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  1. So hide another cache nearby and note the original location in the cache contents as a 'since your here, go visit lat XXXX lon XXXX for great view' that way you get the best of both worlds. Also note that, if along the way to the cache, if you see anyone vigerously scratching their crotch, point and chant "Cache Thief, cache thief, cache thief!!".
  2. Lee I had a Triton 400 shipped to me and they never got the Explorist 500 sent back to them. They gave me a location/company to return it to that I told Magellan I had already confirmed, on 2 separate phone calls to said company, was not taking returns of personal units, just bulk returns from places like Wallyword or Canadian Tire. Funny thing is even those large returns from those retail outlets had not been claimed by Magellan for over a year, they're just labelled in cases and sitting on shelves collecting dust. So the Magellan customer support doesn't just suck for us end users, but it appears, also sucks for their direct retailers and middle infastructure. Nice to know they don't give a dadgum equally for anyone outside their corporate offices.
  3. MedicP1

    Cache Machines

    I think I would feel, cool 10+ people have enjoyed my hide, and wanted to do my cache. Just because some people have solved the puzzle doesn't mean the cache is now dead for everyone else who wants to solve it/find it solo. Also I might feel rather proud and validated, that if after it hadn't been found for a while it then it took a group of 10+ people to find it, my cache attained the level of challange I had hoped for.
  4. I was wondering if anyone else has found geocaching being promoted on area tourism websites? I found this one for geocaching in the Ottawa Valley/Renfrew area Ottawa Valley Tourism. Well boys and girls it's not a secret anymore , way cool !!!
  5. WOW that is GRAND GRAND GRAND!! Missing all you guys and your insane caching schedules.
  6. WOW 3 GRAND that certainly is quite grand!! Congrats on the milemarker, no off you go to the next one...
  7. Sound to me like "somebody got a whole lot of DNF's and now is having a tantrum about their lack of skill with our hobby/sport". Either that or they were harmlessly running through the woods naked and tripped on a, carefully placed, piece of tupperware, thereby fracturing their big toe and launching themselves into a tic infested patch of poison ivy interspersed with poison oak. On the trip the the local ER they got stopped/and fined for not wearing their seatbelt, which they had just removed not 5 minutes prior, due to the chaffing of the erupting rash. And to top it all off they couldn't trade for any of that cool looking swag, in the very first cache they had ever been able to find, due in most part because at the time of discovering the cache they were as previously mentioned...naked. In this instant I can see why the they have a disdain toward tupperware strewn about hazardously in they woods...shame on us for ruining this individuals enjoyment of the forest.
  8. Toxey if you have a spare/old Mouse you can frankenstien a cable for your unit (I know it works with the MAG300 series and should be the same for your unit). Here is the site to show you how.Magellan makeshift computer cable You can hold the GPS side of the connections in place with wide rubber elastics instead of fashioning the plastic mount if you want. Just make sure that after the connections are in place you set the unit down and don't touch it during the firmware upgrade, interupting it mid upload doesn't produce good results.
  9. Johnnie - Just make sure that you set the channel to something other than 2 or 12 as Geocachers in the area just chatting to one another may inadvertently be setting off your system and draining the batteries more quickly than you had planned. I'd try something like 11 or 13 as it wouldn't be a common number for kids to select, they would more likely go for a single digit channel. If your power consumption becomes an issue you could always look at one of the FRS radios that goes into sleeper mode, when not used for X seconds, to conserve battery life or disable the LCD display on the radio, I don't know how much power an LCD display consumes but every bit would help.
