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  1. I disagree. When PVA sets it can become brittle in dry conditions. In damp conditions it can go soggy, slimy and mouldy. Laminate them and then use some good double sided tape to stick them inside the lid or even better make the note the same size as the cover of the log book and stick it on there.. On the same idea ... we've used clear sticky backed plastic on the "GEOCACHE CONTENTS HARMLESS" labels which are stuck to the inside of our clear tupperware boxes but so they can be read from the outside, cant see why you couldn't print on bothsides to include a stash note? Bag it on the inside not the out!
  2. Heading down to the south coast later this week (fingers crossed) and noticed some ring shaped patterns in the caches down there. Try having a look in the area north of Seaford/east of Hailsham - Bishopstone Circular and north east of that the Selmeston Circular
  3. Any specific department, area or person you recommend speaking to or sending to? We've got our 7 year old trusty eMap thats lost a few lines at the top of the screen, it's still usable but would be nice to get it fixed (for free! ) if possible .
  4. Speaking from experience of having one pinched, we adopted an ammo can cache and purposely removed any reference to it in the listing, a month later a comment was logged about it being an ammo can ... 2 months later and its gone. So now if anyone ever mentions ammo can in their logs we kindly ask them to remove it explaining why.
  5. Hmm OK ..... not that I'm going to dispute that cross listing maybe a problem but I don't really think there are that many that are cross listed on other sites* ... maybe back "in the old days" when caches were listed in every place possible in an attempt to drum up any visitors. This day and age it appears to be you list soley one or the other, in either support of the alternative or as a two finger salute to GC.com! Having said that though I have a small series close to home that I checked its cross listing only to find it's been on the other site since 2002 and never been found according to them!! FTF for anyone? Oddly enough it's just had a maint note posted on GC.com and as the owner hasn't logged in for a couple of years I strongly suspect it (and all the subsiquent caches connected with it) will be archived without removal ... sigh! Anyway, as has been pointed out GC has no legal this, that or the other over caches placed and much that I respect Deci's opinions he is just another Groundspeak lakey so must represent their opinions/views/rules (oh s**t! have I just turned it into another Groundspeak bashing thread! ooops I'll accept my ban and serve my time!!!! ) so I'm going to let it drop and learn to live with it. Just one final thought though ... The GAGB has done some sterling work on getting approval from The NT, The FC and numerous county councils I really wonder how they'd react knowing that should an owner of a cache decide they're not playing anymore there is a risk that it'll just get left behind? Also I wonder if at any point during the negotiations to place the caches this was ever mentioned or even thought of? * someone is now going to come back with a great long list of cross listed caches .................
  6. Err OK, but I hope I never implied that! If the cache is archived those reasons then it would be nice to think that the new placer would clear out the old one. I would sincerely hope if they archived them they removed them or made arrangements to get them removed. Not me personally, but I would be very tempted to raise the question on the forums "what would you do if ... blah blah blah" or pass it to you guys. Fair point and fully understood No offence but that's not my point ... kindly stick on topic ... joking aside I know SBA's have a bit of a bad rep but for the times we've used them they've worked OK. OK new tech I wasn't aware of! But you'd still have to look for the data wouldn't you? I'm on about stopping the problem from happening in the first place. Don't get me wrong I don't dispute the guidelines, what I believe we're dealing with is a failure to follow those guidelines that we, as responsible cachers, should be doing something about. I teach my 2 yr old to tidy up his mess once he's finished with it!?! Would it be really that much trouble to say "This cache has outstanding maintenance issues and as the owner has not responded to logs nor logged into geocaching.com for sometime I requesting the cache to be removed from its site and after which I will archive it. " Cacher removes it, posts SBA to say that its gone, cache archived ... simples. Out of interest ... if I was to take it upon myself to remove these caches what would people think of me? Cache-cleaner-upperer or would it be, as sssss mentions, construed as theft? This weeks lottery numbers? I wish!
  7. Is that the one they had on Top Gear? Comes in a bag, all in bits, to be assembled by you? yup thats the one the one that James couldn't put together? personally, i'll take one of these Volkner and just put my eco-bikecopterhovercarplanething inside
  8. I have on my watchlist about 15 caches quite close to home that have been archived on the grounds of maintainence, not that they've gone awol just purely that they needed new containers or log books or something along those lines but as the owner hasn't responded to any emails it's bye-bye cache. Is archiving on these grounds the right thing to do? You archive it, it drops off the listings, no cachers are aware of it and becomes a piece of rubbish. Not that this is ever likely to happen but would it not be better to give the owner the usual warning but if they don't respond in a reasonble time an open invite (read: plea ) is put out for either a. maintainence by someone else or b. removal of the cache then the listing is archived. For a. I've met enough cachers who carry spare pens, log books and in some case containers and are quite prepared to help out. For b. if the cache is removed it could be re-used or at least disposed of properly.
