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  1. No good on my droid - all I see is the +-, the button for state center, and can almost read something about a google terms of service up top, but it's under a screen element
  2. I was hoping for something that would go to the website LIVE, and grab cache/benchmark locations - aka "I have some time right now, is there anything around me?"
  3. OK, I bit the bullet, and now have a droid, and I'm trying to get back into benchmark hunting after a couple of years of being my parents/Myself being extremely ill (They died, I almost died) Anyway, I was thinking that the Android would be a great device for benchmark hunting (No, no WAAS, but) - the ability to call up data sheets, enter finds/not founds etc etc right from the device would be quite slick, as would be the "what benchmarks are in this area" So, is there anything out there?
  4. They also used "computers" - not these new fangled electonic or mechanical things. There was a job called "computer" - as in a person who computes... My Father In Law spend a BUNCH of time as a young teen during WWII working as a computer for ballistic tables for the Govt
  5. There is a chance I can recover an 1833 benchmark this weekend - I KNOW where it is, it's just that the property is not generally open to the public - but this weekend, it is. Depends if I want to go for a 90 minute dive. It would also be the first recovery in Suffolk Cty NY (at least last time I looked) Heh - just went and double checked - Someone beat me to it - Eaton's Neck lighthouse - KU2715 Been one of those ones where I kept saying "I should drive out there" - Many a time when I was a kid I fished in the "hole" below the light for blackfish
  6. I've been in and out on the fourms, so I had not heard - Best wishes to you and yours. Charlie
  7. Hi PB, A lot of what is/was in NE Queens is gone, as you and I know (I think we are the only folks hunting out there) - I know where a FTF IS, I just have not been able to get to it - Maybe Sunday - I've got a BUNCH in the Rockaways that I'm going to grab this spring - I have one advantage there - I've become fairly good friends with a local who wants to get into benchmark hunting, so we're going to team up - he remembers a lot of the old, now gone landmarks - I DO hvae to dig up a metal detector for that though - many of them are under mucho sand
  8. Here - look at my log for KU1110 - that is just a flat chiseled in a rock on a building http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=KU1110
  9. That's probably best - One that was heavily painted with WHITE paint, I was able to make out the markings by rubbing a pencil across the disk - make the letters stand out just enough. Another was covered by a brown, HEAVY laytex paint that the city uses around here. One thing I know about this paint is that on metal, it peels quite nicely - small scratch at edge of disk, and ONE pull, the disk was 50% uncovered (peeling stopped like magic at the other side) - never even had to touch the disk!
  10. kc2ixe

    Buried Magnets

    Maybe some animal came along and at the steak - Was it raw, or cooked? (Medium rare please, with garlic and parsley)
  11. Not all that hard. Just need to document the change in buildings. NGS isn't that unreasonable. My only concern is to show that it was mounted to the building itself and not the ground where it might have survived. I know they aren't unreasonable - the trick is to document well enough that _I_ would be satified if I didn't know the area - it was a small transformer "shead" - maybe 6x9x8ft tall, and it's gone now - I'm trying to find the exact spot - it was along this one streach of road, and there are NO buildings there now - what happened is they rebuilt that section of highway, including the lighting system, so they took the building down. It's one of those "I know it, but can't prove it well enough - YET, on paper, that I would approve it if I didn't know the area" It's a project for a nice walk in the spring
  12. hehehe A friend who is just started talked to me last night. I've done a bunch of recoveries in his neighborhood. He was laughing and said "Man, some of these how to get to descriptions read like the stereotypical New England Directions. Go up the road to 1/2 mile before where the big tree next to the rock used to be, and make a left onto the paved road that used to be the dirt road, make a right where the OLD barn on Bill's place was (the barn burned down 50 years ago, and Bill was 4 owners ago), and go and make a left where the red truck is parked (seems that 20 years ago, some guy always parked his truck there) Almost as bad as some of the woods direction we use in one area - "Oh, walk in to the logs (rotted away 15 years ago), make the right, go past Bill's tree stand (Bill's been dead for 15 years), then go down to the box, and sit there (the wood box has been gone since before I started going there 30 years ago)"
