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  1. I just experienced the issue again tonight. All my settings at Groundspeak, and in my iPhone 6 (latest iOS) are all correct. All my field notes were +8 hours
  2. Let me guess. The ones are your iPhone are the Delaware souvenir and one from Germany. Thanks. That made good sense. I have, however, earned an early locationless cache which was originally posted from a cacher in Delaware, so I assumed I earned that one, but it doesn't appear on my official GC souvenir collection, which isn't a problem. If I un-install the GC app from my phone, then re-install it, does the situation correct itself? I haven't tried.
  3. Thanks everyone. It seems that there are work-a-rounds that I will use for now, but it would still be really convenient and easier if Groundspeak were to add USA to the list of countries.
  4. I live near the Canada-USA border. I can filter PQs to exclude USA or search only in Canada, or in a province of Canada, but I can't do the reverse. I'm building a PQ for a US city near the border but I only want US caches, and USA is not a choice in the country list. Caches are wanted in several states, so filtering by state isn't helpful either. Can you please add USA to the country list? Thanks
  5. I have same complaint. I actually went back to make sure that the metric units was still my choice, and they are, but my stats display in imperial units. Need bug fix.
  6. Problem solved… found the duplicate with the help of Potato Finder. Many thanks. Thread can be closed now
  7. Yep, you've double logged a cache. I know nothing about MacCache, but any good cache management program should be able to identify double logs, for example in GSAK you can either sort on find count (most should be 1, so 2 would float to the top) or filter on caches that have more than 1 find, two pretty easy ways to get the same answer. MacCache doesn't seem to be able to do that, as it has no search or sort capability for logs If I sent you the PQ, could you run that through for me please?
  8. I have downloaded an all-finds PQ today and used it to play with the MacCache software. In the process, I found a discrepancy in my cache count According to GC.com, I have 2831 Traditional Cache finds In the All-Found PQ, there are only 2830 Traditional caches, and all the other types balance. Could I have logged one cache twice? Could the PQ have missed one? Aside from crawling through 2831 cache logs, how do I find this? Suggestions?
  9. I have PiGo app on an iPhone 4 but it is not working and has several issues, including logging in and staying logged and non-functioning log in scripts My friend has an iPhone 3G and PiGo works fine on it
  10. Problem solved… Norshley was trying to do something on the site that involved me and got it wrong. This thread can be closed now. Thanks.
  11. I received an eMail moments ago, purporting to be from GeoCaching.com asking me to validate my account, but it has been validated for years. Is this real or phishing? I couldn't se anything on the site or in the forums saying that people have to re-validate Also… I am not Norshley, I am DNStephens so I'm not sure what this is about Greetings from Groundspeak Please visit http://coord.info/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to validate your email address. This is an automated message from Groundspeak sent to Norshley. Please do not reply to this message. © 2010 Groundspeak, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
  12. Hello again I tried the usual things when machines don't work, I rebooted, still nothing, relaunched Safari, still nothing, Quit Safari and tried FireFox.. voila... my uploaded waypoint was in the Waypoints dB of my GPS. Is this a Safari thing, or what? I can never get Safari to upload pictures, to any web site, so I usually have to switch to FireFox for that too.
  13. Hello all I just downloaded the Garmin Communicator into my MAcintosh and tried to upload a GCwaypoint into GPS MAp60Cx as a test. Communicator says that it was saved ok but I can't find it anywhere in the GPS. Any suggestions where they go? I have over 2000 waypoints on an miniSD card, and several personal Waypoints that I've created by hand, but I can't find this new one that is supposed to have been uploaded. Thoughts?
  14. My regular days off are Friday and Saturdays, so on Friday, I usually cache alone. I'm always looking for company and cache-buddies so don't be shy about eMailing me and we'll set something up. Happy caching!
  15. Get Clicking Web Cam Cache GCKZJJ in London Ontario http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1c-94b79d2b09fe shows up as unfound on my Google map with GeoCaches on it http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...p;lng=-80.52703 shows the web cam cache as unfound, and I have a FTF for it and the log is still on the cache page. Is this a problem at my end or in the way the cache map page renders?
  16. When I am on the page "My Account" and do a search from home coordinates filter out finds, using the link on the right side of the page, it seems to have a pre-set distance, in my case, 80 km. I only have a few caches in that 80 km and was wondering if it is possible, and how one goes about broadening, or increasing that distance range?
  17. For a cheap and easy option, try a PDA static-cling shield, they are about 8=9 bucks for a packet of 8 or so. Cut them to size with scissors and peal off the backing paper and stick it on. One friend uses them on his GPS and also on the display of his digital camera.
  18. There is a nice Hwy 402 series too http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...be-a4940b8ae9df I just searched for "402 Series", but once you find one, they are all cross-linked.
  19. Greetings fellow Mac users, Good news! Garmin has made a beta version of its waypoint downloading software available http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3498 Works fabulously well on my eMac and Map60cx No instructions yet but it is really really easy to use. Waypoints go into the Custom POI file, and subsequent downloads over-writes the file WooHoo!
  20. I just discovered this thread and topic (I usually hang out in the Canada forum but a new Garmin Map60Cx brought me here) My eMail is on the way. Thanks.
  21. I too would like multiple locations, A & B, or House and Cottage, or Home and Work, whatever. I am a Premium Member and still look for that home page convenience link.
  22. I will attend. HamGran and Knitter have been extremely sensitive in the past, with Julie's death and family, and there is no reason to believe that they will do otherwise with Tony's friends and all who knew him. It is one more chance to remember him with fondness, raise a glass in his honour and make some new friends, all the while doing something we love, caching and enjoying each others' company. HamGran and knitter, can I encourage you to host HarvestFest 2007?
  23. Greetings all I visited Sue Dawe (Mrs 1701eh) at the hospital in London today. She is in ICU-Observation. I could get in with my clergy credentials but I cannot abuse these privileges so they will be infrequent visits but Sue has said I can come back and visit her again. She also said that I could share this info with the GeoCaching community. She was very beat up and sore, generally achy all over. She has broken ribs and lots of bruises. She is still taking various medications but is trying to wean herself off some of them and as a result had a hard night last night. She seemed in reasonably good spirits, knew who I was and was encouraged when I told her that the entire GeoCaching community was worried about her, concerned for her and I hope, praying for her. Sue said she couldn't remember very much, about the accident and has most of her injuries and damage on the left side of her body, the inside part of the car where the left side of the car was most damaged. Sue said that she'd been talking to the kids a couple of times, the hospital social worker has helped there. Please continue to pray for Sue, and for the family. I will send more news as I get it. -- DNStephens aka Dave 52 Elmwood Cr Woodstock, ON N4S 2K3 home (519) 421-2236 Dave's eMail: elmwood@rogers.com
  24. I'm using Mac OS 10.4.6 and Safari 2.0.3 and they don't work for me. Nothing except a blank empty box.
  25. Actually, I'm no longer getting any maps, on any GeoCaching pages. I'm using a Mac and SAfari and a few days ago, all the maps disappeared so I have to click on Google Maps, or MapQuest to get any maps. I'm not sure if this is a web site thing, or a Mac and Safari thing. I have never been able to upload pics in Safari, I always have to go back to my old unsupported version of MS Internet Explorer to upload pics, but this new map situation does suck.
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