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  1. I've not been successful at doing this amendment. Got into TM ok, accessed the edit functions and found the first line to be listed at 138. Made the changes as shown but still do not get the GME options shown under the down arrow. I was on V0.9.0, I reverted to V0.8.0 - correct line numbering 133 with the older version but still not working for me. Noted I have a red cross at line 29 (on both versions of the script) that shows "/* global $, amplify, DMM, FileReader, GM, GM_xmlhttpRequest, Groundspeak, L, LatLon, mapLatLng, MapSettings */" Any idea whizz-kids?
  2. Please to say this worked for me! I did try another blocking extension first that did not. As soon I added "cookiebot.com" in the "My Filters" tab in the uBlock Origin extension, the GME option reappeared in menu under the down arrow. Just had to paste in the "Bing Key" statement, "Add" and bingo! the little stack of papers appeared in the rubbish map with OS mapping as an option. Thanks for spreading the knowledge people.... Ever grateful! Bernie
  3. Well I never! There's some old names from the past here... I stopped using the Forums ages back but Sue and Bernie have been plodding away up in deepest Norfolk. Finding a couple of celebratory caches this week prompted me (Bernie) to pop back for a look and here's the Old Timers' Corner. I use the rMMe macro to place the classic "Lord Elpht's" icons straight into Memory-Map from GSAK. I call the macro from the "Export>Memory-Map screen. Works a treat! I've learned to exploit GSAK more over the years (though I still only scratch the surface). My favourite facility is the ability to filter out a set of common "Not Found" caches which, when pumped into MM, show good caching areas for you and friends. I've also recently learned to use the "Publish Logs" facility. I'd tried before but the "Fetch from GPS" option never worked with my Montana. That unit had to be replaced when I wore a hole in the cashing where the on/off switch is located. Had to send it to Garmin for a refurbished replacement. "Fetch" worked with the "new" Montana I got from Garmin so I've now worked out how to bulk upload logs (each with common and individualised text), and at the same drop "Field Notes", typed into the Montana at each find, back into GSAK "User Notes". Brilliant! After that, I run a very neat macro from the "KIa Team" to copy the posted find/DNF/whatever log back into "Log Section" in GSAK. Wow! I still spend time composing the templates for the day then editing and customising each log but these smart tools heavily automate the whole process and eliminate wads of cutting and pasting I used to do (for years) and all the multiple mix-ups that inevitably cropped up. Superb! Hats off to these clever people....
  4. Good to see all these caches from one of the old hands still continuing.... great stuff! A whole new area to glean and populate... Pharisee Reborn!
  5. Obviously I had cracked this a while back as Chrome works nicely with the OS Mapping - but I've moved (back) to Firefox and had to "learn" how to do it again, along with recovering my key from the Bing Maps Centre. Got the key, copied the script, inserted my rediscovered key, copied the revised script into the box to the left of "Add", click the "Add" button and bingo! OS Mapping nicely in FF as well as in Chrome. Thank you JRI, I used to do machine code back in the days of Zilog Z80 microprocessor in the mighty Sinclair Spectrum (All Hail Rodney Zaks) but now with bus-pass in hand and State Pension imminent, it's all too difficult!
  6. Just got Memory-Map V6 installed. Has anyone managed to get "Lord Elph's Lovely Icons" working on this new package? Still have GSAK outputting the informative icons into MM V5 so the GSAK output file(s) do contain the right data. (Hence icon.txt and memory.txt do not need amending). I cannot see what needs to be done to MM V6 to get the improved icon graphics showing on-screen and on printed maps. I note that all the icons are listed in MMV5 but not in MM6, I've tried "Adding" a few but even then, there are no icons showing in the new program. Any clues anyone?
  7. Right! I posted a duplicate log (with a brief explanation of why I was doing it) on the 4 subject caches using the same date of finding so that the two logs are adjacent. It worked fine - now my GSAK and GC.com counts are aligned. My OCD is momentarily satisfied.... Any answers would still be appreciated.
