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4-Legged Geocaching Partners

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Our Geo-dog is a sheltie an Austrialian Sheppard mix. She LOVES the woods and caching. She went nuts today when the wife dropped me off to look over a potential hiding spot while she took the dog and went to pick up the kids from school. I guess the dog really let her know how displeased she was that I didn't take her.....lol


Earth First!!! We'll cache the other planets later!!

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Can you guess who goes with us? Look to the left and there you'll see Ruby. We also have a new puppy, Sophie, who went on her first cache at 13 weeks. She was quite excited. However, we had just had 6 inches of snow the night before and it was around 20 degrees out. Luckily I had one of my sons along with me that day. We took turns stuffing Sophie inside our coats while the other tried to keep up with Ruby.


My next trick will be to train Ruby and her Beagle nose to sniff out Tupperware and Ammo boxes!




As soon as you idiot proof something, they go and make a better idiot!

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I don't know how to add a picture that's not on a website so, if I've done it right, my doggy buddy is my avater.


Her name is Baby. My son actually named her Babe Ruth but we call her baby and it's fitting. She is the current baby and reigning queen of the family. She's a Belgian Shepherd, who goes with me virtually everywhere including geocaching. All we have to do is walk to the front door and she's there. Doesn't matter if we're just checking the mail, going for a walk, working outside, or getting in the car. Whatever we do, she wants to do. She's a great companion...but she's too busy chasing sticks and sniffing out here own fun treasures to sniff out caches!

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Well, we have three 4 legged members of the SoMDCacherz team. We alternate on who goes out with us. They seem to always enjoy it as much as we do. So many smells and sounds. Our boy Ace really likes the outdoors...... I try to get pictures of them while we are caching if I can. We both work for a humane group so they are all three rescued muts and came from rough starts to their lives. I wouldn't think of caching without one of them unless we have to!



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Texas-Jacksons, I have a boxer named Tasha too! (well Natasha, but she responds to Tasha better) She is a whitey though, her brother is named Boris and he is of the same coloring of your Tasha. These two don't really enjoy caching :D (I know I can't believe it either, they don't really even like to be walked!!) I rescued them a few months ago after losing our cache-machine boxer named Guffman. Hopefully I will get around to posting some pics of them. I saw your baby too Dread Pirate Roberts' very handsome. Everyones dogs are adorable, I guess I am just a bit partial! Thanks for sharing them!


P.S. What breed is Bailie Halden? Her color is gorgeous.

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Yana (Bear) is about four months old now and has joined me on a few caches so far. We went on a 4 mile and a 5 mile round trip cache the last two weekends. He had no problem keeping up. He hasn't been interested in finding a cache yet but he did jump my backpack when I set it down to sign the log at this cache (it had a baggie of dog food in it :D ).


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A week ago, a family member's Golden Retriever had 13 puppies! We'll be getting one out of the litter in February. Can't wait to have our own geo-dog!

Golden's are n amazing dog. We have one and she is just great as a helper dog for my wife and she LOVES to bring us. Leave anything around on the floor and Lacy will bring it to you. These dogs have the "softest" mouth. Lacy once brought me a strand of uncooked unbroken spaghetti. Thats talent.

Good luck with your new puppy when you get it.



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Polly, is more of cache burying pal. Sure, she goes with me on all my hunts, but by far she is most useful when it comes to creating the cache spot. When I hid Trail Builder Tribute it was in a very rocky soil condition. I had to dig a hole about a foot deep and 2 feet by 2 feet so that I could create a rock lined well to place the ammo box in. All I had was a WWII trenching shovel / pick combo. Polly came to the rescue by digging all the hard to get rocks out (once I convinced her that squirrels lived under them!)



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:D Hmmm sometimes it is terrific to have the dogs with us while geocaching and other times, they can be a nuisances. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE Greyhounds and are easily distracted by jacks and cotton tails which makes for a sometimes "Hurried" hike.


They both LOVE riding in the SUV and are eager to go!! We love the dogs but sometimes they just do not mix with geocaching so we pick and choose the caches in which they will join us.