  9. Cache page layout has changed once again Most of the times when Groundspeak make a change to the cache page layout it knocks out our HTML layouts. Where all our formatting was put in (line breaks, extra lines, spaces etc) to make things easier to look at and read they now need re-doing.
  10. Looks like we don't probably have to wait until it comes to DVD. Although looking at Brant Sersens (writer/director) weblog there's a link to "demand" it to come to your town - http://eventful.com/performers/splinterhea...215829-4/demand I've opted for London as it's closest to me and perhaps represents a viable chance however I wonder if it would be possible to generate enough demand to have it played at the Scottish MegaEvent?
  11. Cool, nice find ... and nice to see the hot blond showing the geek what it's all about ... but what's with the co-ords? N 41° 10.259 W 73° 59.758 I half expected to find "something" there ... or perhaps how long will it take before someone puts something there??
  12. Wow, that is odd ... if you do an F5 page refresh it changes!? The odd comes after your paragraph ending "because of the way it is hidden." Edit the cache description again and copy and paste the HTML/wording after "because of the way it is hidden." on to here so we can have a look see. Right clicking and view source won't work as it picks up the current coding of the page not the original.
  13. Wow, just as I was typing! DING!! Your turn ...
  14. Dam.n! ... well I was buggered if I was going back thru 17 pages to see what had and hadn't been put up! OK then, get me the 5/5 answer and I'll call you the winner and give you a Ding!
  15. No ding yet ... I'm pretty sure it's right ! but I guess we better get things moving again And to make things a little harder (if it wasn't already!?) based on the closest cache to the house in the photo what is the nearest 5/5 cache? And for an extra bonus ding, who's house is it?
  16. Benfica! I'm waaaay to slow, lol ... only by 4 mins
  17. EUSÉBIO - A Verdadeira Cache GC1JTD5 at Benfica's ground in Lisbon
  18. Just a quick warning to my local cache placers who've put ammo cans out, it looks like our tea-leaf may be stalking the undergrowth again! An adopted cache of ours with a nice big ammo can has gone awol and on the same day we replace it I got another message saying that a cache about 10 miles or so from ours has had its ammo can pinched as well. Coincedence or not? You decided! Cheers M & M
  19. Yeah ... that'll do! Top marks that man. Could also have had Martha Reeves, Laura Brannigan or The Everly Brothers ... though technically theirs was (You got) The Power of Love.
  20. ... call it one of the joys of being a housedad! Thankfully for us all it's only on on Saturdays and Sundays, it is truely awful! Ok, I've just read a couple of the threads (not wanting to go OT here) but it appears the forums need some love so ... Name as many artists who have recorded or recorded a cover of a song called the "The Power of Love" 4 or more will get a ding
  21. 1. Makka Pakka - In the Night Garden 2. Sporticus - Lazy Town 3. Riff - Carrie and David's Pop Shop 4. LaLa - The Teletubbies 5. Tutter - Bear in the Big Blue House ... and I can't really believe I signed in just to answer this???!!!
  22. one more for the list ... Isle of Wight caches
  23. That depends on who it is that "runs" what features and how thay are used in the Google Map Search? Nb. I'm talking about the Geocaching.com Google Map Search NOT the Google Earth Geocaching overlay. Anyway, I just found out/worked out what has happened!! There's now a checkable "Labels" drop down box under the Satellite view button, for whatever reason I can only get this drop down box to show if I hover over the Satellite button after it's been clicked and am already showing the Satelitte view. If I'm in any other view eg Map or Terrain etc and hover over the Satellite button it simply says "Show satellite imagery" Hope that make sense??!!
  24. Had a search through the threads and couldn't find anything relating but can I ask why the Hybrid view option (Satellite with road overlay) has been removed from the Google Map Search? Was a superb feature, especially in the UK, when trying to work out where to park, how to get there etc etc etc! I saw in this thread that there has been problems with TOPO and DOQ maps has this got something to do with the removal?? cheers
  25. ... you get used to (reading) it round here dino, I didn't think your reply was over clear, thought i'd add to it, perhaps I shouldn't have ... ?
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