  10. What I found the most funny was the irony in the cache description. Big Bertha is in the woods halfway up the World's Highest Hill , waiting for you to find her. She is well-camouflaged, but it shouldn't be hard to find such a BIG cache...right? Right? Big Bertha is full of cache containers. I put a bunch of micros, some smalls, and a medium in this large cache. I would like those who find Big Bertha to take one of the potential caches, if you wish, and establish a new cache. Here's the one catch - your new cache must be hidden within 30 miles of Poteau, Oklahoma. Bertha wants to be close to her babies! Those of you who have surplus cache containers, please bring one or two with you on this hunt and consider helping me keep Big Bertha full of good cache containers. This will help the new cachers in the area get started with hides. Big Bertha is beautiful. You may be tempted to take a photo with her, but please don't - let others have the fun of seeing her for the first time. Also, be careful with Bertha. If you are too rough with her, she may lose some camo. Don't bushwhack directly toward the above coordinates! There are many briars and other hazards in this area. The best way to approach Bertha is too loop around the small path and go to these coordinates: 35.05.043 094.40.200 These coordinates will take you to a nice area for a picnic. We called it The Enchanted Meadow because it's a nice grassy area in the middle of rough woods. There is a huge rock right in the middle of it. Don't expect a literal, two-acre meadow, though. It's just a weird grassy area in the woods. From there, head towards Bertha's hiding spot.
  11. My thoughts are you should be doing other stuff on your dates than playing with GSAK filters...ROTFLMAO
  12. Clyde is there a way at present to include/transfer the current centre point as an actual point when creating GPX files from within GSAK, without my having to manually create one for each 'location' in GSAK. I want to do this so when I am setting up views for GPS Visualizer I can see the centre point for reference.
  13. When I took mine home I had to return it a few days later as the GPS RAM mount that came as an option kept crapping on my passenger side seat, then if I hit the brakes too hard it would would fly off the seat like water off a ducks back and the crap would hit the fan. So what I learned from this is order either the RAM mount or the down filled seats but not both.
  14. If there are only a few that are both found by you and also now disabled you could go to theindividual caches page and download the GPX or LOC file (whichever you use for your purposes) from the page directly. This is labour intensive but will give you the results.
  15. Mister Muggles, what you want to do is one of the many amazing features of the program GSAK. You can filter for caches in so many ways that i would be here all day trying to list them all. For your purposes you could do a PQ(s) for all the caches your area(s) that you hunt, drop those caches into GSAK and then just set a filter for only the caches you've logged a DNF for, and TADA there is your list.
  16. That's because the 315 rules and has few issues...LOL Yes I get an error the second & third time also. Turn off the "nuke" and it loads fine. I didn't have the the time to try this yet, as I was heading out the door and wanted to at least get something back to you before leaving. I will still try these last two things, when I get back. Thanks again 'Babel Guy' for the fast responce & all your work.
  17. OK I still love this program and feel Clyde does an amazing job handling all of our queries about his Uber-Program. I also am glad to see more of us GSAK vetrans are stepping up to the plate and handling more of the questions from those still learning the immensity of GSAK. To any of those out there who have or are still playing with GSAK and a Mag315, I have a question that I have been unable to resolve. 1) Does anyone else have GSAK give an error when sending waypoints to GPSr and using 'clear GPS before sending'? It will create the file, clear the GPS, then kick out a MAGPROTO error. It seems to corrospond with getting feedback from the GPS that it is clear. When I check it has indeed cleared and if I then resend to GPS with the 'clear' box now unticked it goes smoothly. This used to work fine but hasn't lately. Basicly anytime I try to use the 'clear GPS...' I get an error back, anyone found a solution for this or am I the only one experiencing it?
  18. I made one of those cables from the old mouse tail and it worked fine for me when using EasyGPS and GSAK. My settings are also: Magellan, Com 1, 9600 baud, 500 max waypoints. Keep in mind that the 315 doesn't seem to work at it's max setting of 19200 baud (Why I don't know). Test your connection using EasyGPS and have it identify your GPS, if it does that then your connections are good, else you keep messing with it tillit works. I eventualy broke down and bought a car data power cord and have it hooked to my computer and a car battery trickle charger so I can mess around with the GPS and not have it drain the batteries in minutes searching for a Sat lock. Your pinout is correct as that is the exact site I used. Could you have damaged something when you had the wires switched originally. Try resetting the GPS unit and that might rectify things.