  13. Yeah - intersection stations are fairly easy to get destroyed - I probably have 20-30 destroyed to my name, partly because I looked through all the marks in my area, and dug up ones that had OLD reports of "County Survey office has destroyed this station" type reports, partly because I know my local history, and know where to go to look at stations I know are gone. I went around doing those first, because they are easy I have one right now that I know is gone, but being it's NOT an intersection station, it's going to be hard to destroy - the building the disk was on is gone - I know where it used to be, and it was taken down - but how can I PROVE that I found the old location of this small brick building, when the location is scaled. I remember being facinated by the disk on this building when I was a kid. Went to recover it - building was gone
  14. I get a call from a friend last night who is JUST getting into benchmark hunting. There is a national park that used to be a miltiary base, that still has a small "active" section on it right by his house. He says "I noticed that the recoveries in this area all have the GEOCAC with the intitials CAG - that you?" Had to tell him "yes" - well, it seems he has an "in" with both the commander of the remaining part of the base, PLUS a BIG in with the park rangers for the park section. Guess where we're going hunting in the spring? That base is littered with OLD benchmarks, many/most not recovered in YEARS. The big advantage is we will be able to drive the old paths, instead of having to hump in from the "public" parking lots. I DO have to get a metal detector, as drifting sand (it's on the beachfront) has burried a LOT of the marks over there - sometimes 3-4 feet deep
  15. heh - all too high tech At least on horizontal marks - they have no undercuts, so you should be able to spray them with something like pam, or silicone spray, build a small cardboard dam around the mark, and just pour in plain old plaster - wait 20 minutes or so, and lift up - now you have a plaster mold
  16. Don't spec a DVD player - spend the extra $20 and spec a DVD BURNER - trust me - handiest thing going
  17. It can actually be WORSE than that for railroad - in general, a railroad will declare a certain terminus "NORTH" or "EAST" (depending on the railroad), and you can have lines that start NORTH of the "NORTH" point that actually run south, be declared as running NORTH (like I said, don't ask) And yeah - in general it's a "general direction" - for instance, here on Long Island, there is the Oyster Bay branch on the LIRR - the first, oh, 30% runs north and sourth, but it's "railroad" east and west
  18. KU3303 should be easy - not kidding - go to the park, take a photo - no building, no nail - if there is a replacement building, take photo of that, get photo of communications bldg from 1939 fair (all over the place) and work from there KU3300 will/would be harder -
  19. RE Being a Geek When I explained benchmark hunting to my wife, she said "all you had to say when I asked what 'benchmark hunting' is, was 'yet another strange hobby', and I would have understood"
  20. Thanks guys - like I said - not that I have the $$$ or $$$$ to do it. As for survey teams coming on my (small) property to use a mark - sure - I don't care - heck, probably even make them a cup of coffee if I'm home (and let'm use the head)
  21. I was talking an NGS disk - heck - for a non NGS disk, I could make a "charlie" disk in my shop
  22. Here is a REALLY strange question - Assume someone had "Money to burn" Would it be possible to hire a survey company to set a disk on your property? Just curious - it's not like I have the money to burn, but....
  23. Nope - did NOT have a camera with me - I could probably go back later in the week I can see HOW this could have been bent looking at it - shaft appears straight, just on a list, like it was just placed in the outer sleave, and was just leaning there - but it's NOT quite touching, so I know it's not leaning, and like I said, some survey team put paint on it in place (you can tell by the spray pattern) It's a mark, where if you KNOW where it is, you can drive up, park walk out of the car, take out the alan keys, open the cover, and there is the rod
  24. Nope, Sitting in a sidewalk that looks OLDER than the mark (Mark was originally set in 1989) In 1989/1990 one of the local survey companies set a LOT of marks in Nassau County
  25. Hi Gang, Recovered my first stainless steel rod in sleave today (KU4749). Opened the cover (which looked fine BTW) and inside found the rod and sleave, with what appears to be recent Universal Orange paint on it - but what I found "interesting" was that they were NOT vertical, but over at an angle, to the point they were touching the side of the pipe Now, the question is - is this the way it originally was, or has it been bent/moved somehow, and the condition is now poor? How could I tell?
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