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  1. Does anyone still use this forum? I would have thought so but no posts in 3 years RIP
  2. I'd like it if I could get it to work! =( Keeps hanging up.. may be this unit but I'm not very happy. It is my 5th Garmin and never has a new one caused so many problems. If I can't get it going to day it is back in the box and returned Monday!!
  3. I'm starting a new topic now that we actually have the Oregon 600 series in our hands. Mostly happy with mine but for a "hang up" issue which I'm sure will be resolved or back it goes. Loving the bright screen and the "smartphone" like screen. Nice little touches like the flashlight, the charge on the go, and the big memory. Comments? Issues? Tips? Suggestions?
  4. LOL well I updated the firmware and it hung when I tried for a hint. This is my 5th Garmin and for the most part they have been problem free. I love my Oregon 450 and I like the 650.. what of it I see and how it works but if it hangs..
  5. Well after months of waiting I received my 650 on Wednesday. Everything was fine till I tried to find a cache, press the GO button and the unit hangs up!! Still on Firmware 2.6 but it seems 2.7 has issues? Oh what to do??
  6. I like to thank the great group of reviewers for their work this year. It must at times be a bit frustrating, but without it we would not be having so much fun! Thank you all ladies and gentlemen for your work this past year! It is very much appreciated. Have a great holiday season with your families and hopefully you can get some time to go find a few of our hides! Cheers!!!
  7. So now that these have gone ahead can the GC logo go on other plates? I.E. like the Trillium or Rotary Club have?
  8. I can see my pin, top shelf, far right.
  9. A Very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012 to the guys and gals that do the reviewing. Thanks so much for your time!!
  10. No O rings on these and they do stay dry. Get them here!
  11. These are great, almost the same size and water proof! http://www.cacherstoybox.ca/TUBES_p_174.html
  12. I was disappointed to see the same maze especially after paying $40 for the two of us to get into the Science Centre!
  13. I have replaced a few wet logs in my travels. Sometimes the moisture is condensation, but it is a fine point between damp and wet. The concern I have is if you leave the wet log in the cache, it will never dry, but I often wonder if the CO wants the old log back. I try and carry a couple extra logs. I buy a package of adding machine tape at a office supply ( 1.5") and a bag of 100 small bags form a craft store. It is an easy job watching TV or a movie to pull of a meter and roll it up and bag it. I have taken the paper and bags to events and let others make up a few of their own. One roll and a bag of bags can make a good prize as well. " Do unto other caches as you would have others do unto yours!"
  14. I find digital is the poorest camo.. I tend to find them quickly. BTW I bought a roll of Allen tape from Bass Pro.. it was the poorest ever.. it unwrapped itself. I wrote to complain but heard nothing back. My advise is to avoid it.
  15. I don't, but I see why several cachers carry a old fashioned paper note book and write stuff like that down.. Many times I wish I had. Your not alone if that helps.
  16. I cached there a few weeks ago...one caution.. almost all of the caches in the city were Micros and Nano's with not room for TB's. Awesome city, the people were so friendly and great food. Have fun!
  17. Thanks for getting the word out.. I couldn't see it on the COG or OGA forums! Who's project is this? One would think all the Ontario sub groups would be interested.
  18. Can you get Pocket Queries? I had an issue with my Internet provider .. just before a trip no pocket queries arrived.. they saw all my mail from Geocaching.com and put it on there spam list. It took 3 days to get it removed. Call your internet provider and ask if they block geocaching.com.
  19. Well I hope we get back the ability to "Personalize" the map! ( Hide your finds and hides and just map the kind of caches you want.) I use that feature a lot for drives and route planning so it is a bother that it has been unavailable for awhile. The "new" map does not yet seem to allow specific selections. Thanks for the heads up!
  20. I'm not interested really in coins nor travel bugs, so that's not an issue for me. We have an extra couple days scheduled to see the area and not just geocaching. Part of my query, stems from trying to imagine thousands of cachers in one spot. Are Canada t-shirts a good idea? Are there particular suppliers or items we should check out? I don't know what I don't know... kind of sums it up. So any tips from others will be appreciated.
  21. I know this will be a huge event. Many of you have gone to one before and I wonder what suggestions you may have?
  22. Cacher's Toy Box near Peterborough can mail you a few.. Click here. Excellent service.
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