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  1. Paying $60-70 for a mobile app is very uncommon. Plus it's not $60-70, it's $6 a month. Most of us have been doing and plan to do this for more than a year. My caching has been supplemented by a mobile device since I started in 2004. That doesn't even cover the fact that GZcII blows the trimble app out of the water with features and functionality.
  2. I'm not seeing the geocache navigator application supported any droid or windows mobile phones. I didn't look up every single supported phone but I didn't recognize any in a quick look. http://www.geocachenavigator.com/ The funny thing is if you supported it on one Windows Mobile or one Droid it would work on nearly all of that device. Plus it's $6 a month. Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous to charge more for the app to access the data than the provider of the data does to access it?
  3. There is nothing anywhere near as good as GCzII on any phone or hand held device under any operating system, droid, blackbarry, iphone, palm or windows mobile. How does that happen? I think GCzII is even better than using GCC on a PC. I've been waiting years for GCC to provide such an app and would pay a premium on top of my premium membership to get it. Until GCC provides something and as long as GCzII works I'm going to use it.
  4. Sorry Peter, I can't help with that. I hope you figure it out. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Is your internet working in other apps? Is it coming back with the list and then telling you the cache can't be found when you try to get detail? Last week when mine wasn't working it wouldn't even give me the list.
  5. I don't know what to tell you. Try a different cache from a different set and see if your just stuck on a particular cache or if it's all of them. I'm running version v. and I just checked and it appears to be working for me. Also the thread on XDA developers has several people reporting testing via actual use over the weekend and they are saying it's working as well.
  6. Where did you get v2.35.41? Can't find the new version to download but I installed AppToDate and it update it to v2.35.41 for me. The update fixed the cache not found error I was getting.
  7. Nothing like GCzII though. Back then you couldn't go out to GC.com live and grab the caches closest to you based on what your pocket PC's GPS location was. Basically all you had were programs that could read pocket query's. Now (when it works) with GCzII you can do a search based on your current GPS location (or 8 other ways to search) have it give you a real time list of all the closest caches with logs. Then put those caches in a google map. Select one, have google maps give you driving directions to it. When you get close you switch back to GCzII and use your phones GPS to locate the cache. While your kids are digging through the swag you can submit a log to GC.com and do a search for the next cache. You never need to use a web browser or bother with receiving pocket querys in email and you don't even have to be a GC.com premium member for all this to work. It's come a long ways since pocketPC devices.
  8. It works great for caches you have already looked at, (my guess is the data is cached) but it won't load any new cache detail. It will do searches and show you the summarized list and even show you those caches in google maps. Why has Groundspeak ignored Mobile windows for so long? There are a lot more windows mobile devies than iphones and now that win mobile has an app store there is an easy way to package and distribute apps.
  9. I had several Garmins before I bought my explorist 500. I wanted the SD card, I bought it soon after it was released. A year later Garmin came out with a SD slot. I should have waited. I've never had to contact support from Garmin or Magellan so I can't comment on support. I prefer the way the Garmin menu's and software work. Plus due to the vast majority of hand held GPS's being Garmins there is a lot more software that works with them and whenever software is updated its updated for the Garmins first and the magellans some times. I still have an Explorist 201 and use it just as much as the magellan. When I get some extra bucks I'll sell the 500 and get me a 60csx.
  10. Its called thread crapping. Most for sale forums on the internet have rules against it. So don't be surprised if sellers here get mad because thats not the normal way of things on the net. Right or wrong thats the way it is. What you think is over priced or what you think is a better deal are very subjective. Most often forums end up with rules about this because there is no way to prevent the abuse that usually happens when you allow people to dump on sale threads. I've seen way more abuse of this than I have seen people out to help other people so I don't think it should be allowed. Just my opinion... Edit to add this example- A local target store by me once had Garmin Yellow's for $65(true story). Does that mean any time I see someone trying to sell a yellow for $60 +shipping I should post and say hey you can get a new one for that?
