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  1. okay, the NJ Devil scares me! we both love that kind of stuff. I can't think of any to improve it.
  2. we used them for baseballs in WV. They go pretty far when hit squarely, but watch out trying to catch them.
  3. Nice job, Dave! We are still around, believe it or not...just work always seems to get in the way! Hope to be back out again, soon!
  4. First of all, it's McDonald's not MacDonald's... geesh.... I thought it was M.C.Web coming at me live from the geo-turntable...
  5. 03/04- Tank you, tank you Our third one for the day...our biggest adventure, too! Thought we'd try to hike it from the parking area we were at doing the Sierra Bravo cache, and found lovely rock formations & picnic areas, as well as mud up to our knees. We saw an area where we might be able to better access it from, so we trudged back through the swamps and moved the car. We hiked back in from that direction and found it with no problem (except for the creature who ALSO seemed to want to see what was in the cache--see photo--and oh, don't tell it to SHHHH!). Everything was nice & dry, left a man in the moon, and took flag patch. Signed log. TANKS, Team Shibby! A further explanation of the deer comment follows. We approached the final stage and two deer took off (about 100 ft in front of us). I noticed that the area where they had been hanging around was the hiding spot for the cache. As we approached GZ the deer returned. One of them (probably the male) circled within 25 ft. of us. He stood in the direction we needed to go to return to the car. The other deer stayed about 50 ft. on the other side. We had been going through the container, and signing the log. I (Shellie) thought, "well this is bizarre. Let me talk to the deer." So I begin talking in a soft voice, probably saying something stupid. This made the other half of the team feel nervous. She turned to me and let out a loud shush noise. This is very similar to the sound a buck makes to defend his territory, etc. The closest deer raised his head and made direct eye contact. He started towards us. We both freaked, and I decided to make like a predator by standing tall, raising my arms and growling. It worked! The buck backed down and we left. On the way back to the car I grabbed a big stick in case he decided to follow (like that would have helped).
  6. NJ Rolling Rock Cache is my nominee. It's been to some strange places.
  7. We saw this while looking for Weird NJ Rolling Rock. Neat stone.
  8. amen on your post! as for the warning meter only you can see it.
  9. Congrats! When we take items we try to think of what we would like to find and what would a kid like to find. It's two different thoughts. Here is a list of items we have to leave and items we have left: new He-man figurine new dominoes new cards and dice new pair of socks (lots of swamps in NJ) new dog toys new cat toys geocoin (TX example) (from one cache to another) where's george signature items foreign currency batteries etc... you can add images to the log when you add your log online (second step in the process) have fun
  10. umm... It did say "pat apl'd for" on the foot, right? Contact the US Patent Office. See if the patent was successful, who it belonged to and then maybe you can track down more. Sounds like a fun adventure. (BTW doesn't sound cold at all) We will keep our eyes open for another one and pass on the info. My partner's family is in the funeral home business, so I'll ask them as well.
  11. First of all, beautiful cats. Our avatar is a pic of our cat "Bud" doing his own version of caching. Why do they do that? I know cool water...
  12. We like the cemetaries too! Very cool marker. It could be a marker for the masonic section. I would also check with the county clerk or city clerk's office (depends on size of the town) they sometimes keep burial records that are specific as to the section of the cemetary. You might consider checking with a local Mason about that section of the cemetary (they are rather secretive ). Also, maybe hit the local library and see if they have a book on local cemetaries. The bottom line is that someone owned that burial ground at one time; be it a church, town or private company. best of luck
  13. There are many ways to approach this one. We did a virtual cache for our first. It gave us an idea of what the mindset was in doing a cache. That same day we hit a traditional (ammo can) cache. It took us forever. We used the hint and still it took an hour. There is a certain point when you look at that hint (if you prefer) you look at the area and say to yourself "okay" and you jump into it. Just remember, the GPSr can only take you so far, think like a kid (how would I hide something here?) Keep trying, you'll get it!
  14. As promised here is an interesting website with signature items, very cool. geo-sig items
  15. We take them and post that in the online log. This allows the cache owner or the cacher who left the item to contact us. Whenever we remember we try to email the cacher who made the item as well. If the person who left the item wants it returned no problem (hasn't happened yet) and if the cache owner wants it returned ( hasn't happened yet) we would be happy to oblige. You may notice that some of those sig items are collectible among cachers. You should also feel free to create your own. We have done a couple (painted, wooden tiles and plastic dog or cat figurines w/M4S written on them). There is a website that has different signature items on it will post again with link.
  16. I hear the sound of a Dodge coming over the horizon... could it be Mopar zooming off to another 500 finds? Hope so! Congrats
  17. Planet, It warms my heart that people like you are out there. You're awesome!
  18. We still like to trade. It's also fun to look at the log (what was the weather like on that day? problems with the find?) Whenever we find a cache that has gone down hill so to speak, we leave quite a few items behind and we remove the mildewed paper and broken toys. One of our favorite things to find are signature items. We like to look at the online logs to see if any of our swag gets taken by others.
  19. I'll add my fave to the list:Sixth Cents is a relatively new cache and it only has a few hits. We thought this was a great cache! It requires some math and a nice hike. Every point was a great hide.
  20. A fellow Ypsituckian I see !? I thought about the tower but I used a pic of that for a label for my latest batch of home brewed beer. I'll see if I can post a pic. I sent it in to Brew Your Own magazine for a contest but didn't win. Oh well! Are you still in Ypsi or are you a EMU grad who moved on? http://www.michmarkers.com/startup.asp?startpage=L1591.htm The water tower for those interested. You can imagine the nicknames the locals have edit: to add link Hey I am a proud EMU grad who moved on to New Jersey. We leave painted wooden tiles for caches and each one is different. I made one that said "Go EMU Eagles" in celebration of the Women's basketball team recent (but brief) appearance in the NCAA playoffs. I must confess, I do miss EMU and La Fiesta Mexicana on Cross Street. Nice idea on the use of the H2O tower on beer label (Bell's eat your heart out). shellie Class of 2000
  21. why not use a pic of the water tower on those? Ya know the one on Cross Street... looks rather suggestive. I do like the keychain.
  22. uh... we look like each other... hence the name Mistaken4Sisters... yeah, it's creepy...
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