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Geocaching Vehicles

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Didn't see another thread like this, so...


My friends have been complaining lately about the amount of stuff that I have acquired in the backseat and trunk of my car. so I decided to check it out. I was pretty surprised at the amount of stuff that has collected back there, mostly from various caching trips over the last few months. I decide that I may have an unexpected need for something next time I'm out caching, so it stays in the trunk. Am I just a packrat, or does everybody else do the same, too?




My inventory: (not all is shown :D )

tool kit

3 flashlights


ice scraper

10 lb bag of kitty litter (for ice)

bottle of Rain-X

80+ feet of non-climbing rope

24 pack of bottled water

cammo duct tape

plastic grocery bags

orange safety vest

metal detector

2 pillows

camping chair

snorkeling gear (fins, mask, snorkel, boots)

2 life jackets

Delorme topo atlases for TN and NC

Walmart USA Road atlas

various maps of local recreational areas

large pinecone (picked up near cache in AL)

12 copies of the Geocache-U brochure

and of course, 4 cache containers of various sizes.

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On any given day, in the car I probably have, 1-3 maglites, a couple road flares, a couple glow sticks, my traffic cone, a brochure or two about geocaching, rope, (not climbing rope, more of just work rope, but I use it for less technical climbing) and a few other random things...

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I have:

2 Mag lites

Car emercency kit

2 Tire inflators

Rand Macnally(sp) Road Atlas

Georgia State Atlas

Various cachrgers for all electronics

A giant Ammo box tied down in the bag full of cache gear

(logbook,pens, pencils, caches, trade goods)

5 copies of Geo Brochure

My CamelBak full of other cache gear

A Geo Parking info sheet with Name and Contact info (incase of illegal parking)

And countless other odds and ends in the storage compartments.


Gald to see im not only one where geocaching has invaded their car!

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Didn't see another thread like this, so...


My friends have been complaining lately about the amount of stuff that I have acquired in the backseat and trunk of my car. so I decided to check it out. I was pretty surprised at the amount of stuff that has collected back there, mostly from various caching trips over the last few months. I decide that I may have an unexpected need for something next time I'm out caching, so it stays in the trunk. Am I just a packrat, or does everybody else do the same, too?



and of course, 4 cache containers of various sizes.

Umm, why do you need scuba flippers and googles? Thats some hard core searching!


I got my backpack

cache goody bag for trading

water bottles (need start using my camel pack)

walking stick

bear spray

mosquitoe spray

shovel (1/2 the alaska caches are buried with snow) :D


snow boots

snow pants

extra hats and gloves


walkie talkie

cell phone

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I drive a Class B motorhome (van sized) that has all of the normal conveniances that you would find in a larger motorhome. It doesn't really have a trunk in it, but I do haul the kitchen sink wherever I go. :D As far as storage goes, there's stuff that I've forgotten about in the cabinets, drawers, and other hidey holes all over the vehicle.

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Umm, why do you need scuba flippers and googles? Thats some hard core searching!

The goggles were so that I could have an easier time checking up on my hydrocache (a bit hard to see through the surface of that water). Decided to bring along the whole setup and go for a little swim afterward :D .

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In the back of my car:


2 cans of fix-a-flat

2 gallons water

couple of flashlights

small blanket

ziplocks, pens, notebooks

Car emergency kit

Rope, bungie cords

baby wipes


feminine products (now thats an emergecy :D )

non perishable snacks

drinking water

GA atlas

CB radio


crap I got way more stuff back there than I thought I did...

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I've been out of town for so long that I don't remember all the stuff thats in the back of my Grand Cherokee. As I recall, there is a small pack full of gear, a duffle full of cachables, two blankets, a case of water, a first aid kit, a small duffle containing a change of clothes and a towel, and a box filled with cleaning supplies and an air filter. Also, you will find a tarp, jumper cables, tow rope and small case of tools.


Of course, that was about six weeks ago. My wife probably has a box of music in the back now.


My rental car has nothing in the trunk.

