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  1. I ended up having to change my Password to log back in. My original log-in would not work. Darn, I've only used the same log-in password for the past 20 years (Charter Member)
  2. When I now click on the "Geocaching.com map" link, the cache selected and the closest surrounding caches do NOT show up. However, if I click on "browse" then the cache and all the surrounding ones are visible. What is the purpose of having the map selection on a cache page if it doesn't show the selected cache? The selected cache will show on Google Maps This is using the latest Chrome browser
  3. A blank screen is all you get. And it's not a display problem because if you "Save ChangeS" all you see next is anther blank screen with zero miles. And, no, I don't want to use the live map on the App...
  4. Thanks for the response! My spouse was able to submit her request once the site settled down earlier this evening and allowed her to log on. Looking forward to sending out another Trackable to compensate for the constantly disappearing ones. But of course, that's not Geocaching's fault that some people lack the ability to follow through and complete the logging process for Trackables.
  5. Why should I have to resolve their lack of technical ability? Next, you'll be telling me to go to another location and try doing it. It's an ERROR on the part of Wufoo, they need to fix FIX IT!
  6. Yes, she has a separate account and a distinct email. She even submitted the form through a different computer using a different browser The request is still denied. Probably, the site is checking IP addresses.
  7. My wife and I have separate accounts, both Premium Accounts, and both earned all the Souvenirs. When I submitted the correct answer, I got the acknowledgement. However, now that my wife is submitting her request with the correct answer, she is refused and gets the message. "Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user" She is NOT the same user and PAYS for a separate PREMIUM Account, why is she not entitled to the free trackable?
  8. Thanks for the help. Clearly, this is a bug in the system. Of course, now I have to contact the cache owner because the person who didn't know how to drop a Travel Bug also put the Travel Bug number in their cache log. Best I can do now is to get the cache owner to encrypt that log. I don't want the log deleted just edited.
  9. It appears that if someone has a Travel Bug in the possession that they can simply log a "Move to Collection" and they take possession of a Travel Bug owned by someone. Instead of logging a Travel Bug as being dropped in a cache, which is what they posted that they did, they moved it to their collection. Now, I cannot log my own Travel Bug to place it in the cache where it was dropped. Will it remain the possession of the last holder? I cannot grab it from them even though I am obviously the owner and, of course, know the Tracking Number. They have not answered an email requesting my Travel Bug back. I DID NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. They retrieved it from a cache and only have a few finds so they made a mistake. I just want my Travel Bug to show its actual location.
  10. The new App is useless for urban Geocaches. You get within 40-50 feet and it doesn't update unless you walk at least that distance away (past) the location. Then it will update and show the cache behind you. I've been forced to triangulate the actual location if I only have the App to use. I'm using a Samsung S5 and did not have this problem on the Classic App or any of the 3rd party Apps. And why can't we log "Attend" for Events?
  11. No more Field Notes! Be prepared to see every one of your caches logged with just a period or, if the finder is feeling verbose, you might get a "TFTC" log. And what is with the 30 second or so navigation refresh? Move very, very slowly or you'll be 100 feet past the cache.
  12. Over the years of Geocaching (almost 15 years now), I have amassed a sizable collection of Geocaching calling, signature and trading cards and other collectibles. I've grown tired of storing them so I digitized the entire collection and uploaded it to Flickr! (And Facebook as well.) In addition, I've created a Flickr Group called "Geocaching Ephemera" and would like others to join me in documenting this aspect of Geocaching. The Geocaching Ephemera Group Photo Pool is located at Geocaching Ephemera I welcome others to join me and upload their photo collection of cards and other collectibles. My physical collection was just donated to the Michigan Geocaching Organization for their Winter Social Event fund raising auction. I will continue to add photos of cards and other collectibles as I acquire them while caching in the future.
  13. I'm quite sure my "Tony Packo's Bun" is probably missing but I think this is quite a presumptions action by a reviewer. There has been only 1 log on the Bug that it is not in the cache and it was not by the cache owner (or the reviewer). Based on that, the reviewer has marked it as missing. The reviewer has not logged a visit to the cache and the cache owner has not done a Maintenance Check on the cache. How does the reviewer really know the Travel Bug is NOT in the cache. Maybe the item is there but someone remoed the tag? Over reaction on his part or mine? Here's the log entry- Log by Backwoods Reviewer
  14. How can you get 10 per day, if after waiting 3 hours, they still don't show up? I really miss getting my weekly email of 500 local caches without any intervention on my part.
