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  1. Wow! Keystone... THANKS! After 16 years of this thread coming in an out of existence it got pinned! I am so excited about that. I am truly honored. The way I found it was by looking up the most viewed thread and there it was. Now how do I get one of those nifty +Charter Members tags lol. Does being on Geocaching.com since 2003 count? Anyway. Not to get off-topic on my own thread... but had to say THANK YOU to Keystone! See you all around (or not because I never show my face if you remember) Amish Hacker
  2. I have been gone for a while. Thinking of getting back into the game. Here is one I have had in storage for a long time. It looks like a utility. You open both caps and pull on the fake wires and the container rides up on a cable and pops out the top. Of course I am sure people are concerned about having someone pull on bare wires. The clues and location will assist in making sure everyone is save and understand what the cache is. Hope you like it and see it in the wild soon. It sure is fun catching up on this thread. Thanks for keeping it the #1 viewed and replied to thread on Geocaching! AmishHacker
  3. This is the BEST. Love it. Maybe something on the back of the board to protect the wires though.
  4. AmishHacker


    Frustrating this year. Going to Brown County again with the kids. We had a great time last year walking the trails and visiting some geocaches. Not this year. Not a single one in the park. It looks as if everyone has said "Forget the DNR" and moved to the National Forest just down the road. Did anyone actually go hunt all of the caches and remove them or is it all Geotrash now? Amish Hacker
  5. If the original CO does not do the application process in the next 28 days it will be gone forever. You can not take over a cache without the CO filling out a form.
  6. Information is posted in the Midwest Forums but I wanted to ask the question here as a general one. Indiana DNR worked with Groundspeak to archive thousands of geocaches. Ever one on their land. Even ones that had proper approval. Some of these caches include historic ones and some of the first geo art... a smile face that is a blast to do. (One of the best days of caching for me ever) http://www.in.gov/dnr/7488.htm and here is the actual policy http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20120926-IR-312120547NRA.xml.pdf The problem is that with may of these caches that were in great shape... the original CO is no longer caching. Yes the original CO did a good job with the container and/or the community is responsible as a whole and maintains them....AND guess how many Travel Bugs just went bye bye. I rescued as many as I could. Has this happened in any other states that you know of? I have not meet another Indiana cacher that is cool with this. I believe it is a negative for the sport and the DNR. What are your thoughts? Now guess how much geo TRASH they have on their land.... ohhhh a thousand containers worth.
  7. AmishHacker


    Indiana's Smilely Face is GONE!!!! Best experience on DNR land. I am so upset about this all. They made $10 off me for visiting Brown County to go caching this year. Not a single one I found was in poor condition. Did they really consult any actual geocachers on this? I just don't get it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. Nice...is that cardboard on the door facing the elements?
  9. Nice...is that cardboard on the door facing the elements?
  10. Amish Hacker does the same. If a CO has gone months without checking on their own cache from DNF's they do not need to hide one they cannot maintain. My local reviewer knows that I try my best to clean up the map form missing caches that are not ever checked on.
  11. Anyone else ticked about this one. Went out of my way (30 miles) because I thought I would have a new souvenir and did not want to miss it. Now I read they are not releasing one. How disappointed can I get not receiving an "award" in the form of a small electronic graphic that does not amount to a hill of beans. A lot I guess.
  12. When using my iPhone App I used to just save the log entry....expand on it later...and then send all at once. I don't do that anymore. I have found on multiple occasions that the logs did not upload. The worst was a 15 day find with my Father. He never really goes but this time we made a day of it. It was a real special day and I uploaded them all at once. 4 months later when I went to visit the town they live in I was surprised that NONE of the logs ever showed up. Amish Hacker
  13. I have been a bad Amish and found quite a few trackables from my previous times of caching. Now I am back on the horse I want to release in style. I am thinking about hosting a TB Party. An evening event where TB and coins can come together and get redistributed to meet their goals. Music, Contests, maybe a magic show...who knows. Is there any past events I can look at as a guide? Anyone interested if hosted in the Indianapolis IN area? AH
  14. Here is just one auction from this guy It seems from one of my other threads some people have eluded to the fact that "Flat Caches" are no longer allowed. Is this true? If it is...someone needs to tell this guy.
  15. Yep...bunch of white guys but ONLY ONE AMISH. Where are my fellow brethren? Amish Hacker
  16. I have three and I find it tough to just do some while out and about. It needs to be a planned out trip so you can spot out some in a fun park. The other day I tried one which was listed as small. I was hoping for a small tupperware with a few trades since it was in the woods. Nope just a match stick container. There are so many caches in our area it takes a bit of time to filter through them. Yes... in and out of a car seat is NO FUN.
  17. I was looking at some of the old pictures in the thread. A lot are broken images now because they did not put them on the Geocaching.com server. I found this one from Criminal posted in May of 2004. First LPC?? It made me laugh it was on a lamp post.
  18. Ok... This guy is not serious is he? Is it a joke looking for a reaction (Internet Troll). Has anyone ever seen a cache this bad in real life? or here Amish Hacker
  19. Could you e-mail the coin owner and ask them to mark it as missing?
  20. KEYSTONE!!! It's good to see you again. I like the information you are giving cachers. I know you all follow the guidelines... so I think you are doing the best thing for now. I hope this dialogue will get people thinking before posting pointless "hints"
  21. Agreed.... not the reviewer's problem. EDIT: deleted unnecessary To quote Office Space..... The reviewers should hold up the integrity of listings. I agree that cachers should be better informed and should make better choices in how they post their listings, but that is what the reviewer is there for. I also think that "It's next to the building under a log 3 feet from the door on the right" is not a hint, but I am not going that far. If anything, Groundspeak HQ should note on the submit page that if you do not have a hint do not place anything in this box.
  22. They really annoy the tar out of me. I think that a reviewer should stop this "NO HINTS" from being on the page. I know it does not happen as much these days with paperless caching, but to print it out and decode in the field just to find there is nothing there is not cool. I am still annoyed on click the hint button and these popping up. If you do not have a hint or none is needed then do not fill out the hint box. It should be assumed that if there is no hint listed there IS NO HINT. Grumply, Amish Hacker
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