  11. The explorist, unlike many other GPS's should show up as a drive letter in your windows explorer. Are you at least getting that far? If the GPS isn't connecting try turning the cable over on the back of the GPS. I don't know why they did this but it will only connect to the pc when the cable is in the right position.
  12. I have a 201, both the 101 and 201 are excellent units for geocaching. If your worried about the battery going dead you can carry a battery pack for it that will charge off aa's. I can also charge my ipaq, sell phone, or camera off this same battery pack so its a backup for all of them. Yes its not as convenient as swapping out the batterys but most cachers don't go for extended periods of time without a car or ac outlet that they could charge off. I prefer the slimmer size of the 201 and the rechargeable battery. As a bonus the 201 comes with the data cable so in my opinion its a better deal. Either way the foretrex's are great GPS's for caching. I often choose my foretrex over my explorist 600.
  13. Are you executing GPXsonar.exe on the PC or the PPC? It should be executed on the pc so that it will install on the PPC. I'd be glad to help you out if you want to come over, but I live in Michigan. I'll be in PA in a couple weeks though.
  14. After being a long time garmin user I bought a exporist 600. Had I to do it again I would have bought a 60cs. The SD card isn't as much a cool feature as I thought it would be mostly because I refuse to shell out the money for the maps. Lack of routing on the unit and its drawbacks in geocache mode have crippled those features. I also have many other smaller gripes. I would gladly trade it in plus the difference in cash to get a 60cs if I could.
  15. I love my 4700, before it I was spoiled with a couple ipaqs that had mega memory. It does have a 80mb file store though. Uninstall a bunch of your programs and reinstall them in the file store instead of the default location and your memory problems will go away.
  16. I don't know much about palms(I'm a PPC guy). I thought it was supposed to be a straight through serial connection. I thought you needed the serial cable from the GPS and a serial synch cable for your device and then the gender bender male/male connector. Thats how it works on a PPC, maybe the Palm needs the null modem cable but I've never heard that before.
  17. I don't know much about palms(I'm a PPC guy). I thought it was supposed to be a straight through serial connection. I thought you needed the serial cable from the GPS and a serial synch cable for your device and then the gender bender male/male connector. Thats how it works on a PPC, maybe the Palm needs the null modem cable but I've never heard that before.
  18. GPXsonar can open gpx files without conversion. Its one of the biggest advantages of using a PPC. The answer to the first 3 questions needs to be yes, if its not let us know and we'll try to narrow down your problem to exactly where it stops working. Have you successfully installed GPXSonar on the PPC? Have you copied a GPX file to the PPC? When you start GPXsonar does it come up in a file browser type screen prompting you to select which GPX you'd like to open? If you select your GPX file what is the error message?
  19. Get GPSbabel from http://www.gpsbabel.org/ Open the file on your GPS with GPSbabel then convert it to a GPX and save it on your PC. Then open the GPX file with GSAK.
  20. I bought a explorist 600, I should have bought a 60cs. The SD card is not all that I thought it would be.
  21. You could mount your origanel cable for now and use the PC-mobile one on your PC.
  22. When I got my 600 I quickly dumped the geocache mode in favor of POI's. Now that GSAK supports the explorist file natively and I can set how many to send to it at a time without setting flags and filtering on that I've gone back to the geocache mode. I like the appropriate icons being displayed on the map. I cover a lot of distance in my weekly travels and its difficult to load all the areas that I could potentially go to. I like to be able to cache on the fly and carry the entire state of Michigan on my Pocket PC at all times. The fact that the Geocaches can't be edited, removed, or even marked as found is annoying. If I didn't have to calibrate the compass every time I took the SD card out it wouldn't be so annoying to load the SD card from my Pocket PC.
  23. The coolest feature of geocache mode is the appropriate icons on the map. You don't get that with the POI files. Of course I'd love to take it one step higher and get the appropriate found icons included with the not founds.
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