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Sig Items...let's See Some Pics.


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I am new to geocaching and have a few questions. I see a lot of arguement on sig items. I have 2 little boys that I see being interested in the little toys. This is great for them. I would like to see pics of some sig items. I hear some of the sig items are just little laminated cards. I like the looks of some of the pictures of the plastic or wooden coin type sig items. It seems like I might be more interested in these type items. Being so new, I just don't know yet. Help me out and show me some pics. Who knows, I might even want to make my own.

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Welcome to geocaching, you'll have a great time!


Below you will see 2 sig items I have placed in caches I've visited:

An NFA Signature Coin



A Combination Carabiner/Compass/Multi-tool



Below, you will see a 3rd sig item I'll be placing in a special cache soon...


A NFA-branded 1st aid kit





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Yes, welcome! The "arguments" you're seeing over sig cards/items are not a regular thing here. In fact, sig cards and items are what help to make this sport so addictive and interesting.


Usually there are sig cards, and there are sig items....separate. I decided to combine them, with mine. I laminate my card, number it with a tage, and attach my signature item, a winged scarab pendant. Then I put the combo in a tight ziploc bag, to help protect it. If you visit my website (www.christopherpayne.com), you'll see why I chose the scarab.



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Wow - these are awesome!


I was struck with an inspiration for a sig item, but I couldn't get the cost outlay less than $500 and/or WAY too many than I wanted, so I shelved it. :blink:


On another note, the tungsten carbide shapes left behind by Secretspy are great. Probably free for him yet something few if any have seen elsewhere.

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$$$$$ Looks Expensive $$$$$

Some of the better sig items cost a little money. When I sell the chainmail balls I leave in caches I normally sell them for $5.00 each. When I sell the chainmail pouches I sell them for $20.00 each. However, it cost me much less to make them. I feel that what makes them special is the time I put into making these things that I give away to a person I don't know who just happened to find a cache after me. For me, the coolest thing, next to finding a cache, is going to the cache page a week or two after I found it and seeing a log where someone said “I finally found a chainmail ball” or “I took the chainmail ball, really cool”.

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I haven't gotten around to completing the photographs of my Signature item collection but have scanned in my Signature card collection. Most cachers here around Michigan and Ohio that leave Signature cards usually have a Signature item that they leave as well. I personally leave my card and a Cincinnati Chili Recipe magnet at most caches I find in Michigan. In the Cincinnati area, I leave another item. such as a Cincinnati railroad magnet. They already know the recipe. (Caching in the Columbus, OH area though, I usually leave University of Michigan keychains or lapel pins.) :lol:


Scook's Geocaching Card Collection


The MiGO website has a database maintained by Aardvark-MI of both items and cards.


MiGO Signature Item Databse

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My signature item is the original CITO tote about 4 ½ tall and 1 ½ around with a trash bag inside been using it for about 2 1/2 years now. With permission from Groundspeak for use of the logo.


Having them done in 500 quantity they run about 85 cents a piece after the initial art work was done on the first run.


Its soooooo cool to be out of town caching and finding one that a fellow cacher has made a cache container out of it, they are water tight with the O-ring ………… JOE



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Here is a picture of my sig item, a chainmail ball.




For a FTF prize or if I really like a cache I will leave a chainmail pouch.  This pouch I have been using as a dice bag for many years so it is no longer shiny.



How do you make those? they are so cool.


I don't have any pics of mine but I Make little lanyard key chains out of different colored craft lace.

useful if you drop your keys while caching, even helps to find them in your pocket/purse :lol::angry:

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You should be proud, Fergus. I've been a member of Geocaching for Lo these many years now, and when I think of the most "famous" signature item it's your chainmail balls.

When I take new folks out, even some of them seem to know about Fergus' chainmail! Usually not the brand new folks but those who have been doing a lot of reading and found a few caches on their own.



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Mine are ink jet shrinky dinks. I don't let them flatten out on purpose. The image is reverse printed so it shows on the concave side. The image works in a similar fashion as the busts at a well known park's haunted mansion where they look like they're staring at you no matter what angle you're looking at it from.



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Here is a current batch of my signature items.




These can be used as key fob, zipper pull or anything else. Sometimes I use a ball-chain, these are with split rings. Packaged with a card, vacuum sealed to keep moisture out. I have a fair assortment of 'mounts'. If there is room in the container I do leave one of these. Sometimes I trade for items.. usually another's signature item.


I hope that finders will keep em and use em. Considering a 'prize' for anyone that collects 5 different mounts. Any ideas about that?

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Signature items are our favorite find. Once we found our first we had to make our own sig items too. We made numbered dogs that cachers can either collect or move on to another cache and track there movements on our website, like travel bugs. We also have some signature cache loot too. You can see some other cachers' signature items we've collected, maybe you can find some inspiration there.

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Now I can't remember where I saw it but I have GOT to get some of thoes clear rocks with photos on them! Does anyone know where I can get them made?

You can make them very inexpensively yourself. Go to a local hobby/craft store and look for clear flat stones in the flower arrangement section. Cut you picture to the size of the stone and then use plain elmer's glue, coat the bottom and glue the picture on and smooth out any bubbles. They need to dry overnight at least.


I made a bunch of these as gifts for grandparents 2 years ago and put magnets on the back. They are still as nice as the day I made them. We made some with actual photos and some were stickers put on colored paper.


Would sig geocaching related lanyards be something people would take?

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:D Julie and I have several that we use. The two on the left are for specific caches, the upper left is for a cache that can only be found at night, the lower left is for a micro in a nearby park. The small button in the center is and old version of our 1 inch micro button, that large ones are 2.5 inches.

These are made for us by BumbleButtons.com, she does very good work at a very good price.



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Oh we LOVE rolled pennies. I get one for my girls every time we go someplace that has a machine. I got some really cool copper bracelets and will attach them like a charm. Did that cost you a "mint" to have made?

When we did it, it was $350 for 1000 of them (and that included shipping, if I recall. I believe their prices went up and now you have to pay for shipping. Still not a bad deal though, especially if you are into them.


There is a geocacher who does custom designs as well, but their site always confuses me so I don't really know how to order or how much they cost.


Notice that there are details of how to get one of our smashed pennies on this locationless cache, if you don't cache in our area.

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Now THIS is the post I was looking for when I accidentally posted this below in the midwest section.



Made these a few weeks ago.


Bicycle brand Poker chips with decals printed by a sign company that is one of my clients I design for.


I drew a cartoon version of Possum Pete our mascot (see second pic) and placed him on there.




Here's Possum Pete on our very first find!!




D-man <_<

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