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  1. The cache Boo speaks of was an attempt to save the waypoint. And nothing else really, when in actually it the original cache box shoudlve been replaced at the same spot and carry on. Thats what I did on my recycled caches, just simply replaced the cache box and got GC to move the cache to my account. Nothing more, nothing less. KISS.
  2. I like winter caching better. No leave, better GPS reception. No bugs! More pleasent temperatures. No if only we could get some snow!
  3. Not I didnt make that. Thats the real cover of his DVD. I saw it on air and thought, The International Geocacher Sign!
  4. Im still having problems. I get the Server Timeout errors and Server Errors.
  5. 26 + 10 = 36 True Which makes sense, since we are in fact on Base 36 Hexadecimal System.
  6. There is a cache in Georgia where you have to pour several tennis ball cans of water into the top and ta da the cache. The hint says something about tennis balls cans, etc. Also there was a topic about a year ago mon this technique. There is also a cache in GA that is an electrical box magnetically attached to some electrical boes on the back of a building. There is also one around here that is a drainage valve control box buried in the ground. when you tke the lid off you see a valve on a piece of pvc pipe. You have to wiggle out the pvc pipe and unscrew the cap and tada.
  7. SugarDaddy, I just recently went to Russia. Yes check geocaching.ru for local caches there as there are only 16 listed here on gc.com for Russia. Yes you must contact the Dept. of Communications in Russia to file for a permit and must declare your GPS on entering the country. Make sure you are not looking suspicous when caching and be careful they are very weird on certain things over there.
  8. Yes everything is good now. ill shoot them an email later. My beef is done i guess.
  9. Alright I got vent for a minute. Never done this as I just sit back and watch the fireworks instead of shooting them off. Today a newbie suggestd a local cache be archived because their GPS said the cache was 400ft away from where it was suppsoed to be. That and they went to peoples hosues and such when they didnt ahve to leave the parking lot. Heck they parked right in front of the cache, walked right past it, (despite the caches name and hint) and into the woods which let to their chaos that ensued. So any ways I immediately post a note on the cache saying the cache is fine and the cords are correct and that they probably fat fingered. and the whip around and suggest the cache be archived again and tell me, "I got your fat fingers pal". And tell me that if Im so sure about where the cache is that I should go recheck. And sure enough I did cords are off by 25 ft with 25ft accuracy. Meaning the cords are dead on to 50ft off. Thankfully the cache's owner came to life and checked on the cache also. Everything is fine, except we may ahve a mad newbie. Its not that I dont like newbies,we were all one at some point, I jsut dont like them when they come in with two cache finds under their belt and been at the game for less than a week and suggest the rules be changed around them. jsut as simple as that. alright Im done venting...ah thats much better. Hopefully this topic wont deserve some popcorn but we will see what happens...
  10. My website is pretty basic and in limbo. It was detected to geocaching Macon. It had maps of the area and info on caches. The maps arent there i dont think, they maybe but they are old. i was holding off because Im fixing to move and havent had time to make new maps. Have at it: http://geocaching.amazingracer.com
  11. Well Ill be. Welch after reading your post thought what the hell ill plug it in ofr the 20th time. And lo and behold it worked!!!! So go figure. However it works only if it is plugged directly into the laptop. It wont work off the hub. But Im happy it works!
  12. I am using that same cable as a matter of fact. May hav eto look into returning it...
  13. I got an IOGear serial to usb adapter at besbuy the other day. I loaded the software on to the laptop, followed the instructions,plugged the adapter in, Windows found it, I install the driver and voila windows recognizes it. But thats were the fun ends only windows recognizes it when I plug it in. In fact everytime I plug it in XP wants to install the driver again. Anyways I go to sync some waypoints through GSAK but GSAK acts like its not plugged in (even though it is set to the same COM port the USB/Serial is plugged into), I try EasyGPS same thing, G7toWin both COM & USB..same thing, TOPO 5..same thing. They all act like its not plugged in. Ive reinstalled drivers and thew hole nine yard but it still doesnt work! Please Help! Also if anyone uses a USB-Serial adapter and it works with all those programs tell me what you did to make things work.
  14. Here in Georgia we have a cachers 911 hotline. One cacher has a 800 number that connects throught to his cell phone. He then has the numbers to people all over the state and will call the correct person and get the needed info and call the cacher in help back. I am the correspondent for Middle Georgia and I like this set-up because I dont like giving my cell number out to random people.
  15. Just so you guys know. This thread discussion appears in the GPS For Dummies geocaching chapter. Navdog you are mentioned as well as Moun10bike. Its a short page article abt this topic the quest and the cche. If this has been posted already, since I have no idea when the book came out then disregard this.
  16. I remember seeing these threads some time ago in "The Hunt/The Unusual" Forum some time back: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=66071 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=31547 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=31392 Thankfully the only thing Ive come across is a bag of doot along the Appalachian Trail while caching. And a dead animal once and a while. However there have been numerous reports of cacher finding couples in the act at my local rest stop cache.
  17. The PQs a lone are worth the price! AJ with your PQ you can make your own maps that have any info you want on them.
  18. Well heres to hopes that they got everything straighten out this time! Matt, read that thread last year was a bomb shell. Poor niot water tight conatiners. The messed up with the prizes. They hid the GA cache in NPS lands. They would give wrong cords. They would give wrong clues, the list goes on and on!
  19. Best WAAS enabled lock I got was 8ft with differntial data on all 12 channels. Weird oparrt was I was doing 70mph down the interstate. For some reason Ii get better acc. while driving.
  20. The first international Jeep Travel Bug!! (I think, feel free to Markwell me if not.) This little Jeep went to Moscow and Ivanovo, Russia with me the last ten days. I could not leave him there because 1.) there are no caches in Moscow or Ivanovo and 2.) it was clear lots of red tape with Russia or face 10yrs in jail for brgininng a GPSr in, so I opted to leave it at home. More pictures of our travels can be found here at the Jeep's site: Jeep 4x4 #2768
  21. But not a maggie! Love that Waldo Rick! That would be a good one RK! Ok using ore than one Waldo would also be a good idea RK. I cant implent this as i move in a month. let us know how it goes if any does it.
  22. Im not sure the Notify feature works efficiently becuase the one in my area has yet to set off an email.
  23. I agree it could become a PITA real quick unless there was a rdius, limits to where he could be or you live in a small town. Let it loose in Atlanta and no one wouldever find in a city that big. Limits=No PITA
  24. Congrats Zack you are the first person to retieve a jeep and move it! I think the website will be ok. Jeremy appears to have upgraded the servers. the site may actually stay up.
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