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  1. XXL isn't going to cut it. Add about 3 more X's to that.
  2. How about some big guy sizes in all your shirts? I need BIG sizes. Where's the love for us big boned people?
  3. Unfortunately I am stuck on property. My wife talked me into flying.
  4. A straight line between two points in not always the quickest way.
  5. I will be at Disney with the family from December 7-12. Just wondering what caches are must see. It looks like there are a couple of virtuals in the park but what is nearby or within walking distance?
  6. Thanks for the reply. So the thing to do is buy them and start trading. I wasn't sure if I needed to design my own or not.
  7. I haven't been caching in about 3 years and am getting back into it. During this time, geocoins have seemed to explode. I was wondering why. I don't mean to sound like this is bad. I love to collect things and geocoins seem like a great collection to start. Those of you that collect, how does it work? Do you design and get your own and then start trading around for others or do most people find these in caches and keep them? I really want to start but not sure how to. There don't seem to be any in the caches around me. Thanks for any help.
  8. Old beat up Gerber multitool. Never cared for the Leatherman for some reason. I keep meaning to take a look at all that Leatherman makes these days but the Gerber keeps on ticking.
  9. Do I really need the features of the CSx or will the 60Cx be just fine? Also, what map do I need to buy with it to navigate streets? I would like turn by turn. Also while we are at it, what other accessories are must haves? Who makes the best car mount? I would like to place one order and want to make sure I get everything I need.
  10. I am trying to get back into learning how to use GSAK after a llong layoff. I have 500 waypoints in GSAK and when I send it to my Legend Cx, only 50 waypoints are transferring. I know the Legend holds 500 but I am only finding 50. I also thought I could hook up the gps after I found a few caches and send it back to GSAK and it would record which ones I had found. When I did this, I know have 1000 waypoints in my GSAK. It doubled everything. How do I fix this problem? Thanks.
  11. Actually, I had typed up a long post and went to submit and the computer locked up. Tried it 3 times and it finally went through. At was at this point I discovered it went through twice. I then tried to delete two of them and discovered that I had deleted the wrong one. Anyways, yes, I need gps help. I use to own the 60c and I was wondering if there was anything newer or better out now. I was also wondering what software was being used. I used cachemate with an old pda and GSAK with my computer. They are all long gone and need to replace. Looks like the 60c is still okay to get. What about software? Thanks for the help.
  12. I had quit geocaching for about 4 months and am getting back into it but can't remember how to use my gsak. I have a database and I am trying to export it to cachemate and I don't remember how. I hit export to cachemate but the box that reads PDB File to create is blank and I don't know what to put in it.
  13. I am trying to get one approved right now that is easy to find but then comes the hard part. There are 40 film canisters in it and only one has a log. They must figure out which one has the log, sign it and then they are only half done. They must then take an empty film canister and hide there own cache to actually log the cache. It can not be hid anywhere that there is poison ivy. That is the whole reason behind the cache. I can't get anywhere around it and I figured this would get me and some others some ivy free caches to go find.
  14. Here in TN, we may have the fastest approver around. Max Cacher usually has my caches approved in an hour or two. Weekends may take a little longer but hey, he has a life also. Maybe your approver is just on vacation.
  15. I ordered an adapter from gpscity for a 60c. When it arrived, it says on the package it is for a gps II, III series,V, 12xl, 72, 76 series,gps 92, 176/176c, 196, 295, and streetpilot III. It looks like it will work but before I open it, I wanted to see what everybody thought. Will this work in my 60c?
  16. Always cheaper online. I just ordered a Garmin 60c from amazon.com and after $50 rebate and using there $30 back for using their credit card, the 60c cost me $280 and change. I am in love. It blows my old Legend away. I highly recommend.
  17. I have a laptop that I want to make wireless. What do I need to do that?
  18. GSAK. Well worth the money. Heck, you can even try it out for free to see if you like it. It will do everything you want it to do and more.
  19. I think think in 2002 the CRV design changed. My wife has a 2004 and it is nothing like my 2000 on the inside. Anybody have an older model CRV?
  20. Just wondering if anybody has done this. Doesn't seem to be enough room on top of the dash. There is a small lip right below the ac vents. I don't know if a mount would fit here or not. It is a 2000 model CRV. Help please.
  21. I have metroguide that I am going to install as soon as unit gets here. I know I need City Select but I already have metroguide for now. A buddy has the same set up and tried install topo also and he said one replaced the other. I know both can be installed but don't know how to do it or pull each up since my unit won't be here until later today.
  22. I am wanting to do the same with my Legend and laptop. I have metroguide installed on both. I tried hooking them up the other day and driving and couldn't get it to work. Do I need this download nroute to make it work?
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