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  1. Greetings from Germany! It will be my pleasure to offer 2 of my personal trackable coins. See you in Raleigh soon :-) , Carsten
  2. Thank you for this cool application. It works :-) fine !
  3. Hello from Dallas! My name is geoPirat (from Germany) and I have been a member of this years record run team in Dallas / FW. I have read this thread and would like to comment on a few points . . . The final rules for the record run have been posted on the TXA Forums, see here http://www.txga.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3370 In this thread, an older version of the rules has been posted some times, but we have posted the final layout in the Forums of the local Geocachers organization of the Dallas / FW area so the owners could read it (TXGA). Many of the owners of caches planned for the recrun have been posted before the run, informing them of the run, the date, sometimes asking for maintainance or advice of how to drive / park best to a cache location. The list of caches of the run was available BEFORE THE RUN via a public link in the GW4 Forums http://www.geowoodstock4.com/ . We had posted the rules asking for comments / help / criticism, given a time-line of a week (I remember) for this. We had NO feedback at all BEFORE the run. On the preparation of the run, we made the cache list available to everyone and shared all information BEFORE the run so others could go for the run on their own, if not in a 24 hour record manner than in parts to have fun and find some caches - a thing new to record runs to my knowledge. Things have been posted in the Forums of GW4-site and TXGA, the recrun is even mentioned on the GC.COM GW4-cache page. What other ways of gathering interest and feedback could we have used? The upset about signing cache containers after the run is over may be understandbale, but I would have wished for MORE input and feedback to our posts BEFORE the run so rules / guidelines could have been adjusted to the wishes of THE LOCAL CACHE OWNERS and / or the whole caching community. The lack of interest in this run BEFORE we went for it - even the local cachers did not post in the threads in their local forum - was surprising for me, as I was used to sharing fun and caching with the locals before, around and after Geowoodstock events. BTW, how many local cache owners (that have caches being hitten on the recrun) are posting here? Finally the answer to the question - have cache containers been signed on the outside? Yes, cache containers were signed by team members during the run if they were not camouflaged and if there was no harm to stealth factor if the cache. Leaving a physical proof of 'we have been there' was very important to us to make our run revisable. If feeling of record-run CACHE OWNERS were hurt - I do deeply beg your understanding and ask you to read the posts we made and to check the available information before the run started. It was not and will never be my intent or the intent of my team to make cache owners feel bad because of things we have done to their cache. But as the owner of around 80 caches (that have more than 2000 logs on them) I want to state that I have no problems at all if my cache containers are signed as long as stealth is not harmed. Numbers of record runs are very difficult to compare because of Team size, local support, cache density in different areas, cache maintainance quality by the owners and so on. This record is menat to be a fun thing (maybe a bit crazy). We took the record from ourselves (I was member of last years record holder Team of 263 caches in Jacksonville), there is no prize to win. In Dallas/FW we could find 312 caches, left physical proof of being there when the cache was in the hand of a team member. Looking forward to meet some of you at GW4, I am open for your questions and criticism.
  4. Good morning from Dallas! I am geoPirat from Germany and am here to visit the Geowoodstock IV event and to meet with old friends from all over the US. Together with my last years teammates Huskie, IceCremMan and Cache&Keri, we held the 24 hour record with 263 caches. The record had been set last year around GW3 in Jacksonville with 2 US and 2 german cachers (details http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...topic=99629&hl= ) with 263 caches in 24 hours. Just wanted to let you know that a group of cachers (including me) has set the new 24 hour record for finding the most caches in a 24 hour period today. Details for the new record . . . The group of cachers: Ed. The AlabamaRambler Max, Nannypoppy Mike from Cache & Keri Golf from GolfNutz Roland, darth_maul_3 Tammo, Spuchtfink Michael, MZielinski Carsten, geoPirat (the first 4 cachers are US, the last 4 cachers are from Germany) Vehicle: Chevrolet 12 pass. van Units: Garmin 60C, 60CS, 60CSX and 2610 Caches found: 312 Caches with DNF: more than 40 All numbers are preliminary as I might have made counting mistakes during the run. How: with the help of the team members and local cachers, planning & planning & planning and thanks to the owners of the caches this run could be done. Thank you to all those who helped us achieving that goal, we had a great time and much fun. Where: Dallas / Fort Worth Area When: 20th of may starting at 09:10 till 21st of may at 09:10 Rules of the recrun: See postings in the TXGA forum / Geowoodstock4 (you have to be registered to be able to access the forums, I think). Excuse my typo, but I am tired and will go to bed after the 24 hour run now. Thanks again for all the help and friendly support and to the cache-hiders ! ! ! ! ! Happy hunting! P.S.: Before posting questions you may want to check the forum thread of last years record run (link above), quite many questions were answered there - of course, not all :-)
  5. Hi Snoogans from Germany! Woot Woot We rode through the Florida jungles together last year at GW3 ;-) and had a great time together. Woot With 3 fellow german cachers, we will arrive 9 days before GW4 and stay for 2 1/2 weeks. Woot Woot Woot Looking forward to meet old friends from GW2 and GW3 and to make new friends at the three events (thursday's chili, friday your event and GW4) Woot Caching brings people together :-)
