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How Dense Is Your Area?

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not that we're numbers people (how many times does that get said these days!!??) but purley to pass the time and out of interest how many caches do you have within a 25 miles radius of your home co-ords/postcode?


as of today we have 270 from our South Bedfordshire location, which seems like plenty but the numbers are growing rapidly ... not that we're complaining!


so what about the rest of you?

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56!! (North Wales)


7 of which are mine and 5 others are in fact further as I live on the coast of N. Wales and these are in the Wirrel, accross the water!!!


Having nothing to the north of me doesn't help, but there is a real Cache Void south of me, so much so that I am putting caches down that way to fill it, the first of which was placed yestarday in Clocaenog forest (Thanks to our friends at the FC)


And just to make it harder for me, Snowdon and the Glyders (3000ft caches) are in those figures, so a few are HARD caches. who said geocaching was easy B)

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There are 71 within 25 miles of Lytham of which 15 are mine.


And just one which I've yet to find! B);)


I think the winner of this thread might be The Hornet or other cachers near Watford - if you put the town into GUK search engine it comes up with 399!! B)


Infact, if there is anyone living in Amersham (NW of Watford) then they could claim up to 414(of which I've only found 156)!! ;)


Conversely, anyone living in Aberdeen has just 3!! ;)





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I make it 65, 16 of which we haven't done yet. Trouble is quite a few of them are in Essex and they are a lot further by road than 25 miles due to the Thames Estuary being in the way.


I feel another trip to Essex may be in order soon.



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It's eight for us. We've already cycled out to 3 of them and we're going to do most of the others this summer. B)


None of them are together, they are all in different directions around the compass which suits us just fine. They're all about 15 - 20 miles away from us, a nice day out on the bikes.


Mind you, one of these caches (Treasure Island) is a non-starter for us - we cannot manage a boat on the bikes! B)


There are two caches located near each other by Cromer but we diliberately left one for this summer - we can finish off the trip by taking in the sea (and a meal and a beer or two). That's my excuse anyway...


We plan to settle in the area once I stop moving around with the Mob so then we will plant a few of our own...

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I don't suppose anybody will be surprised to know there are 410 near Watford B) Mind you quite a few of those are mine but even so that's real treasure trove for any new cachers B)


Of those I've still got just over 100 to find! Seems like a couple of visits to London are called for.

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26 caches within 25 miles around my house of which I have either hidden them or found them. I would have to be almost 50 miles away from home as the crow flys to find a new cache at the moment ( actually about 2 hours driving time due to the twisty roads ) Or 30 miles as the crow flies but this would involve a ferry crossing and some driving as well

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Wow. I've got 367 within 25 Miles of me in High Wycombe.


I've been loading my nearest 500 caches in Watcher for a good while now, and seen the distance of the furthest one (once they are all loaded) go from about 50 odd miles to 28 as of last Monday!


I must get on with it :lol:



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Mmmm.... I'll bet 350 of 'em are Dan & Pid's


I seem to remember every time I look at my nearest caches, only their names appear (well nearly). I keep thinking that I must place a cache, but everytime, one of theirs appears before I can get there :lol:


Keep up the good work Dan and Pid.




I'll sus out how these quotes work one day!!

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Assuming we are talking of as the crow flies I can count 108 within 25 miles of home. Of those 13 are my own, 8 are temporarily archived and 20 I have yet to find. But 4 or 5 of the not found are temporarily archived - so come on Seasider some are yours, revive them and I'll be up the M6 again.

Its a long cry from when I started out and the nearest to home was around 100 miles away! :D

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I'm lucky enough to have a whopping 296 within 25 miles of my home in Aylesbury, 29 of which are my own. For reasons of practicality I've set 25 miles as my limit from home for placing physical caches, although I have a two-part virtual in London on the Isle of Dogs and Greenwich, linked by an odd walk.


Of those I've done 68 physical caches of one sort or another, plus 3 virtual and 9 reverse/locationless. Beyond the 25 mile limit, I've done a micro and virtual in London, a webcam in Wilts and a couple of traditionals up hills in Glos. As I'm totting these up I still seem to be missing two, but it's rather late and my brain is a bit foggy. I don't suppose it really matters....



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