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  1. Palm M125 off Ebay, Cachemate, GSAK. I've been quite happy with it and my bro-in-law also liked the combo, so I bought him another M125 off Ebay for his birthday and he bought cachemate to go with it.
  2. I e-mailed the bug owner and he's fine with it finding it's own way back to Nova Scotia, so I'm going to place it in my Indian Head Research Farm cache, next weekend. I'll be making a note to go with it so people know it's mission and where it wants to go.
  3. Link doesn't work. Anyway MSN groups require a .NET passport, which I don't have and aren't really interested in getting. I'll just plan on dropping the TB off in Winnipeg when I'm there. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the offer parker2, I will also be travelling to Winnipeg around the end of March, so if there isn't anyone travelling further east before that I'll try to drop the TB off in Winnipeg while I'm there.
  5. I picked up the Buttons travel bug (TBFC30) in Calgary on the weekend. It's went missing in August 2004 and is a long way from Nova Scotia where it wants to be. If anyone can help it get east, send me a message and we can see about getting it back where it belongs. Thanks. Derico
  6. derico


    Funny you mention Birch Hills, my parents live not far from there and I have a couple of caches sitting in their closet waiting for me to come home for the weekend and plant them. So if you are ever back in the area, there will be more going up. Pretty sure I can't get them out there in time for your visit. Have fun with the existing ones though.
  7. Now that I've confirmed it still exists, I've added my IH Research Farm cache I see my brother-in-law has added his 2 caches near Indian Head as well. So three more in Saskatchewan.
  8. derico


    If I remember correctly the White Butte area with the Regina School board caches, becomes a cross-country ski area in the winter. I imagine they are trying to keep people from trying to walk in there and disturbing the ski trails.
  9. I've picked up a variety of canadian flag keychains from the dollar stores out here.
  10. Currently a Canon Powershot SD110. If they come out with a SD card version of the Powershot S1, I'd be all over that.
  11. I bought a M125 used off ebay and have been using it with cachemate. I've got over 700 caches stored on it now, it takes up just over 2MB of the M125 8MB memory. The M125 has SD card capacity as well so I figure I've got plenty of space for the future. My method of transfering files is a little convoluted due to my home computer being a Mac, I use GSAK on my computer at work and e-mail myself the files to install at home. I've been quite happy with cachemate and the palm, happy to (mostly) get rid of the printed cache sheets. The mostly comes from the trouble I had over Christmas where I went to a new cache with my bro-in-law in the next province over. I downloaded the caches to the palm before I left on my trip and the cache in question was approved the day after I left. We ended up having to go to his office to print out the cache sheet.
  12. derico


    Most of the Regina caches seem to go missing in fairly short order. Either people aren't hiding them well enough or they are placed where you look out of place while looking for the cache and can't be surreptitious about what you are doing. I've noticed in caches in the surrounding area, a tendency to just lean the cache up against a tree, no camoflage involved.
  13. derico


    Yes. Located east of Regina about 45 mins. Running out of caches to do down here, will have to spend some time in Saskatoon next summer, I've only done one there. I have some planned to set, maybe over Christmas or I'll wait until spring.
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