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  1. I Agree, GSAK is great, just a shame PQ don't export all for the UK like geocachingUK does. ) Get GSAK Here
  2. I just wanted to add my thanks to you Ian for all the work you are putting in. I know how complicated and frustrating servers can be. I for one love the site and the tools it offers us in the UK, Thank You Andrew
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks Dave for a great Event and to Nette and crew for a great spread afterwards. Just to say that I have uploaded images from the event to my web site Link to Photographs
  4. As a photographer, I would love to see a catagory for Landscapes. When we are all out there geocaching, we see some great landscapes and i would love to build up a database of the great locations to take a photograph. It could be in sub catagories of countries / states. Thanks and great idea for a site. Wildtrekker
  5. what I would like is the same but the other way around!!!
  6. Hi Dave I would be up for it again. Might even place some more caches like last time
  7. Miss Wild Trekker officially did her first cache when she was 27 days old and has done about 50 more since. But Mrs Wild trekker walked over a mile to a 3star cache when 8 months pregnant with Miss Wild Trekker, so does that count??
  8. Look for the signs that they are a chacher (GPS in hand or Cache page sheets) Are you a Geocacher is an easy one to use, then if they are not, no worries. I have met a few now, but the best was in France. We were at a cache, logging the find when a Guy stood a few feet away, place his gps on the bridge (Middle of Paris) and got his printed sheets out of the cache. What do you do?? We don't speak much french for starters. We said hello in french anyway and showed him that we had the cache, he turned out to be german. Go Figure. Turns out that we were also observed by a French cacher who took the "Come back later" approched and didn't say hi, but mentioned it in his log.
  9. Great Job Deego Back to a better standard last month for me and a good overall for 2004. Hadn't realised that I released so many TB's!!!! 1st place for 2004 Thanks again for all the effort you put in to that.
  10. Phew, Nice one, better get back out there, was going to make this a record month
  11. My thanks to you for doing the COTM table each month, I know how much effort you put in to it. I for one will miss it (Not that I'm a numbers Man ) I hope you do reconsider, it would be a shame to loose this, but I also respect your decision. If you have made up your mind to hang up your table, maybe you would consider ending the year on a high with a final table for December??? and even a Table for the year??? Thanks again anyway Wild trekker
  12. I always use GCUK for my uk caches, but as I'm off to Paris in a couple of weeks for a Romantic / Caching weekend, think I had better download a copy of GSAK Good timing this post
  13. I have a few in and around Compton Dando, just south of Keynsham, which should pose no problem durring the day, lots of dog walkers in the areas. Most that I have done around Bath and bristol seam to be in good areas, and if you can get to oxford way, then lots over there.
  14. Thanks everyone, that last 100 took a lot longer than my first 100. Something to do with a geokid and lots of work probably ) Onward to my next 100 then, watch out Seasider, if you retire for about 5 years, I might just catch you up.
  15. Certainly makes caching more fun and gives you more options. Well done on your 1200 BTW
  16. There are many themed caches, so if you set a theme of just DVD's, then that's up to you. At the end of the day, it's you cache
  17. Well done, always nice to get your first 100 out of the way. Onwards to your next 100
  18. Well Done Paul, Congrats from the Wild Trekkers
  19. Well done guys congrates on reaching 200, you just beat me to it, I'm still on 199
  20. I did the same a while back after my cache was trashed. It should (and did for me) remove the bug from the cahce and change the status to "Unkown" The TB owner will also get the notification as they do with any logs for the TB Only cahce owners have this option to remove the Bug, so Dave you can do it and when someone does find the bug or want to log it, they still can.
  21. I came, saw, read and signed Some kind of Momorial should be left in place to remember such a tragic event.
  22. Shame for you. (Still trying to stop laughing) Not seen it yet, but will have to pop in to Smiths to browes a copy. Good for geocaching though (I Hope)
  23. Like Many others, I have never Met Mark, I have only ever known him through what he has done for our community. Our thoughts are with his Family.
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