  8. and1969, Yep! Still shown as "Found" and smiley face on the 4 individual pages. Like me, you first think it is something in clever old GSAK that is excluding the 4 in the count - but it's not! It the other way round, it is GC.com that is not registering them, only finding 1938 finds that it pushed out in the all-seeing "My Finds" PQ. GSAK shows 1942 finds. On importing the "My Finds" PQ, the 4 French finds were the only GSAK entries that were not updated by that GPX import. GSAK has faithfully recorded the 4 finds, GC.com has "forgotten" them. I'm going to add a duplicate log to one of the French finds to see if that provides a sticking plaster solution...
  9. The special! I was quite chuffed at working out a way to quickly and easily identify the 4 caches that GC.com was not counting.... all found on the same day in 2013 while on holiday in Midi-Pyrenees.
  10. Hi, I have recently got a difference of 4 caches between GSAK and GC.com. I pulled a "My Finds" PQ and after uploading my 1938 cache finds into GSAK, ordered my GSAK 1942 finds by "Last GPX" to separate the 4 caches that GC.com was not counting. This sort put the 4 GSAK GC.com missing "Finds" at the top of the list. All 4 are caches in France in 2013. On checking the individual cache pages, my find logs are still correctly recorded on each cache page - but the GC.com website does not list/count them either in "Myfind" PQ or in my day-to-day running total count. I was planning to add another find entry to the caches to see if that would redress the mis-count, but before trying that, wondered if anyone else out there has experienced this before and got a better way to fix this. So.... Anyone experienced this before? Anyone got a fix? Cheers...
  11. As a long-time user of Garmin kit, I recently found my old eTrex Vista Cx "challenged" when we were out caching with friends in woodland. Their newer eTrex performed far better, directing us to several caches while mine kept dropping out. This prompted (or rather the wife did) to upgrade to a new Montana 650. Very expensive but I already had OS mapping as part of the Garmin 800 package bought last year. The OS maps proved not too clever when cycling or driving, too cluttered zoomed out, too hazy zoomed in, especially when moving at speed. OS Mapping is excellent on the Montana, the big screen is ideal for walking, caching and cycling. I use GSAK with Lord Elph's icons to pump the data directly into the Montana. For driving with the Montana, I revert to using the integral CN Navigator software, this provides a clearer display. The OS mapping data can be used with Garmin Basecamp to provide the same capabilities as Memory-Map. This can be done by plugging the GPS to the PC (and Mac I presume - don't own one). Alternatively, a backup copy of the original OS software on a USB key or SD card (this is permitted and recommended by Garmin, the original software is locked to the microSD card and only works in a GPS unit from the original microSD card). This is the better and faster solution for slow GPS units - like the Edge 800. The Montana is a return to the original, highly capable but complex units that Garmin used to distribute. It's tracking and route recording is brilliant, particularly with the editing features provided by Basecamp. The profiles you can set up range from a Nuvi equivalence for driving to direct geocaching/walking. Coupled with the integral geo-tagging camera, you can generate "Adventures" to record your trips. I will be selling off my eTrex, Nuvi and Edge units, all replaced by the all-singing, all dancing Montana! Love it!
  12. We normally use a Garmin GPS with Topo 2 installed to guide us by car and then foot to caches. On my Nokia 5800 phone, I have "Geocache Navigator" from Trimble. We use this for opportunity caching - it is much more inaccurate under cover but very handy being live on-line. This programme can be installed in a large number of phones - it costs but it's handy. Last year GN got us a rare FTF as the phone displayed a cache nearby that was not featured in our downloads. By a fluke, we beat all the local cachers to it - even more interesting because we're not FTF fanatics.