  6. The 163 coins that were for sale are now sold out 2006-01-31 Thank you for your orders.
  7. Due to some change of orders after sending confirmation, some coins are left for sale - if you have interest, send me an eMail as posted at the beginning of this thread. I have sent confirmation eMails to all those who have ordered and have requested some additional information from some of you. Please answer via eMail if I mailed you that data was incomplete. All others that have received an eMail from me do not need to respond. Those who have offered trades will be contacted soon. Thank you for your orders & offers and your friendly mails, geoPirat
  8. 2006-01-27: Thank you to all those who have ordered these coins - all 163 coins that were for sale of the total of 263 have now been ordered. I will send confirmation mails the next days. The coin is SOLD OUT
  9. I dislkike this way the PDF version works.
  10. Hello from Germany! Yes, I will send confirmation eMails this weekend - a question of time as I have received quite many eMails and did not want a send a standard Auto-responder mail, as many of my caching friends have answered and I have some trade offers . 2006-01-27: So far, less than 20 coins are left for those who might be interested. Sales should be closed tonight. Happy hunting !
  11. This thread had been locked by Eartha and the selling onformation had been removed. Thank you very much Eartha for taking the time to consider things over and reopen my thread ! I am sorry if I misinterpreted guidelines or should have contacted you before - I was thinking that my posting was okay with the (changed) guidelines. Happy hunting !
  12. No, no photo insertion. I prefer a 2D design with metal coins to photo design.
  13. Hm Hm . . . I have to admit that I am guilty of going to try to break our own (or a new one) record this may at GW4 in Dallas. I must be crazy to do this a second time but I am looking forward to it And there may be others teams as well that are going for the world record around GW4 as well. Happy hunting, geoPirat geoPirat Homepage (edited to correct misunderstandable term)
  14. Found the text of the change of rules . . . rules change. "3. To answer several questions about non-trackable geocoins that are already in process, we recognize that the owners of these coins were relying on the ability to publicize their coins in this forum. So, if you have a non-trackable geocoin that has already been produced, it is OK to offer it for sale here. To help our moderators, please state in your post that your coin series was produced prior to the announcement of the new forum guidelines. Note that abuse of this allowance will not be tolerated." . . . Could not find it at my office PC, but had the link on my Laptop.
  15. Update 2006-01-26: After 23 hours, I have received orders for 127 coins - Thank you. So I have 40 coins left for sale, if you are interested. Thank you to all my friends and co-coin-addicts who have ordered - I will send you either paypal invoices in a few weeks or answer your trade offers soon. > Hello from Germany! I am taking the chance to post my Coin here because due to the change of this Forum guidelines, non-trackable coins may only be posted when the making process was under way. As I have ordered these coins b ythe end of last year, I am taking this chance . Last year around Geowoodstock 3 in Jacksonville my friends and me had the chance to set the new (and standing) 24 hour geocaching record for the most finds in a 24 hour period. Some background about this can be found here Geocaching Fourms on 24 hour record run . Some background on my person can be found here geoPirat Homepage . Together with my german geoBuddy Huskie and the great support of the fine NEFGA guys (The Federation - planning, IceCreamMan - Planning and Driver, Cache & Keri - Support and spare driver) we found 263 caches and many new friends. In honour of the support and friendship and the team - achievement I designed this Personal Coin. Only 263 coins (Antique Silver) will be made with consecutive numbering. A maximum of 163 coins are for sale, the rest are reserved for the record team and for trade. The making of the coins is underway and I should have them in my hands by the end of feburary. I wanted to post here when they were ready to ship, but the change of guidelines for non-trackable has made me posting this now. You can see the design of the coins here . . . Attention: On the Back Side it reads "Trackable at GC.COM" - this will be changed in the final design as the Coins are NOT trackable on GC.COM. The price for the coins are 7,50 Euro or 9 US Dollars per coin, the shipping (not insured) to Europe or US for up to 4 coins is 2,50 Euro / 3 US Dollars. If you want to order higher quantities, contact me for the shipping costs. If you want to (pre-)order coins, email me at geopirat@web.de and inculde following information: Subject line: 24 hours Record Run Coin order Real Name: GeoName: Adress: PayPal eMail: How many coins do you want: PayPal invoice will be sent out after samples are received / in approx. 3 weeks. If you have any questions just ask.... Happy hunting
  16. Nice, unusual design. Count me in for 3 coins :-)
  17. 3 of these cool coins for me, please !
  18. two coins for me please, of any metal available.
  19. Hi from Germany! No problem if you want help - I am willing to help you ! Please send me a personal mail for the details ! Looking forward to meet you in Dallas next year. www.geoPirat.de
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