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Went out to my CRV and took inventory:


3 safety flares

Trail work stuff (pruning saw, loppers, folding bow saw, bag of metal trail blazes in a variety of colors, 2 rolls of orange flagging tape, 2 boxes of 2.5" galvanized roofing nails, a gardening mattock, small shovel and 6 metal signs reading "Entering Bergen County Property, ATV's, Bicycles and Horses Prohibited")

Geocaching stuff including a bag of trade items, a .50 cal ammo box, several log books in Ziplocs, 3 Lock 'n Lock containers, 1 Rubbermaid and 2 decon boxes)

several lengths of rope

a bag of bungee cords

A 48 pack of AA batteries

Bowling bag w/ 2 balls & shoes

4 Foam blocks for carrying a canoe on the roof

5 Komperdell hiking poles

Ice scraper

1 Mountainsmith daypack and 1 Arc'teryx daypack

2 Sigg water bottles

work gloves

gardening knee pads

2 FRS radios

1 gallon windshield washer fluid

travel pack of Handi Wipes

Fleece jacket

Cotton sweatshirt

Can of diet Coke

a Cliff bar

rain pants

Letterboxing stamp and book

A bag of 8 soccer balls

A bag of other soccer stuff (pinnies, white board, cones, 1st aid kit).

Softball glove and 3 bats

soccer and softball cleats

A case of 24 CDs.

1 snowshoe (so thaaat's where it went)

2 ski carrier/locks

cable lock for my bicycle

3 bottles of Poland Spring water

2 baseball type hats (1 blaze orange for hiking during hunting season)

a bookcrossing book found in a local park (Cold Mountain)

2 cans Off! insect repellent and 1 can Permanone tick repellent

a hammer

A rubber mallet

small set of socket and box wrenches

tool box

a bag of litter I picked up while hiking (well I threw that out)

1 container Armor All wipes

1 container Armor All cleanup wipes

1 container Windex wipes

2 milk crates holding a lot of this stuff


I really gotta clean that sucker out!

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We have 2 fishing poles

small toolbox

shopping bag of swag

jumper cables

qt. of oil

old sneakers (2 pair)

softball bat


maps (WV, NJ, NYC)

armor all wipes and glass cleaner


I recently cleaned out my car (guess that would be our other car) found:

2 vols. of NY Domestic Relations Law

ALWD citation manual

NYSBA Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility

Lawyer's Manual on Domestic Violence Representing the Victim

a large binder from a DV conference

empty coffee cup

empty bottle of some sort. :D

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I have golf clubs, a golf shoe bag, some golf balls rolling around, a router pad, a very old neck tie and an ice scraper.


I have on my to-do list to create a box for the trunk that will hold some things to clean up the kids and their shoes before they get back in the car. Items like wipes, paper towels, a brush to get mud off their shoes, etc.

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So far, we've been able to contain all of our Geo-caching stuff in one backpack. In it we keep our goodies bag, with a sharpened pencil to sign logs without them, a first aid kit, 2 bottles of water, our digital camera, and all the printed sheets for the caches we are planning to try that day. We just "summerized" our camper on this beautiful Patriots Day weekend so I suppose we should start a second bag to keep in there so we are always ready to go.

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I drive a Jeep, I don't have a trunk.


DITTO !!! Except my jeep has the steering wheel on the right side. Hmmm... does that mean yours is on the wrong side? :D


Hmmm... mine was a mail jeep. Does that mean yours is a femail jeep? :D:D

HEY!!! :D




I knew a girl in high school that drove a Wagoneer with the wheel on the right side. They had brought it over from Germany, I believe.

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Varies on time of year - no parka now


Let's see - off the top of my head

My usual "go bag" (see www.thegallos.com/gobag.htm )

30 ft 1.5" flat line

4" steel beiner



6 foot sling


case of water

toilet paper

plastic bags

food (enough for 2+ days)

various non climbing ropes


copper pipe jpole antenna

50 ft 9913 coax

duct tape

ammo can with first aid kit and flashlight

a few more flashlights

spare batteries

shovel (full sized)

spare vest

spare orange hats

rain gear

2 5 gallon buckets (one clean, one for use as "the can" if ever needed)

fire extingusher

spare dual band antenna

spare mag mount antenna

2 radios - both GE commercial - VHF and UHF truck mounted "rangr" radios - 100 watts each - programmed for 2m and 440Mhz bands

usually 3 HTs - monobanders in 2m and 440Mhz, and a Dualbander

APRS tracker box - aka, a 2m Ham radio, 7Ah battery, TNC and GPS in one container

truck has "house" and "starter" batteries

Oh yeah, sleeping roll, tarps, tent pegs and the like.

Reflective tape mounted to magnetic sign material

Mess Kit


I think I have most of it there - other stuff gets added as needed (masts for antennas, more coax, etc)

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I guess I travel pretty lite in comparison to some of you folks!


I have 2 sticks in the back of my Explorer, to get rid of spider webs on cache hunts.