  13. Sue and Bernie in Dereham, Norfolk, formerly lived at RAF Coltishall. We're knocking on bus-passes and have been caching for 10 years now, all round the world - you're never far from a cache! In fact, in some ways, there are too many caches placed far too close together in a chain (rather than a old-fashioned multi-stage single cache). You tend to get a bit fed up stopping every 5 mins to do the admin. You'll find out what I mean. However, there are some very good chains/series round your way, well spaced out to provide a good walk, varied caches and hides and some quite difficult to find! You're spoiled for choice! ...and you're right that the game appeals across the ages, even our most modern young relatives like to go caching rather that a simple walk. Enjoy!... Sue and Bernie
  14. We've got non-3G Kindles (his 'n hers) and I've often used the browser to access BBC and other news type sites via our and others LANs. It comes a poor option of last resort after laptop, netbook, I-Pod Touch or our smartphones (which can also act as a hub for the former items if a LAN is not available). The Kindle browser, nice as a freebie if nothing else is available, is not a very good interface for the internet - plenty of work required before I would pick it! The native resolution of the Kindle does not match the webpage usually, you get a window on the poorly formatted webpage which, when selected, will bring the selected "window" up to the native resolution where it is correctly formatted and readable - but you can only view that portion of the screen. So, with the 3G version, you should be able to do the remote logging thing albeit in a tedious and painfully slow manner (typing in just webpage URLs, passwords and the like is dire on the Kindle). We prefer to use a dictaphone to swiftly record our sometimes lengthy comments as we cache (Olympus thingy - about £20 from Lidl every now and again). We then log everything at our leisure when back on a proper internet connection.
  15. How big is the file you're trying to upload? I'm not sure what the size limit is, but I had a similar problem with a high resolution image (3.5MB) that wouldn't upload - when I resized it to 600KB it uploaded fine Thank you - that has done the trick! I've never had to do that before, just selected any old photo and pumped it in. Thanks again....
  16. Just to irritate me further, I have managed to get one photo uploaded to one of the virtual caches we have recently found. ...another 30 attempts to upload a photo to a different virtual cache have failed "An error has occured..."
  17. Hi, Just recently I found I cannot upload photos to my logs. I go through the procedure as usual but once the "Sending request...." dialogue appears on the bottom line, nowt happens until the page times out. I've tried FF and IE on my PC, Laptop and netbook and laterly the netbook at other connections while away from home. Same problem every time. Am I missing something?
  18. Why do dog-walkers put it in a bag in the first place? If "dumped" on the earth, at least nature can take its course. How do they expect the deposit to biodegrade if it is sealed in a knotted plastic bag? That's the worst possible outcome....
  19. Fresh installation of MM on the new PC hence there are no icons listed (unfortunately)!
  20. Where have you installed the icons on the new PC and what have you listed as the path in Memory.Txt? Cheers, Jon. UserImages folder and yep! I've edited the memory.txt file accordingly
  21. Tranferring GSAK and installing MM to a new PC and I cannot get the LD icons to show in the new installation of MM! Blue dot hell again. I have edited "memory.txt" to the correct path for the icon bmps. GSAK looks ok - if I import the GSAK MM output into my old PC installation, the icons are fine. The difference I note is that my new MM installation is not "seeing" the icons (Under Overlay/Icons, there are no icons listed). In my old MM installation, the icons are all listed there and the csv import works as advertised. My brain is addled now.... I cannot see the error
  22. 'twas cycling for us! We bought a GPS for routing us through the quiet lanes of Norfolk on our long bike rides, it eliminated the constant need to stop and refer to a map (twisting roads and high hedges soon confuse). That lead to caching as a destination for our bike rides! We do still use the bikes to get to our caches but these days we have to take them some distance on the car because we've cleared the local area over the years...
  23. Aah! the last place I would have looked! I would have expected that to be well out of date. I had worked back from the last post... Thank you...
  24. LD - would you mind posting "the regular download link" here at the current thread end (then I know I've got the right one). Just had a faff getting the icons up and running on a Samsung netbook.... sorted it all eventually inc custom icons to the GPS too. I used an old set of downloads and like the sound of the transparent ones... TIA...
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