  19. You called, sorry I was late getting here as I was on another call and traffic was terrible!!!!!
  20. I say (KISS) Keep It Super Simple. Person A has been doing this for long enough that they feel they can help someone else, they therefore sign up, tick a box, create a mentor cache(fake cache). Basically something that is searchable by a GC.com search engine. Person B finds this site and in the main page clicks a button that sends them to a 'Newbie Page' this page has links to the FAQ forum, find a mentor search area, and anything else that would be usefull for a newbie to have quick access to or know to get started with the least turmoil. This 'mentor' feature could also be used by a more experienced cacher who has many 1/1 caches under their belt but has been stumped by or are now wanting to try a harder level of cache (or even just those hides of a particularly devious cacher). This could even be expanded into a geomeeting/geogroup hunt. ie I enter that I am going to be in an area and available to hunt on 'these days' for a range of 30KM from LATXXX and LONXXX. Anyone else who are either already in or are going to be in that area who have also entered compatable data for time and place and the interest in geogrouping a hunt(s) gets connected together. This would work for newbies, pros, local residents, business travelers, vacationers, etc.. My geogroup idea when combined with the adopt-a-newbie idea might help lesson the fear of taking a stranger out into the woods alone (just playing the devil's advocate here).
  21. You are should not be opening the GPX or ZIP file outside of GSAK as I think you implied in your last posting, but rather just drag the file into the GSAK window or click on the open file icon in GSAK and point it toward wherever you saved the GPX file you got from your Pocket Query. GSAK will do the rest with the file. You might want to create a new database to use for your download just so that you still have the Auatralia database to still play with jsut in case you can't get your GPX/ZIP file to load properly you still can experience what GSAK has to offer toward working within a database. Then follow nightpilots advise and don't clear your previous database as you get/build up more info on caches if you let them merge rather than replace.
  22. Couparangus, can youlist some of the other chats you've found other than this one and clayjars.
  23. What type of PDA are you using because Cachemate is for Palm units, while for Pocket PCs you can use just GSAK and create a HTML file that your Pocket PC can read in its browser. There are other programs you can get thta will allow mapping of your waypoints such as GPSVisualizer.
  24. MedicP1

    Bc Parks

    I have taken to carrying small bag of CITO garbage, obtained either on a hunt or from around my neighbourhood, in my caching pack. This way if you don't happen to find any on that particular cache adventure, very rare in most areas, then you still have 'something'. Then when you get a muggle who questions what you are doing 'rooting' around in the area, and you don't feel like explaining goecaching to them, you can just produce the 'bag o garbage' and state your cleaning up the area. If you do choose to explain geocaching to someone official or even a muggle who start giving you grief then just produce the 'bag o garbage' and ask them where you should put all of the trash you collected. It normally shuts them up on the spot. I used this trick the last time I was metal detecting the waterline on a public beach, when one of the 'full of himself' lifeguards came up to me and told me I had to stop as I was disturbing the other beachgoers. I explained that I was not bothering them and in fact had had a number of them come up and ask "What I was doing?" and "Did that thing really work?", which had led to some great conversations and thanks from them with appoligies for disturbing ME. He was still high on his horse and wasn't going to relent, so I just asked him where I could empty my trash pocket and proceeded to dump out all of the fish hooks, can lids, and various metalic debris I had collected off HIS beach, and casually mentioned to him they should clean up the waterline where all of the small kids were playing because if one of them had stepped on any of this trash, they along with their parents would be really pissed of, being it was a PUBLIC beach and HE was responsible for THEIR safe use of the beach. He directed me to one of the trash cans (in obvious plain site) and as I was dumping out my trash pocket he came over and watched all of the crap that I had removed from the waterline. As I finished, his demeaner changed and he appoligized for harassing me and thanked me for saving him from having to deal with upset beachgoers, then told me to keep on doing what I was doing. I expect that presenting a harassing "official" with a bag of trash you removed from THEIR park or area would have the same humbling effect.
  25. Allthough it does say that the filter has been dropped, I find that after the files have been downloaded into GSAK and you have clicked on the OK(this is what has been loaded) window, GSAK is still in the same filter mode and all that has been realy done is the name in the little window has been removed. This might be a bug, but it is a good kind of bug. edit for spelling
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