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  1. I have an account with CompuServe and I have been getting some of my PQs, but not all. It seems like they come through fine for several days, and then miss some. I have checked my settings, and all is proper. I even added the email address to my address book, as some have suggested in the past. On the 11th I received 2 PQs. One of them was from the 10th but came thru dated the 11th. Since then, nothing. I am going to watch this today and see what I get. These are all PQs that run each week (one per day). If I build a new one or request my finds, they seem to come thru within a few minutes. Ernie
  2. My new PQs ran 12 hours ago but seem to be bogged down in the email system. They still have not arrived. The one PQ that repeats each Sunday did arrive. Ernie
  3. I built 4 PQs on Monday to be run today. as of 9:30 EDT I have not received them even though it shows they generated. All my email settings are correct. I know they go to a seperate email server, so I suspect the problem is there. Ernie
  4. I received no PQ's yesterday (Mon.) or today. Just looked at what I have scheduled, and the list shows that they did not run. Don't know what's going on right now. Ernie
  5. Jeremy, You have stated that PQ's will be made available for Waymarking. I was just wondering if this is going to be available in the near future. The reason I am asking is 2-fold: I have limitations (physical) that restrict my ability to get out at times, hence my few and scattered finds, and I am planning a long trip and enjoy finding interesting sites when traveling. Thanks, Ernie
  6. Yesterday (10/11) I missed 1 PQ that was a repeat (once a week) but received the ones that I built new. Today I had two repeat ones scheduled. They say they ran but I have not received them. I am going to wait on these and try a few one time ones again as a test.
  7. Our family uses FRS/GMRS radios on the high output setting and do very well. You must have a license from the FCC to use the GMRS channels (we are licensed). The license is good for your entire family. The FRS only units are limited in power. I carry the radio with me set to channel 2, but haven't heard any other cachers yet. Ernie
  8. I bought the one with the 90° connector because I found it works better for me the way I route my cable when using the RAM mount in the SUV. As for removing it, it is tight but I have been able to do it without tools every time. Ernie
  9. When I upgraded to the new version of Palm desktop (v4.1.4), I found that I was unable to use the checkbox in GSAK for an automatic install. I save the PDB file to a known location, then add it for sync by opening PalmOne Quick Install from my desktop and doing an add from there. Ernie
  10. Earlier this year I upgraded to a Garmin GPSmap 76CS. I picked this because I wanted a unit for highway navigation as well as Geocaching. This has enough memory to allow me to load all of Oregon plus California south to Sacramento from City Select in addition to the Topo maps within a 60 mile radius of my house with plenty of room to spare. Ernie
  11. If you set it to find fastest route, it will do exactly that. At least it does for me on my 76CS.
  12. I also use the Gilsson case and am very happy with it. Depending on what else other than Geocaching you are going to use the 76CS for, I also recommend the Gilsson external antenna and the RAM mounts. I use both in my SUV and they work very well. Ernie
  13. When you do a firmware upgrade, the old firmware is first removed and then the new is installed. The new version will remain no matter if the reset is done before or after. Ernie
  14. If you registered the original version of City Select with Garmin, try the Retrieve Unlock Codes through the MapSource Unlock Wizard and see if that will work. The unlock codes pertain to a particular GPSr Unit, not the computer that the maps are installed on. Just a thought. Ernie
  15. fishfam, I don't know what part of Oregon you are in or if you plan on using the GPS for anything besides geocahing or not. I am in the Medford area, and use the Garmin GPSmap 76CS for geocaching as well as highway travel and am very pleased with this unit and the mapping software. Ernie
  16. Both of those units will allow you to use the geocache waypoints in a special mode but you will not have the details that you are referring to. I use a Palm m515 along with the 76CS to keep things paperless. Download the manual for the 76CS from the Garmin site and refer to pages 37 and 65. That will tell you what you can do with the Geocache mode. I don't know of any unit that will allow more than the waypoint. Ernie
  17. I use Firefox also, and I have various problems from time to time. I did some checking of the running processes on my computer when this happens and found that some things were running that should not have been & were causing this. This includes the "white page" that you see. When you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and look at the Applications tab, all appears normal. Then look at the Processes tab, and you will probably find an application that you closed recently that didn't clear properly. End the process and the page should pop up. At least this works for me. One of the applications that does this is Firefox. You may see several instances of this running in the Processes. By the way, I run Windows XP Pro with SP1. I had all kinds of problems with SP2 installed that cleared up after I got rid of that. Hope this helps answer you question.
  18. I had a similar problem with one that is scheduled for Mon, wed & Fri. The Fri (6/3) one ran late on 6/4 and I didn't receive it till 6/5. Others that I set up as a one time only for 6/5 came in on 6/5 with no problems. I know that new ones run before repeated ones, but I never had a delay like this before.
  19. I also have been a user of Delorme products, but I am finding that the maps are not being updated as they should be. As an example: I live in Southern Oregon and there have been major highway additions and changes here that go back as far as 1999 and they are not yet on their maps. I look at other software (including CitySelect from Garmin for my GPS) and they are all there. I sent a report via email to Delorme and never received a reply. That was 6 months ago. I have heard many good reports of MS Streets and Trips being updated pretty well, and much cheaper. I may look onto using that. What I am trying to get across is check it out ahead of time if you can for the area you are interested in and see how up to date it is for an area you are familiar with. Edit to add I do like the way the software works. It's just the lack of updated maps that bothers me.
  20. Last year I felt like I was 90. That's why I haven't been caching too often (pinched nerves). But actually only 67. Hope to get out again soon since I have been walking again and getting my strength back.
  21. Better start crying! The last thing that I ordered for that amount of money was shipped UPS and it had to be signed for.
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