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  1. Same problem here! Glad I'm not the only one. Seems to be only the caches I've logged since the outage that are showing up in a goofy order!
  2. Last night I requested my weekly "MY FINDS" PQ, which (since there's obviously a problem) I did not receive. Upon resolution of the problem, could that weekly "counter" be reset so we wouldn't have to wait a whole week to try again? Pretty please?
  3. Here's a county map-making utility for South Carolina. I use the same but for Michigan! http://monarch.tamu.edu/~maps2/sc.htm
  4. Try logging your finds on a non-weekend day. There are tens of thousands of geocachers, and most of them are most active on the weekend.....therefore the site WILL get bogged down a bit. I find it much easier to get around the site Monday thru Thursday.
  5. Just yesterday we did a multi-stage, where the third stage was a magnetic key holder with a key inside. The final stage was a fake electrical box with a padlock on it. Very ingenious, we thought!
  6. no, no, no Be happy....Enjoy the snow! It's your friend! Happy Caching Jeff Yeah....we got that 12 inches you were talking about. Spent the morning shoveling instead of cachin'. That's okay. Snow is my friend. LOL Snow doesn't really bother me all that much, and we've gone cachin' in the snow with no problems, BUT.....it was -7º this morning!! That's just plain miserable.
  7. I think 8 or 9 in one day is our personal best. Could probably do more if we didn't take the kids.
  8. My feelings toward geocaching: My feelings toward the blizzard we're having here today, which is preventing me from geocaching:
  9. When we're actually hot on the trail, we don't listen to anything but nature. Travelling to the site.....it's gotta be YES "Talk"
  10. Olympus C-2100 ultra zoom Awesome camera, but way too big to lug around in the woods. I'm definitely in the market for something smaller!!
  11. We have a 14yo daughter, who rolls her eyes at us when we talk about geocaching. Totally uncool in her mind. LOL I guess if anyone ever placed a cache inside the mall, she'd probably be FTF, however. Our 9yo son is quite excited about the whole thing, and goes with us most of the time.....once in awhile it's nice going with just the two Twizz's, instead of three or four. (edited for grammar) LOL
  12. Holy cow......THANKS for that (back-when-I-was-in-college) flashback! "All abooooooard!"
  13. We went cachin' Saturday with about five inches of snow on the ground. It's definitely more challenging, and we only had time for six (had planned nine). I was frozen by the end.....and on the last one, I could barely sign the log. I just made sure I had my trusty walking stick with me......comes in handy when that snow-covered, slippery trail suddenly goes downhill! And you can use it to poke around in the snow too!
  14. We currently have about 6-7 inches of the white stuff on the ground, and did a little cachin' yesterday. We took the kids along. While we signed logbooks, etc. the kids were ordered to run around in concentric circles around the site, and make false paths from the main trail. Child #2 (male) also created some yellow snow near one of the sites, which he thought was SO cool.
  15. We are also new to the sport, and this is what we bought. We are VERY happy with it, and would definitely recommend it as an entry-level unit!! Our little "yellow" has found every cache we've gone after so far.
  16. It was -1º this morning here (Michigan). Would not attempt it today....but if it was a nice sunny day in the 20's?? I'd drag my better half out there and do a few.
  17. You're kidding. I went to google and typed.....PLANE CRASH LOCATION. This was the very first site it listed. Minimal keyboarding involved. You just gotta love google.
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