I wear a "fanny pack" that has most of what I need on my limited experiences caching. Trash bags, a few swag items to trade, spare batteries, flashlight, pens, paper to make notes on (my memory is sh*t...).


Also bring jug of water, GPS (duh) & camera.


I live in So. Fla (flat as a pancake), so the climbing and snow gear isn't required!!





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Dear lord BrianS!!!!

How in the world does all that stuff fit in your CRV and you still have room to get in it.


That's just in the cargo area. I won't go into what's in the back seat right now.

Reminds me of a car accident I worked as a paramedic. The guy was a total packrat and hit another car head-on at 70mph. There was stuff scattered for a quarter mile down the highway....a lot of stuff!!! Then, after we pulled him out of his car and got him loaded in the ambulance, he asked if his wife was ok.... :( Wife? Yeah, she's in the car still. Yup, sure enough, she was in the back seat, buried under tons of trash and junk!!!! There was still so much crap in his car, we couldn't even see her!!! She was unconscious, but basically unhurt...we think she was passed out from drinking, and not really injured from the accident...probably never even knew she'd been in an accident!

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I have a lot of crap in my trunk.



Dirty Rags

gas can

school textbooks and notebooks

random paintballs. Some squished.


The cool things I have in my trunk are:


My wonderful Sector 9 skateboard.

My 12 inch JLAudio sub

and my thumpin' JBL amp.


My car's a piece... But it's got a nice stereo system... :(

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Edit: Also, under my contact info is a goretex jacket, also not yet used.


My geopack has swag, pens, pencils, shapeners, a CITO bag, first aid supplies, and 50' of rope. I generally take it on every hunt, even parking lot micros.

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Hi, I am caching in Germany (where the car is steered from the LEFT side). My usual Pajero Inventory is:

4 AA Batts

3 Flashlights

JVC Subnotebook with wireless Internet Access (ever forgot to print out the hint photo? :rolleyes: )

gps car holder


Road Maps 1:200000 for Germany

Bag of trade items

backpack with new fully equipped cache box

Army shovel

Plastic bags (small & large)

geoCache stickers for logbook

geoCache calling cards as sig items

of course Pencils

small binocl.

sun glasses


cell phone

rope for measuring

swiss army knife

and sometimes another backback with climbing gear.


In spite of that mass of stuff, sometimes there is missing something :tongue:


That does not leave too much space for the two big dogs, 2 children and wife, eh? Some times they complain (not the dogs, the rear part is always completely empty for them) . . . <_<:back::unsure:

Keep hunting.

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Here's a pic that someone took of our cachemobile:

(Image removed)


The two bins on the left are caches, the two on the right are trade items. There's other random stuff back there as well.



Holy crap, that thing is loaded, AND ORGANIZED..


But I truly have to submit a description of a friend's cachemobile just for fun. Basically, he made a run to the army surplus store and bought all kinds of ammo cans and brought them to our CITO event, his little subaru was absolutely PACKED, with ammo cans...

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I'm a Jeeper with no trunk, as well. The back seat is reserved for the 2 dogs and at least one section behind a front seat is for all of their "necessities". Sacred space and all.


Behind the back seat is stuff to save my life should I ever find myself having led myself (and the two dogs and others) into danger. Since I got a big duffel bag for these tidbits it's a lot roomier back there. Here's the list:

small shovel, tow rope, assorted tools, long metal hollow pipe (to loosen overtightened lugnuts), air compressor/emergency light/radio thingie, blankets, towels, gloves, green gunk for tire fixes (I have tire issues....), insulated bag for emergency picnic supplies and--what ALL of you have missed: a kite.


There's jackets and sweats jammed under the backseat and my platypus hydration pack has it's own long list of must haves, too. Why, if I hadn't had my Platypus yesterday, I'd still be stuck somewhere between a cache and home. I managed to pick up a piece of barbed wire in a rear tire. To quote my protogee--"What are the chances that this piece of wire would roll just the right way to go into the tire like that (full length--that of a corkscrew--he measured it!)?"


With a last name of Murphy I know I need no explination.


We pulled the offending item out with my Leather(wo)man and used most of the tire fixin' items from the duffel. Yes! I was proud of myself and my foresight! :D No, I'm not pleased that I have to go fight with Sears now over their crappy-a** road hazard policy. (Yes, this has happened before!) I got a cache that's eluded me for 9+ months, though!


It's all good.

"Anne Bonney"; Evans, CO

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