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  1. Awwwwww Give it a try I was like you... believe me If they are going to ruin the game than I shall change the GAME!
  2. I think in general if you lift the wrong skirt you should lose a stroke but they seem so far apart that if you are doing that it's probably a problem with the chords.
  3. I'm thinking of taking out the "no round" and having you divide it into 4 segments before lifting.
  4. I have only found a few round ones. One yesterday. I guess it depends on the area but 99% around here are square. I might have to make an exception if that is the style in your area.
  5. Well, the point of the game is to guess where it was placed. Those caching with you can pick different locations making it a competition. You could use that as your own strategy but I have a different guess everytime I visit a place. Also when placing it back, you may place it on any side thus mixing up the game.
  6. I am so excited to release my creation LPC Golf League to the WORLD. So if you know the "Amish Hacker"... I hated LPC's. I thought they were ruining the game. One day I figured out a way to make them interesting and fun. LPC Golf was created. I sat down and wrote a very short handbook on how to play. I have been playing it for about a month and have just released it to my local group. Now I want everyone to give it a shot. I have pasted the handbook below but have the full PDF with printable scorecards as a link from my Google Drive. THE LPC GOLF HANDBOOK Version 1.02 Created by Amish Hacker Welcome to LPC Golf. LPC stands for Lamp Post Cache. This is a particular placement of a Geocache in the hobby of Geocaching. To find out more about Geocaching you can visit www.geocaching.com. The rest of the handbook will assume you have a basic knowledge of the hobby. Preface by AmishHacker LPC’s are a divisive topic in the world of Geocaching. Some people like them and others hate them. One thing that cannot be argued is that it can get repetitive. Personally, I believed they were ruining the hobby and was always disappointed when pulling up to one. One day while out caching I pulled up to an LPC (GC52K7Z). I wondered if I could make it a little more fun if I could guess what side of the lamp post the cache would be under before lifting the skirt. I numbered each side 1-4 with number one being where I thought I would find it first. I found the cache under the side I numbered 2. I thought it would be fun to keep score and try and get the lowest number, like in golf. Two caches later I was at another LPC. This time I scored a 3 and called it a par. The connection with golfing stuck and I started keeping score. I now look forward to LPCs and playing LPC Golf. I hope you enjoy this fun addition to Geocaching. General Play Before lifting the cover or skirt to reveal a Geocache at an LPC, the Geocacher will assign a number to each side of the cover 1-4. Number 1 being the most likely side you believe the Geocache is hidden and number 4 being the least likely side you believe the Geocache is hidden. You must make your number selection by saying each number out loud and pointing to the side you are assigning the number to. If you are in a group, have each Geocacher follow the above protocol. Once each Geocacher has assigned each side of the cover a number, the cover can be lifted to reveal the Geocache. Keep a scorecard or small notepad with you to keep track of your score. There are 9 holes (LPCs) in the front 9 and 9 more holes for the back 9 (just like golf). Eighteen total holes (LPCs) complete a round of LPC Golf. When replacing the Geocache, you may place it back on any side of the LPC. This helps keep the location more random. When logging the find online, start your log with “LPC Golf = ________” and log either a Hole in One, Birdie, Par, or Bogie. (I personally like to put a golf emoji in the log. Example in downloadable handbook) LPC Golf can be played all in one day or over multiple days, weeks, months, or even years. Scoring Position 1 = Hole in One - 1 stroke Position 2 = Birdie - 2 strokes Position 3 = Par - 3 strokes Position 4 = Bogie - 4 strokes BONUS Scoring If you complete either the front 9 or back 9 holes in a 24-hour period you may deduct 2 strokes from the total 9-hole score. If you complete all 18 holes in a 24-hour period you may also take any one score and turn it into a hole-in-one (mulligan). The mulligan can be applied to any score from the front or back 9. If the LPC is new and you are the first to find the Geocache, you may deduct 1 stroke from your score. If you are approached by a muggle (a person not playing the game) and they inquire what you are doing, or if you have to explain to a muggle what you are doing in order to retrieve the cache, you will incur a one-stroke penalty for that hole. Penalty strokes cannot be taken off by the mulligan scoring bonus. Rules You cannot touch the skirt/cover before or during the numbering of sides Numbering must be made out loud even if Geocaching alone You must point to each side as you are numbering it. Some LPCs cannot be played on. Lamp posts that do not have covers Lamp post with round covers Lamp posts that are damaged in a way that the cache may be seen When the cache or swag lifts the cover up to where it is obvious where the cache is located LPC Golf is built on the honor system. Do not cheat your fellow Geocachers or yourself. Conclusion LPC Golf is intended to make Geocaching even more fun. Keep your score and compare it to your other Geocaching friends online and at events. I am up for any suggestions to clarify the handbook or additions to the game. You can reach me at AmishHacker@gmail.com HAVE FUN! The full PDF with printable scorecards can be downloaded here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q4CKNyM9Ihy-F6-OroaI8m2mpM0PLr2N/view?usp=sharing
  7. no it got published and then a few hrs later after 3 visitors it was gone. The code is on the cache page so there was no need to cut the lock if it was a geocacher.
