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  1. Is the Lighthouse Cache actually technically in the park? If you look on maps the cache sits on this non-park part of the peninsula.(park is green, lighthouse sits on white portion) The lighthouse itself would be under the administration of the Federal Government and so I am guessing they would own the lighthouse and some buffer land around it. If you look at Google Maps it seems to indicate this is the case and the cache is on that portion of land. Well I believe you're right Al. Looks like that one's technically not in the park. There was another one in the park until Aug 2008, Bear Country.
  2. I had a similar experience to Derek's, in the same park in fact (Killbear). I think it was 6 or 7 years ago on our annual family camping trip. It was a slow day at the campsite, so I decided to take a drive to the park office and see if I could find an official to to talk to about geocaching. I don't know if it was the sup't I was talking to or a warden, but I received a flat "No" when it came to their interest in having caches in the park. I think he even used the word "hate" about the idea. I had a ready-made cache (ammo can with swag, logbook, stashnote) in the van and asked if he'd like to see it. He took a look, seemed interested, asked some questions, but was in no way swayed from his position. He was surprised when I told him that there were some active caches in the park. One that I have a watch on is still there. Light House Point Trail (Killbear) I think some of these employees enjoy lording over the properties they oversee, and have lost sight of who the parks are for and who helps fund them.
  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly Daniel! I have found caches in garbage-strewn areas more often than I care to count. Often times, they were quick roadside park and grabs on country roads. Other times, they were in city parks or trails. In both cases, there would have been umpteen better spots to place the cache. I ALWAYS mention this in my logs and often post pictures. I have no idea where this mentality comes from. My best guess is that the cacher is as lazy as the people who dumped the garbage, because often it's in a spot you can easily pull off the road, or a clearing (party zone) in the woods.
  4. Alright Groundspeak, I think you've sunk to an alltime low with your latest offering. It seems you're trying to resurrect your failed Geocaching Challenges by imitating Munzee. There are many avid cachers that have taken up Munzee hunting as something else to do while outside, and it's a fun activity. It doesn't replace caching at all, but I've been enjoying Munzees while out caching or just on their own. Your fancy video was out today, but there's still no way to post a QR Challenge. Will this be available before, or after, your Tombraider offering? Why not stick to what you're good at and what we all like - GEOCACHING!
  5. You summed that up perfectly CacheShadow.
  6. In April of 2007, I hosted a Tree Planting CITO. If I recall correctly, there was actually some wording about tree planting in the CITO description somewhere on the GC.com site. I don't see it now anymore and I don't know why it would have been removed. It's unfortunate that your tree planting CITO was turned down by a reviewer. Also unfortunate, is that you are bitter about other tree planting CITOs being listed. You obviously think it's a good idea since you tried it yourself. I would take the issue up with the reviewer and try listing one again, and appeal it if it is denied. I, for one (and I know there are many others), am looking forward to plugging some more trees into the ground this April at the site of my own tree planting CITO 4 years ago at Snyders Flats
  7. Personally, I have favourited several archived caches. While they are no longer available to find and log, they were great caches. They are not only a part of my personal geocaching history, but a part of geocaching history in general. "ROCKIN" "CHAIR" by PumpkinOneA A challenging scramble along a rocky peninsula leading to a challenging find. After the Gold Rush by Couparangus & Squeakieboots In the winter, it was a challenge to even find trails and the final was in an awesome spot. Bruce Coast Lighthouse Series: FINAL (CABOT HEAD) by hikerboy and hikergirl 1 We had a great time visiting many lighthouses along the Bruce coast that culminated with a cache at the end of the long road to Cabot Head, a scenic and historic place. Message in a Bottle #5: Rescued! by Paraseekers The final of a fun series that involved a paddle in an amazing place. Mining Some Cold Hard Cache by RockHarder An awesome cave adventure. Parry Sound Tower Hill by dex4 High above Parry Sound in an old fire tower. Troglosheep by Ogof A Mount Nemo subterranean adventure. Great archived caches can be inspiring for new and veteran caches alike. Perhaps they would encourage others to seek out similar caches, or even spark an urge to hide a similar cache.
  8. The buttons on my 62s started wearing at the corners in the first month. Other cachers that I know have had the same issue with theirs. They are wearing WAY faster than on the 60 series. I plan on contacting Garmin about this. You'd think that they would have improved upon this issue rather than having their newest product being the worst case yet. (edit for spelling)
  9. I'm pretty sure the date was Aug. 7th, just over a week away. I've been meaning to ask: Gord, I presume we will pay you on site? We're looking forward to it!
  10. Looks like you can count on 4 more from Waterloo Region. Geocite for 2 and ElectroQTed for 2. Looking forward to it!
  11. I thought there were going to be facebook notices too. No notice at all this time around I guess. Back to the good old days...
  12. I'd be interesting in joining in on the trip and sharing the charter expense too.
  13. LOL John...I knew exactly who you were talking about even before I got to your hint.
  14. Gotta love how the CO calls other cachers pathetic when he's the one who can't get it right. Another high and mighty newbie who doesn't want to work within the system and then gets upset. We've seen them before and thankfully, they usually just fade away.
  15. Sounds like a fun idea Jeff! We recently did a boat trip on the Rideau Canal and had a blast. We got a few caches along the way, but I'll bet if the boat was loaded with cachers, we'd have done more. I believe that by next year, a Pleasure Craft Operator Licence will be needed by anyone wanting to drive the boat. You can do the exam online. One thing that we found was that there were several caches along the way that were not accessible because we couldn't bring the boat in anywhere near shore. Perhaps bring a canoe or dinghy for access to those types, if there's a place to put it.
  16. ElectroQTed

    Useless Hints

    Today's gem: "Your too smart for a clue" According to previous logs, the cache was very obvious and easy. I perceived it to be missing, but with useless hint, I couldn't even verify this for the owner. Not to mention, it should have been spelled "You're".
  17. ElectroQTed

    Useless Hints

    Came across this one today in Ingersoll: "park on side street, watch for cars" Perhaps this is a hint for life preservation? It sure isn't a hint for the cache.
  18. Keith, here's a new one that just popped up in your neck of the woods. It has been placed by a person with no cache finds. Let's see if this will be a great cache or not. Check it out.
  19. And for further enlightenment, there's actually a Virtual Cache at each terminus. At the North Terminus, we have End of the Trail by DecoDoppler and at the South Terminus, we have The Other End of the Trail by Flick. There is also a cairn to mark each terminus.
  20. I bought some of the Krylon Fusion camo paint last night and sprayed up a couple of Lock'n'Locks today. I followed the directions and wiped down the new plastic with paint thinner and let it dry before painting. This stuff goes on very nice. The valve at the top of the can is a different design than I've seen before. It dries quickly and you can recoat in about 15 minutes. If this stuff is as good as it claims, I'm done with camo tape - this is so much easier to apply and have it look good.
  21. I had a suspicion I'd be doing that. Is there a link for the older version? I can't seem to find one on the Garmin website.
  22. I have just upgraded to Garmin's Mapsource 6.14.1. I typically print out a map of the caches in the area I'm going to, in order to get a nice overall picture of where I'm travelling for the day, as well as to check off the caches as I find them. I set up a filter in GSAK and export to Mapsource and then print the view that I need. In all other previous versions of Mapsource, the waypoint name would be displayed beside the waypoint icon. In version 6.14.1 the names are no longer displayed unless you hover the mouse over the waypoint. I have selected "Display: Symbol & Name" in Edit/Preferences/Waypoint, yet only the symbol is displayed. Is anyone aware of a way to display the waypoint name as well and have it print?
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