  15. Geoff, I sent you an Email via the Geocaching website but have not received a reply. Not interested in my adoptoing some of your caches?
  16. For a number of years, I cached in my company work van. Mostly after work hours, though I couldn't always resist a lamp post doing the service runs during the day. Now, they've installed GPS trackers in all the trucks so they follow and log how many miles I cache on weekends. To continue caching, I decided to buy a new car recently. Here's my new cachemobile My 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is only 2 weeks old and delivered a consisitent 36 MPG at 70-75 MPH on a 600 mile road trip last weekend. Around town, I getting 45-60 MPG in city/suburban driving. Of course, FiFiH alreadly has a Travel Bug decal in her window.
  17. Thanks beejay&esskay! Since this all happened since I started on vacation, I was a bit upset since my route was unplanned except for the first leg. The GmapToGPX utilitywith Google Maps does work and even allows for route adjustment, something that Google Earth made difficult. The only complaint is the kludge of having to cut and paste using such advance tools as notepad. Also, it doesn't work in Opera, my browser of choice. Of course Opera also refuese to gecognize GPX file as anything other than XML documents. But that's a separate issue. I've successfully imported Google Map routes into a GPX for creating 2 Pocket Queries for my leg between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, and Baltimore and Wheeling. Now if Jeremy could just do something about the 5 days of rain that has kept me from doing much caching on my trip.
  18. Add me to the 200 users of Google Earth KML. So, if this feature has been removed, why is the "Caches along a route" feature still active? You need to use a KML file to create a route to find caches while traveling. You can't expect us to just use already created routes with such descriptive names as "My home to the cabin". Is there any other way to find caches while traveling except downloading an entire state (or states) and using GSAK?
  19. I've just loaded the latest version (2.0.4714.5203) of the Wherigo Player on my Axim X51v. It works fine. Now I have to locate where I put my Bluetooth GPS over the holidays. I'll try it with my Pharos hard wired GPS too but it requires an auto cord to operate. I'll also see if I can free enough memory to try it on my Axim X50 (64Mb memory) Thanks for the software update!
  20. It failed to run on my 128Mb RAM x51v also. The original version ran without a problem. I'm getting the same out of memory error. My Axim has 25 Mb program space available and 72 Mb of storage space in the main memory free. I'll try deleting some programs and if I can get it running. This is a Windows Mobile 5 unit.
  21. Version 5.2.17 is the current version for the North American eXplorist 500 and 500LE. Make sure you install the Geocaching Manager software so you can download Geocaches to your unit. You can also load Geocaches using EasyGPS, GSAK or Geobuddy software from a .GPX file. The eXplorist Geocache files are limited to 200 Geocaches. You can load additional files into the memory and switch between them using the Active Map menu function. You can load an addituonal Geocache waypoints using a program such as EasyGPS, GSAK or Geobuddy with either a .GPX or .LOC file. That will allow you to dislay up to 700 Geocaches at a time. (200 Geocaches + 500 Points Of Interest Geocaches). You might consider joining the Yahoo! eXplorsit Group for more help with questions.
  22. I'm also having the same problem with the Opera 8.65 for Windows Mobile BETA Browser. I'm using it on both my Axim X51v running Windows Mobile 5 and my Axim X50 running Windows Mobile 2003 second edition. Turning off Javascript before loading the login page or refreshing the login page does work to allow me to log in. I've also used the WAP Webpage to log in and log a find without any problems. I'm not sure if this issue is with Opera or the GC.com website. I've been using Opera as the Mobile Inernet Explorer version does not let me view my Email through my hosting service (WebMy Style). The Oprea browser also does a better job of displaying the GC.com website, more so in Windows Mobile 2003 than in Windows Mobile 5.
  23. Hi! I'll be in the Daytona / Port Orange area from May 16 to the 22 and staying in Daytona Beach and visiting relatives in Port Orange. (High School Graduation on Saturday) I'd like some recommendations for caches and, if possible, I'd like to hook up with a local cacher or 2 for some geocaching. I'm not interested in getting numbers as much as an interesting cache experience. Please respond here in the forums, through my website link or my Hotmail Instant Messenger.
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