  8. I had this hotel idea for months and finally got it all done and placed. It's in an area with lots of dead end as an old community purchased by the airport and all of the houses removed as it's in the flight path. There were lots of old unused poles there and it was two blocks from any traffic. The hotel went live today and after 3 visitors, 13 TBs and Geocoins were stolen as the lock was cut off and it was wiped clean of all but 1 TB and 1 coin. The box was wide open and the lock was on the ground. I guess I misjudged the area. I'm guessing it's a crackhead who thought something valuable was there and might try and pawn off the coins lol. It's not the utility company as these are not used poles and they left the box. I don't believe it was the airport authority as again they left the box and the lock on the ground with it wide open. Very upsetting as I thought this was going to provide years of TB transfers near our main interstate and airport. It lasted a few hours.
  9. I put in the prompt "Geocaching with Friends" into the MidJourney AI image bot. This is what the AI came up with after a few generations.
  10. I AM GIVING AWAY THREE AVATAR CREATIONS!!!!! Submit your request below. AND.... Do we have any designers in the group that would like to pick this back up? It has been almost 10 years since there has been any activity on here. I used to make a lot for people but maybe there is someone here that would really enjoy creating avatars and logos for the game. Amish Hacker
  11. Agree.. I do... BUTTTTTTTT there are a couple of almost 20-year-old caches that I have tried to keep alive. There were two I found on my first day of geocaching in 2003. I know the locations and I know the containers. I also know that the owners are no longer in the game. I cache I tried to keep going and just could not with my schedule. It got archived The second one started getting DNFs. I went to the location and found the magnet to the container but the container was gone. I replaced it with an identical container in hopes it will still be there on my 20-year anniversary of Geocaching. I would never ever just drop a cache in a location I think it was because I was going to get a DNF
  12. If they even have 1 find it would need to stay as an archive of that activity. So just try a variation. There are also people like me who have life happen and are out of the game for a while but come back. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE AMISH HACKER
  13. Here is my every three or four (or five or six) year post of .... the "Amish Hacker" is BACK! HAHAH but actually I was looking for this thread and thought it was pinned at one point. I am looking through here for ideas as I am getting ready to launch a whole mess of interesting and fun caches. There is WAY TOO MANY LPCs in my area. Time for Amish to get back to work.
  14. Wow! Keystone... THANKS! After 16 years of this thread coming in an out of existence it got pinned! I am so excited about that. I am truly honored. The way I found it was by looking up the most viewed thread and there it was. Now how do I get one of those nifty +Charter Members tags lol. Does being on Geocaching.com since 2003 count? Anyway. Not to get off-topic on my own thread... but had to say THANK YOU to Keystone! See you all around (or not because I never show my face if you remember) Amish Hacker
  15. I have been gone for a while. Thinking of getting back into the game. Here is one I have had in storage for a long time. It looks like a utility. You open both caps and pull on the fake wires and the container rides up on a cable and pops out the top. Of course I am sure people are concerned about having someone pull on bare wires. The clues and location will assist in making sure everyone is save and understand what the cache is. Hope you like it and see it in the wild soon. It sure is fun catching up on this thread. Thanks for keeping it the #1 viewed and replied to thread on Geocaching! AmishHacker
  16. This is the BEST. Love it. Maybe something on the back of the board to protect the wires though.
  17. AmishHacker


    Frustrating this year. Going to Brown County again with the kids. We had a great time last year walking the trails and visiting some geocaches. Not this year. Not a single one in the park. It looks as if everyone has said "Forget the DNR" and moved to the National Forest just down the road. Did anyone actually go hunt all of the caches and remove them or is it all Geotrash now? Amish Hacker
  18. If the original CO does not do the application process in the next 28 days it will be gone forever. You can not take over a cache without the CO filling out a form.
  19. Information is posted in the Midwest Forums but I wanted to ask the question here as a general one. Indiana DNR worked with Groundspeak to archive thousands of geocaches. Ever one on their land. Even ones that had proper approval. Some of these caches include historic ones and some of the first geo art... a smile face that is a blast to do. (One of the best days of caching for me ever) http://www.in.gov/dnr/7488.htm and here is the actual policy http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20120926-IR-312120547NRA.xml.pdf The problem is that with may of these caches that were in great shape... the original CO is no longer caching. Yes the original CO did a good job with the container and/or the community is responsible as a whole and maintains them....AND guess how many Travel Bugs just went bye bye. I rescued as many as I could. Has this happened in any other states that you know of? I have not meet another Indiana cacher that is cool with this. I believe it is a negative for the sport and the DNR. What are your thoughts? Now guess how much geo TRASH they have on their land.... ohhhh a thousand containers worth.
  20. AmishHacker


    Indiana's Smilely Face is GONE!!!! Best experience on DNR land. I am so upset about this all. They made $10 off me for visiting Brown County to go caching this year. Not a single one I found was in poor condition. Did they really consult any actual geocachers on this? I just don't get it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  21. Nice...is that cardboard on the door facing the elements?
  22. Nice...is that cardboard on the door facing the elements?
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