The attached picture is one of those good days for the greys. It was a nice hike to a virtual Water fall located in Pagosa Springs, CO. We usually cache while vacationing, but then who doesn't?



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Use the link below to upload an image.

Then use it again (DO NOT USE "BACK" or "RELOAD") to see the

image and copy the URL of the image.


Then use the IMG button at the top when you post the picture.

There is a size limit, so you may have to either compress your

image a bit (.jpg reduce quality) or make it smaller.


Here's the link:


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Sergei is my 16month old Jack Russell Terrier. He loves walking, hiking and caching. The picture below (if it works is after we had been caching post geo-event in November.)




He is known as Traveling Buddy in the Geocaching world. :rolleyes:


And this picture is more recently after his first haircut. <_<



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Our geodog Fozzie entered our life a year ago December. He was a stray that a co-worker of mine couldn't keep. We weren't really in a position to have a dog at that time but I had been wanting one for sooo long that I'd make my husband take me to local shelters on the weekends just to get some "doggie attention". As soon as we saw Fozzie, we knew he was ours. It was like one of those magical moments (yes I am a romantic at heart). He is a schnauzer/cocker/whoknowswhat mix with an amazing way of loving a person. With that being said, he is also a total dork. He wants to go in the car but has to hide is head in my armpit or wedged between me and the door. He barks at other dogs with the attitude that seems like he's the hall monitor...."stop running, no barking on the trail, don't you dare sniff my butt even though I spent an hour sniffing yours etc". He has come caching a few times with us now and even though he's a total dork, I wouldn't change him for the world :Dbf3c473a-edf4-4952-a015-71603bd88a65.jpg

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My geodog has been grounded. A couple of months ago we had a minor fender bender. The air bags went off. Our tiny little dog lost some of her hearing as a result of the air bag explosion. After 2 months, it looks like it is permanent. I cant even begin to tell you all how sick I feel that my driving (or lack thereof) caused her injury.


Don't feel bad. It happens. I'm sure you didn't get into an accident on purpose. Has she lost all hearing? Can she learn to accompany you again without hearing?

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This is Moxie, our 14 month old MinPin/Pomeranian mix. She's a rescue dog that we've had since she was 8 weeks old. She has the best qualities of all the breeds we had been looking at. She's small, but always up for an adventure! She loves caching, snow, water, everything. She's very smart and sweet. Couldn't ask for a better dog! :D


She's five feet up off the ground on a slanted tree in this pic. Thinks she's a fox sometimes! ;)

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Picked my geocaching name from my tagalong cacher buddy, Pickpocket (aka Pocket), my 2 year old Jack Russell terrier. Not much good at finding caches, but very good at sniffing out what other critters have been by. Not sure how to upload a picture here, but if you click on my name on the left you'll see a picture.

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My wife and I headed out for a day of geocaching, we started with GCQFZ3 Alligator Alley where we found a 6 month German Shepherd puppy that had been left behind. My wife and I had made a picnic lunch that day and we ended up feeding all of our sandwiches and our water to the puppy. She was very sweet and crawled into our laps when we sat down at the table. We had no way of taking her anywhere so we called animal control and they picked her up. I called them a couple days later to see if they were going to adopt her out. They said that they didn't adopt to the public and if nobody claimed her in 5 days she would be put down. We couldn't allow this to happen because she was so sweet and playful so we picked her up and now we have our very own geo-hound! Her name is Henrietta. She recieved a clean bill of health from the vet and she is doing great and seems very happy. Oh, and we found the cache too.


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Don't have a dog yet, but we are thinking of getting a basenji. <BR><BR>While we're on the subject of dogs, I've been wondering if anyone has been able to teach their dog to sniff out tupperware containers, trash bags, or ammo boxes.


This is my pup, Sami. She's a young one and I often take her out with me. I'll get all excited and tell her "Go get it!! Where'd it go, Sami??!" I don't think she has any idea what the heck she is actually looking for but she goes nuts poking around digging through leaves and eventually comes up with the cache if she doens't come across something dead (and much tastier) first.



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