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  1. Hiya troops, just a quick note to say that I'm going to have to change the cache description. I only just realised that this particular Sunday, I've gone and double booked myself. I have commitments in the evening. So I won't be around after 6pm. People are welcome hang around and chill into the evening, but I will be off in Nottingham enjoying the Rock and Bluegrass stylings of Hayseed Dixie at Rock City. Sorry for the change so late in the day. If anyone wants to act as deputy when I have to go please e-mail me or leave a message here to let me know you are interested, I would be eternally grateful. Cheers Mark S. Team Nottrikk
  2. I certainly have nothing but praise for the reviewers. I've just made an event cache live over the last couple of days and it took a grand total of 4 minutes from sending for it to be approved. Well done lads, keep up the stirling work
  3. Hopefully both. I'll certainly be around into the evening. If you only come in the evening, you might miss out on the raffle, but that shouldn't deter people. The timed cache hunt is set up so it doesn't matter when you leave to do it.
  4. Any idea about the E.T.A. of the coins? Obviously we'll need to pay for them first, but I'm organising a cache bash in Sept and was hoping to get some for raffle prizes. No pressure though Mark S. Team Nottrikk
  5. Well, no longer is it a possible event cache, It's now and actual event cache. The URL for the cache listing is: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...39-ccfc213fcb59 Check it out and come along if you can Mark S. Nottrikk
  6. well, it all looks as though it might be a go-er. I'll get in contact with the pub that I had earmarked and get back to everyone in the next week or so. Looking forward to meeting you all. Mark S. Team Nottrikk
  7. I'm based just a few miles off J. 22 on the M1 near coalville, for those that are a little further afield near loughborough. For those in the know, it's very near the "grand old duke of york" cache In fact, I can see it from my bedroom window (the crag that is, not the cache itself ) I was planning on a kid friendly pub, in fact there is quite a nice one just up from my house that has a lovely beer garden if it's nice and a function room (if I can get it for free) if not. I was thinking about a timed cache hunt for a couple that are in the area or some that I will place for the event with prizes, raffle for geocaching goodies (with profits going to charity), obviously TB and tall tale swapping and food. Planning for afternoon into the evening, but that is all open to negotiation with interested parties.
  8. not a problem, I hadn't seen that one, so will avoid that weekend, probably (obviously, depending on the pub saying yes) be on Sunday the 18th I don't think that clashes with anything. By the way, thanks for the link re: guidelines for some reason, I was under the impression that a physical cache needed to be placed near the venue, but it doesn't mention that in the guidelines. I was however planning to place a couple of caches a little cloer to the date in the area.
  9. Hi all, I'm really just gauging interest in the possiblity of an event in the east Midlands area early september time. If you think you might want to come, leave a note here and I'll do the rest. The other thing is, if I do it, it will be my first event cache set up. Does anyone have a link to the webpage that has the guidelines for this specific type of cache? I've looked around the site and can't find it although I'm sure I did stumble onto it once (kind of like the ark of the covenant, but then I gave it to a bloke in a hat with a whip, he said he'd take care of it apparently they made a movie about it and left me out of the final edit. But I digress) Also, if any of you wise and knowledgable cachers out there have done it before, what tips would you give to the smooth running of the event? Cheers all. Mark S. Team Nottrikk
  10. Hi, I'm based near loughborough. I'd be happy to assist in your caching endevours. Although not for the next few weekends as I'm moving into a new house. If you want, mail me on nottrikk (at) hotmail (dot) com Mark S. Team Nottrikk
  11. C'mon guys, I'm still missing loads of names from the cache photos. Someone must know who these shady characters are! Mark Team Nottrikk
  12. Hi all, I'd appreciate some jhhelp with the photos that I got from "Cliff's in the woods" cache in Leicestershire. They can be found on http://photobucket.com/albums/y251/Nottrikk/ Once I've got the names, I'll change them on the website. There is a new camera in the cache, so expect more to follow. WARNING: If you haven't completed the cache itself, there are spoiler photos contained on this page. Mark Team Nottrikk
  13. I'd be happy to help out showing people the ropes in the East Midlands area. Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Leicester and further north or south. Try not to go to far into the black country though the brummie accent scares me. Mark Team Nottrikk
  14. Interestingly enough, they did take a TB from reading the logs and placed it in the next cache that they visited. The TB is still logged for the previous cache though. Just a thought, but it might be an idea for one of the mods or the owner of the cache that it's in to mail this SpiceBristol person and let them know that there is a procedure for TB logging. Incidentally, I do hope that they have public liability insurance after reading the log for Aqua marina. But Anyhoo. Not happy with the situation, but if there are peple out there who want to do it and if they have money to burn and can't be bothered to check it up on the web, let them waste it. Just follow the guidelines.
