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  1. These instructions from the help file are out of date. There is no "Edit Membership" tab or option to "Stop Recurring Membership.". I do not want to renew my Premium but cannot find any setting that explicitly disables auto renew. I went through this a year ago figuring that if there was no setting saying to auto renew I was good and would drop back to a regular membership but my premium membership was auto renewed anyways. How do I stop auto renewal???
  2. Thanks. Mine had all arrived by noon.
  3. Only 1 of 5 I have scheduled have run so far. Somebody wake up the hamsters.
  4. They're running late - I'm missing 2 of 5 this morning.
  5. Still only have 2 of 5 today.
  6. No it will show automatically. http://www.nstb.tc.faa.gov/RT_WaasSatelliteStatus.htm
  7. A search for YLHD returns 228 caches.
  8. There are several different formats for coordinates. Geocaching.com lists them in Degrees Decimal Minutes. Your example (N--.----- degrees, W---.----- degrees) is Decimal Degrees. The easiest for you would be to change the settings on your GPS to Degrees Decimal Minutes which will save you having to do any conversions. If you're unsure on how to change this setting here's a plain language manual that may help. A GPS User Manual:Working with Garmin Receivers By: Dale DePriest There's some good information about the different formats at 'Different degree formats: Resolutions and conversions' (link)
  9. Same here and lots of folks on the GSAK forums are reporting similar issues with API access
  10. Same here. Only two of five scheduled have run.
  11. I had four PQs run today that are over 500 caches and was able to download three . For the fourth I get an error "This query is not available for download" Another PQ with under 500 caches was delivered as an email attachment without problems.
  12. There was a problem with an older version of the firmware which caused the problems you're seeing so I would do the upgrade. You also try disabling WAAS on your Vista as IIRC the problem was related to having that setting enabled.
  13. Thanks that's a good tip... Note that this only works if the PQ returns more than 500 caches. Requesting 1000 and getting less than 500 results in the PQ still being emailed.
  14. Thanks that's a good tip. I would like to see the option to opt out of receiving the notification emails.
  15. No GPX files. The following is from www.gpsfaqs.org
  16. This model was introduced 10 years ago and has a serial (Not USB) interface which will require an additional adapter to link to most modern computers. I'd recommend spending a few dollars more and get the updated model for $125 (with shipping) which has a USB interface and more memory. http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-etrex-legend-h.html
  17. this thread will probably interest you Garmin GPS 12 Users Unite.(link). I bought a GPS12 in 2000 and used it for several years. Here are the search results for 'GPS12' in this forum (link)
  18. It's been reported in the feedback forum (link) and my missing PQs have just been run (I got new email notifications too)
  19. Lots of good info at http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching
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