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  1. Sounds like some substandard bomb squad. Go back to some desk to fill out paperwork after hauling my butt and gear out there? I'm gonna blow something up first. Geocache? Ooops.
  2. I've never home brewed, but think it would be a worthy skill to have for after the end of the world. Such a talent might allow you to survive by bartering your brew for other necessities. It sounds like a noble cache.
  3. I did not hijack this thread. The title is "The loneliest moment in a caches life." I chose to post from the perspective of the cache, per the thread's title. And no, I'm not crazy. I'll thank you to keep your personal attacks to yourself. Please take a chill pill. Nobody was singling you out for any personal attacks, It was a spoof on the IKEA commercial I linked to. As a matter of fact, after the first half of my first sentence, I forgot all about you. But now that you bring it up, my feeling is that you did hijack the thread, but thanks for your perspective anyway. Edit: spelling
  4. I'm not sure why this thread was hijacked after just one post, but it was about the feelings of the cacher, not the cache. Many of you feel bad for this cache, that is because you are crazy. It has no feelings. And the new one is much better.
  5. You don't have to be a moron, oxy or otherwise, to assume that!
  6. No, you are not from the Bible Belt, but you are awfully close to Lancaster I don't think the OP mentioned being offended, and I don't think his location has much to do with anything. I think he is just surprised to have seen Nudecacher for the first time. I will admit that I was surprised the first time I saw one of his pictures on this site too. I've since realized that everyone has got a gimmick, and this is his. As long as he's not letting it all hang out, it's ok and even humorous. And nothing wrong with thinking about the children, some day you may think about them too.
  7. I usually just sign my name and the date on one line. It's rare that I write much else, unless if I take or leave a travelbug, or something amazing needs to be noted. My online logs will contain any other details. Sometimes I do like reading long logs left by others, by I'm less wordy out in the field.
  8. I don't see the point of the business card type cache cards. In the caches I've seen them in, they just take up space that could otherwise be used for trade items. I don't see anyone trading them, they just accumulate and get all bent up and create a big mess when the cache gets wet. Otherwise it's ok I guess.
  9. Be careful about keeping the pen in your pocket, otherwise you may end up with ink spots on your pockets.
  10. Past the post where Hydee approved the series? What would be the point? El Diablo uh, to unconfuse you? Sheesh, let's recap. You said: then you said: and then: It seems only you are confused, probably from not reading the entire thread. You do know that you are supposed to read the entire thread before you post to a thread, don't you? You jumped into the middle of a thread, all confused, and expect someone else to unconfuse you. I remember that I was warned, and suspended at one time for posting to a thread without reading it entirely. I'm not sure why that hasn't happened to you yet, maybe the moderation is unlevel as the reviewing. But then again, I'm not confused. So, if you read the entire thread, you would see that there are others who are as unaware as you, and don't know that everything has been resolved. That's why they are still posting to this thread. It's pretty simple, I wouldn't let it keep you up all night. Glad I could help you out here.
  11. I have been using gel pens lately because they really leave a nice dark signature in the logs, as compared to regular ink. I have, however, run all of the ink out of a couple of gel pens simply by signing logs. I know that I have been finding a lot of caches lately, but I really think that gel ink must evaporate more quickly, or just doesn't last as long as regular ink. Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. Just like sports. Did you not watch the Steelers "win" the Super Bowl?
  13. I love all geocaches and the fact that someone would take the time to hide one, just for me to find. Therefore, I like all micros too. I've seen lots of them hidden in many different ways. My favorite micros are the one that are hidden right in front of your face. As an example, some piece of very busy modern art on a busy corner of the city, rectangle and tubular shapes, and painted a solid color. Stuck onto the piece of art with a magnet, a film container or altoids tin, painted the exact same color. To find it, you can walk all around the piece of art and search only with your eyes. To all the muggles, you are just simply an admirer of art, or some yokel on his first trip to the big city. No need to stick a GPS to your ear, just plain fun.
  14. I really need to put up some more shelves and organize the garage a little better. 80 degrees in Minnesota, you had better enjoy it while it lasts!
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about the legal stuff, your intentions are good, and that is what counts the most. While GPX format may not be the best solution, there may be other ways, like excel files or *.loc files, or even plain text descriptions. I'm sure that after you investigate all of the possibilities and find one that doesn't infringe on any owner rights, you will find a way to make your signature item. When you do, I hope to find one in a cache on a future visit.
  16. Yep, I agree. Personally I don't think anyone should own a computer unless they graduated from DeVry, or Control Data Institute, or similar. But it's too late for that, they let anybody have one nowadays.
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  18. Looks like you revealed the encrypted hint in your log...
  19. Oh, I don't know, you do a pretty good job at both! :) Seriously though, I'm glad you made it out safely.
  20. My feeling is that there is nothing wrong with memorial caches. As an example, take a look at your post. You remembered everyone shot by Americans, but not one mention of the Americans who were shot. You see why they might even be necessary, or have you forgotten?
  21. I just read this post for the first time, and I'm glad that it was resolved to the satisfaction of the OP and the cache placer. I personally feel that discussing this in the forums was a good thing, because just as some may feel the geocache listing had an agenda, there are those with their own agenda, wanting you to forget 911. Someday they will deny that it ever happened. If I ever forget, that means I'm already dead. Never forget 911.
  22. Good point! Active caches have more value than archived caches, IMO. I wonder if there is a quick way to tally active-only hidden caches?
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