  15. Thanks for the help guys. I contacted the Viamichelin website direct and they pulled them due to bugs in the software and have re-released them apparently. I'm going to get one and try it out. Expect a review in the near future Mark S.
  16. Here's a quick question. Does anyone know if the Kirrio GPS system is still available anywhere for a Palm Tungsten E? Or does anyone have one that they aren't using at the moment? Failing that, does anyone know if there is an alternative system out there somewhere? Preferably with the maps on a card rather than having to download them from the PC everytime I want to use it. It doesn't have to be Blue tooth or anything. But I was just wondering if anyone knows what the score is as none of the online retailers seem to do anything for the tungsten E anymore. Grrrrrr...... That's what I originally bought the bloody thing for in the first place.
  17. This does seem to be on the increase. As the amount of caches increase, it's going to be fairly evident that they do start to encroach on what could be regarded as 'dogging or 'cruising' areas. Sad but true. I was doing a few in the east midlands a little while ago and there was one multi in particular that I didn't feel good about, the same thing as Chris&MaryB, car park with a number of cars with lone males, a couple of blokes acting as look outs at the top of the slope rustlings in the undergrowth etc. Being a bloke and on my own my internal 'AWOOOGAH' siren was going off, so I decided to give it a miss and do the others that I had planned for that day.
  18. So let me get this straight, the mapquest map is wrong? The parking place is best seen from the streetmap.co.uk map? Are the Co-ords for the parking place? Is that right? Oh and by the way, what time are others planning on getting over there? I've got quite a way to travel, so I'm kind of planning on being there at around 11:00 just in case there are disasters like me getting totally lost or something. So if nothing goes wrong and by some miracle, I find the parking place where we are all meeting up at 11:00 ish, Is there anyone planning the same thing as I am? Sorry, a bit waffly, but I got there in the end. Mark Team Nottrikk
  19. "You made me miss." - Ah, Rik Mayall's finest screen moment. Except perhaps Drop Dead Fred. So you haven't seen Shock treatment then? The follow up to the Rocky Horror Picture show. With the immortal line from Mr. Mayall "with legs like mine, I'm really made for dancing." Mark Team Nottrikk
  20. <flame on> Doesn't this just tell you all you need to know about the press - even the "responsible" people at the BBC who are meant to be above all this ? Why can't something new, nice, and harmless, be portrayed as such ? Why do they always have to find some nutter who claims that Geocaching (or mobile phones, or the Internet, or anything at all really) causes cancer ? Or will someone come up with "don't let your kids under 18 out Geocaching alone, because drug-peddling terrorist paedophiles will get them" ? Come to that, why does every single drama series on TV show non-stop conflict between people ? Give me politicians any day. At least we expect them to put spin on everything. <flame off> I think it's probably something to do with the right to reply guidelines. If opposing interest groups don't have their say, Auntie Beeb will come under fire for presenting an allegedly biased viewpoint (there being no down side whatsoever to geocaching). Oh and by the way, not all ModAnts are extreme nutters, it's like anything, the higher profile members get the press and froth at the mouth and the ones that are quietly going about their business don't show up on the radar. Mark Team Nottrikk
  21. And always take spare batteries... Oh and yer kendal bloody mint cake. Mark Team Nottrikk
  22. a powerful torch and a GPSr I can do. Courage, I don't have in a-bun-dance and silver bullets... "Stick to the road, beware the moors.... And god be with yeh." American werewolf in London. Mark Team Nottrikk "Remember the alamo"
  23. Actually, mind if I tag along on this? It might give me a couple of ideas for my spooky cache. It'll just be me coming along, so if anyone wants a lift from the loughborough area I'll be willing to half petrol costs etc. Mark Team Nottrikk
  24. If you want to attempt a night-time cache, I'm planning a multi in the leicestershire area. It hasn't been placed as yet, but I'm looking to install it in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space. Mark Team Nottrikk
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