companies sell.
  10. Sure looks pretty and is a great idea. Hopefully this will lead to better and cheaper maps for us all.
  11. If I'm out in the woods and forgot to set my altimeter, I use the GPS altitude (always available when the little 3D symbol appears) and enter that to give a "ballpark" value to the altitude plot. Yeah, it's off by 20 or 30 feet sometimes, but it's better than nothing. On the calibration screen just say "no" when it asks if you know the pressure or altitude, then it will ask if you want to use the GPS altitude. You must have at least 4 satellites in view for GPS altitude to be calculated.
  12. For what it's worth, I used my Vista on my MTB with great success. The Garmin bracket worked fine. I would think that a smaller unit is better suited to bike use; an external antenna would be a hassle. I caution you to be careful...looking at the screen is quite distracting while you are in motion and can lead to a quick trip over the bars.
  13. Hopefully, as a pilot, you never need to use the "jump" part of Jumpmaster...or "impact point" (ouch)!
  14. Regarding the click stick, this is a common problem... see here... and here... and here... You get the idea. Mention this to Garmin and they may be a little more sympathetic regarding repairs. The infernal stick that almost never did what I wanted it to do was a major reason for my decision to sell off a Vista (bought a 76cs, great unit). Good luck.
  15. I wonder if he found the cache First rule of flying - gravity sux. Video should be shown to anyone considering the purchase of a human kite.
  16. Drats. I thought it was too good to be true...
  17. I've tried and successfully able to upload stuff into my Mag GPS which isn't Mapsend product. And it's not waypoints and routes but maps. What is the name of the product you used and what maps do they have? Do you have a link? Thanks.
  18. Looks like a nice combo unit...just one thing to hang onto in the pitching boat instead of two. Hmmm, then again, just one unit to lose over the side! I don't imagine it floats. Thanks for the info.
  19. West marine is a pretty big outfit. They must have partnered with Garmin to create this unit with the special color case and ID, and had Garmin's programmers cook up the new firmware. Clever marketing, really. Now if some really smart hardware/software haxxor could reverse engineer this thing for geocaching needs instead of marine...
  20. This is a good topic to bring up. Urban caches have their own parking concerns, but what about those that are 20 or more miles outside of town - it's a big help if you know that there is a safe place to leave your vehicle. I hate to park on the side of the highway because there's a good chance you'll be ticketed. If the cache placer lets you know that there is a little-used side road or empty lot nearby you'll be more inclined to try the hunt.
  21. I picked one up for my 76cs from GPSgeek and had the same results: big boost in signal from all the birds, steady lock even in the house, much better performance under tree cover, and fewer multipath errors in my truck while travelling in town. The only disadvantages are the cable (likes to get caught on things while stumbling through the woods) and a slightly shorter run time from NiMH batteries. For the money this is a great product.
  22. You can try this topic right here. Krylon Fusion worked ok on the plastic ammo boxes I had bought. Some folks said it worked fine on rubbamade. Hope this helps.
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