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  1. Missing Sync for Windows Mobile will allow you to sync a Windows Mobile device with a Mac running OS X. It should be noted that the latest Palm devices don't sync particularly well with the Mac either, you may need to get Missing Sync for Palm. I know this as I have fought with both on behalf of a client. Unfortunately I have no experience with the new palms and bluetooth. I'd definitely try and find someone who's already done it before parting with the readies. - Neil.
  2. A quick bit of investigation showed 3 caches visited by tigger_too on 17/12/05 and bones1 on 19/01/06: Turnerhill marsh cache (Lee valley) by siloans aka daddy (GCN6MT) Electric fish by siloans aka daddy (GCR9NQ) Too Much ivy by siloans aka daddy (GCR9MZ) Strange thing is none of them seem to have gone missing, or have been micros, and there in nothing in the log entries about anything being picked up. The mystery deepens.... - Neil.
  3. Which is why it is/was the venue of the Swindon Kite Festival. Fantastic powerkiting site, especially with the runways. Many a happy day spent being dragged around the place - Neil.
  4. My professional advice is to stick to a known major brand, ie. IBM, Toshiba, HP, etc. The support for them is considerably better than the 'own' brands. I would definitely do some price comparison with the major on-line retailers (Insight, Dabs, etc) and see what price you can get a brand machine for. I've never been a big fan of Dixon Retail Group products. - Neil.
  5. I've had no further contact from Mike, so I suspect the piece got binned for some reason :-( - Neil.
  6. From the forum discussion I'm prepared to believe there wasn't. Still doesn't come close to the 300 in a day achieved by some Tennessee cachers. But they are in a very cache dense area! - Neil.
  7. If you consider 'dropped off' to actually mean 'visited' then anything is possible :-) Why shouldn't a TB be allowed to say it's done all the Hyde Park caches just because they are all micros? As has been said before, there are a million and one ways to geocache, each unto their own. - Neil.
  8. Hampshire is loaded with caches. Do a search based around Winchester, you should find loads of suitable ones. There are a couple of good ones in Farley Mount Country Park. Hopefully one of the Hampshire residents on here will pipe up with some more examples. - Neil.
  9. Natalie and I should be at the Revival, so we might even manage to meet up? It's a short journey for us (we're in Billingshurst, on the A29). I will see what's available locally. Expect a PM, probably after the weekend. - Neil.
  10. Care to cite an example? What you may have seen was someone logging a personal TB, ie. one they carry round with them from cache to cache. Two such examples are this one and this one, one belonging to me, the other to my wife. Personal TBs are quite common. Whether they are right or wrong is probably a discussion that could go on for eons. People do all sorts of wierd things with TBs. - Neil.
  11. I have the programme from this years Festival of Speed, I'll have a look in there. Don't be surprised if you end up quite a bit away. One couple at the FOS were at a hotel in Portsmouth, and that didn't seem uncommon :-) I'll get Memory Map to tell me what falls within your radius and see if we can suggest anything. - Neil.
  12. I really am rather embarassed about the DNF Had I had time the day before I would have gone and checked it out, but the timing really didn't work out. Next time I'll know. Glad to hear it went okay. - Neil.
  13. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch this, so I don't know what became of our failed cache hunt. I must try and contact the station for a copy of the recording. - Neil.
  14. See here for a suitable cable... Steve I recently bought a cable that powers both the PDA and the GPSr. It costs £32 mind you . You may well want two cables. One to power and connect the PDA and GPSr whilst in the car and one just to connect the PDA and GPSr whilst out walking. Having toys can get to be a very expensive pastime :-) - Neil.
  15. One point: You should include full copyright and credit information for any content you've 'borrowed' from other sites. Just having a link to the full article on the previous page is not really enough. In case you're wondering I'm refering to the Myths page. - Neil.
  16. But its the BBC!! ahh maybe because i only have a Black & White Radio Licence The local stations don't have the technology yet. Have seen first hand how much kit it took just to make the 5 (at the time) national stations available, I'm not surprised! But I understand that the Beeb are working on it. - Neil.
  17. It's going out Tuesday morning. Unfortunately they don't seem to have an online listening function. - Neil.
  18. or What happens when you go caching with a BBC reporter :-) Did South Downs Epic 1 (GC20A7) cache with Alison Ferns from BBC Southern Counties Radio for a piece for their mid morning program (being broadcast next Tuesday). Getting to the site took us a little longer than we planned. The cruel would say I misread the map, the more kind would say the GPSr lead us astray :-) Anyway after a healthy walk (and some not so healthy climbs) we reached the memorial. A thorough search ensued, all captured for posterity by Alison, but we were unable to find the cache :-( It looks like it may have been removed. We found what looked like it's hidey hole, but no box. Made for an interesting radio piece though. Sitting down to do the wrap up, it started to rain! Really capped the day off! Having checked the map, the walk back to the car park was considerably quicker and shorter than the walk out, much to both of our relief. A fun if fruitless day out. - Neil.
  19. Search back through this forum and you will find plenty of previous detailed replies that will probably help quite considerably. GPSTuner by Megalith Software is one of the better GPS display applications. GPXSonar is probably the caching tool of choice. Are you looking for mapping or just a directional pointer to the location? - Neil.
  20. Phone Garmin UK and ask them what the RRP is. They may even be able to stick a price list in the post to you. - Neil.
  21. GPS coverage in central london is very patchy. I would strongly suggest pre-plotting all of the caches you intend to attempt onto an A-Z and possibly even consider taking a samll compass along with you (unless your spacial awareness of central london is very good). Above all else, have fun and to quote an old TV show - "Be careful out there" - Neil.
  22. These things are a scam. Avoid at all costs. Unfortunately you are probably out of pocket £20 :-( - Neil.
  23. NeilFord is probably your best bet. He is a demon when it comes to the technical aspects of caching and a very pleasant and helpful chap as well. Look up NEILFORD (all one word) and you'll find his profile. Email him from there. Good luck and post your findings for the uninitiated. The Hokesters... Blooming 'eck, that's a recommendaion and a half! As mentioned by others, I don't think any of the PDA apps allow logging live. Your best bet would be Pocket IE on a PPC machine, but I'm not sure how it would cope with the geocaching.com pages (I haven't actually tried). Might actually get some caching done this weekend (been rather busy lately), so I'll have a play and see what's possible. Expect a report next week. - Neil.
  24. I'm unaware of any caching sofware for the Revo. I did used to have one a long time ago, but can't for the life of me remember if it had a web browser. If so, you might be able to pull the cache webpages across for viewing on the move. Then just log cache find details in some kind of note taker/word processor for entering into the website later. Alternatively, pick up a cheap Palm OS PDA for caching. - Neil.
  25. That kind of depends on what the 'job' is. But in the main, any more recent Palm device will run Cachemate quite successfully. - Neil.
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