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  1. It's funny about reserve prices. I always just email the seller and ask what the reserve price is. They always tell me without hesitation. Then, I decide if I want it or not. I never understood reserves. They should just start the bidding at the minimum they will sell it for.
  2. Camelbak bladders are such pieces of crap. I can't believe they market something that causes all your water to taste like plastic. I really like the design of the Camelbak packs though. So, I buy the Camelbak packs, and use a Platypus bladder in them. I currently use the Trail Blazer for all my caching needs. Works great.
  3. The only way I have though of for GPS and paintball would have to be a big scenario game. You could possibly hide paintballs somewhere, and people would have to look for them. Maybe you could limit the initial paintballs allowed, and to get more, they woudl have to find them stashed around using GPS's. Or, in a scenario game, you are given a mission to "blow up a building" and maybe the only way to know what building it's on is to find it with the GPS coords.
  4. There are some of thos hidden around here, but they were left that bright orange color! It's funny, because in the cache page, they tell you they are bright orange, which wouldn't be that hard to find right? Well, they turned out to be some of the hardest caches to find for many people around here.
  5. They have them here at Big 5 for 25 I think. I have a Leki Sierra AS, and I really like it, but it was a little pricey...
  6. hikemeister, I think you have one of the coolest avatars on the forums.
  7. You can always look to bons for the "anti-cable" opinion... No, they are not NEEDED. But, after a while, and ESPECIALLY if you ever go paperless, not having one will drive you nuts. If you can load 500 caches into your PDA in 2 minutes, what does that matter if it takes you 5 hours to manually type in 500 into your Geko? Also, no, they don't help with multis, but they do for the first leg. That's all for the most part. The MAJORITY of traditionals dont have more than one waypoint, and some mystery's are mystery's for different reasons than not having the right coords. That's all. For 8 bucks, it's crazy not to have a cable. If you are planning on caching frequently, it can be a huge drag not to have one. But, you definitely do not NEED one.
  8. Hey Warrior. As far as I know, you just manually change the serial number on DR and then create the file. You cant just load your plat maps onto a color, but, you by no means have to uninstall the software. When you create the region, choose "upload to sd card" then, on the next screen at the top, you can change the serial number to whatever you want. Thats what I did for my SporTrak.
  9. SBPhishy


    graldrich: I have a Meridian Gold, and it's my first choice if GPS units right now. I think it's very easy to use, more than an eTrex Vista, but from what I have seen, the vast majority of people tend to think Garmins are more intuitive and easier to use.
  10. Dry bags are great. They arent too expensive, and you can always find a use for them. I have a couple for my kayak, and they work great.
  11. Those are cool Black Mage. Is he from a video game? Ah... I found it... From Final Fantasy. I've never played those. I'm not a big RPG fan.
  12. Cherokee, I was starting to get a little surprised that no one mentioned the cracking. As much of a "non problem" people may consider it, it is an almost unavoidable, inevitable design flaw. It really sucks I think, because otherwise, I really like the SporTraks. Even with their flaw, I would still take one over an eTrex. Other than the cracking, they are great. I had one, but it cracked, so I got it fixed and sold it. I am sure it will crack again. It seems that most of them do, even after they get "fixed." If Magellan would really fix that problem, they would sell quite a few more.
  13. The Garmin V is a fine unit, and you will most likely be very happy with it.
  14. I sold my SporTrak Map for a Meridian Gold, and haven't looked back. I like the Gold much better.
  15. Did he actually get 4000$ for that? It seems it closed with that price, but thats crazy!
  16. It seems like the people did "forget" to take them out of their bags. They had them in there, never got around to throwing them away, now they sit in their bag. There is no reason that I see.
  17. You get psyched up for a 1/1? I understand... I get psyched up for any of them... I would definitely not be caching still, if I could plug the coords in, and walk over to the cache. I definitely prefer some sneaky hikes. As frustrating as they are, and as much as I will curse the hider at the time, when I find it, it's great!
  18. Definitely get a MeriGold or MeriPlat. I have Gold, and would also not trade it for anything else at the moment. I too somewhat agree with this. Many people use the electronic compass a lot, but others never use it at all, and don't really want to. If money isnt a problem though, just get the Plat.
  19. Really? It's in there with the Garmin's I do like. I hate the eTrex's. They have their place, but it's not in my hand. The 60C/CS looks cool, but not extremely durable. I really like the V. It feels very rugged. I would rather not have a funky antenna wobbling around on top, but I would rather have that than a patch. No offense, but it seems EVERYONE (almost) likes the 60C/CS or the 76C's better than the V. There are definitely better things about the V, but in most people's points of view, the 60 has color, more memory, etc.
  20. My Meridian gold is more often closer than 20-30 ft than not.
  21. Doesn't the 310 only go to 2 decimals? If this is true, while it is still possible to find caches, it will make your "searching diameter" significantly bigger.
  22. Thanks Cherokee. Again... I guess it does seem that the dates were all over the place.
  23. It doesnt really seem like it. There was a thread around a little while ago that was recording dates, and I don't remember there being a pattern.
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