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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the congrats . It has taken quite a while to get here. I started caching over 4 years ago in the days when caches in the UK were counted in hundreds not thousands . I plan to take it easy from now on but not give up altogether . Many thanks to all the cachers out there who have set caches - you make it all possible . Andy. P.S. one of my few forum posts these days .
  2. It has been brought to my attention that our wonderful UK Admin are in need of support (well they don’t actually as seen by the preceding posts ). They both do a brilliant job and have my full support. Keep up the good work . Andy.
  3. I had one of these and replied to the guy... Andy.
  4. Congrats to M1EYO Pyro pete, I am sure you are right - I am not a numbers man I WILL get more caches than Seasider in the fullness of time... possibly... Geocaching is about enjoying yourself (myself) and I am happy to do the rate I do. If someone comes along who does more per month then they WILL get more caches than I do. Happy caching!!!!!!! Andy.
  5. I like to do a selection of caches including the more time consuming multis and puzzles but if I am lacking time I will do the quicker caches. This does not mean I won't do the more difficult caches - I will come back later to finish off a series when I get the time. I have my dislikes - especially micros... but I will do them for the numbers . Andy.
  6. There is always To Hell (Bank) and Back... Andy.
  7. Meeting a cacher is quite a rare event so introductions are in order and finding the cache the imperative. The finder gets the first look at the cache and writing the log with the other cacher in at the "KILL". What is the point of looking the other way... The best cache finds I have had are with others in attendance. Andy.
  8. This is very much like Geowiki. Andy.
  9. It looks like you have me banged-to-rights! That was quite a while ago. Andy.
  10. The photos from GCB234 can be seen here. Please stand up/sit down and identify yourselves (or others). Andy.
  11. Well I make it 71.5 for my area around Thacham but they are mostly my caches!! (Edit) Oh and 2.8 miles. Andy.
  12. Leicester seems to have three caches within a few miles of the centre. Blue Streak (to the north) End of the line (to the south west) Left base for runway 34 (to the east) Andy.
  13. Congratulations . How do you manage to get so many FTF's Andy.
  14. There are a number of places you can get the tags for example here. Andy.
  15. I have met other cachers quite a few times while out caching but as far as I can remember it was only one-at-a-time. The list of met cachers is too long to list!! Andy.
  16. I can confirm 22 is myself and 23 is Dick - Daisy's man. Andy.
  17. You could e-mail the cacher to ask for the spoiler to be removed or modified. I don't believe you can edit the log yourself. Andy.
  18. Have you seen geowiki which has promise... Andy.
  19. I am with Advance Internet - excellent bandwidth. Andy.
  20. If you park where suggested and walk toward the cache you will find it!! Andy.
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