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  1. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:Once coming off a hill in my T-shirt, tennis shoes and wading in 3' of snow my partner and I were very much busted by groupl of women on snow shoes who had pretty much stopped to stare at us. They waited patently while we floundered around wishing we had snow shoes. Then they asked us what we were doing so I told them. They loved it entire idea and couldn't wait to get home to tell their husbands. Were you geocaching or being amorous?! The lack of pants and floundering around made me think it was the latter though I'm not sure why you'd need snow shoes...If it WAS the latter I bet the women's husbands were _thrilled_ lol
  2. There are almost 1000 caches in a 100 miles radius of our house. There are many we have no interest in doing. We like long hikes, hard finds, and dogs allowed We occasionally do caches outside of these criteria but it is often a disappointment. I think I'd prefer to be in your shoes and have only quality ones to chose from instead of having to filter through ones that don't appeal to us.
  3. I think it's a TB and it's now in a cache in Syria
  4. quote:Originally posted by TMAN264:And it continues.......we have lost access to all of the game areas in the State of Michigan lately as well. Those areas have been deemed for hunting only. Is this due to geocaching damaging the environment or to keep the geocachers from getting shot? If it's the former, it seems an argument could be made that gunfire is worse for the environment than an ammo can?
  5. The other side of the argument...my husband and I have done probably 90% of our caches with another couple. They've done a lot more than us on their own. We are two different teams. What I hate about it is that whenever we do a cache together we both have the same stuff to mention in the found logs. B-O-R-I-N-G. That's why I think the team should get credit if just one member finds it...too much redundancy.
  6. Ya know...I can see how the guy wanted to keep his fish and may not have thought things through too clearly. BUT, if that had been me, I would have gathered my belongings, gone to Wal-Mart and bought the exact same backpack and never told a soul how close to death I came. I would have taken that story to my grave!
  7. quote:Originally posted by flask:i had to use the whistle once. it saved my life. Just curious how the whistle saved your life...I bought one and my hubby laughs at me and calls me "coach" when I bring it
  8. I won't retrieve a cache if there are questionable folks around. It's not worth either having to come back later to replace the cache or having the cache looted. We might hang around awhile and hope they leave but usually we just scoot on over to the next cache on our list
  9. quote:Originally posted by Smitherington:I agree. This is a very serious subject. Seriously, I have not died yet while caching nor have I died at any other time. I cannot speak for others. If this were a poll, I would have to answer NO. Just speaking for myself though. That just really tickled my funny bone
  10. Two concrete rabbits for her garden. Hey, that's what she wants! Maybe this is the day to introduce her to caching...put the rabbits in the city park, hand her the GPS and coordinates and tell her to go find them before someone else does Naw, I value my life too much.
  11. Awesome idea! It's sometimes hard for others to be aware of what challenges exist.
  12. We've got a hydrocache set up using an otter box (similar to the pelican box someone else mentioned). I'll let you know in about 6 months if it stays dry
  13. My hubby took his dog to our closest park--it is always packed with the family type crowd. He went down a trail through a wooded area and walked right up on a guy with his pants around his ankles. This guy was standing on the paved path. He was apparently enjoying the view of some sun bathers a few yards away. In broad daylight with just a few trees between them. Hubby was just glad he hadn't taken our overly-friendly boxer off-leash yet lol. Boy, that guy would have had a hard time getting away from our crazy dog with his pants down!
  14. quote:Originally posted by Dinoprophet:Michigan has its pasties. We always had these in Wisconsin...when I was a kid they had roadside stands that sold them. My mom still makes a batch each year for my dad's birthday. Mmm they are good with ketchup! Sorry, I can't get past the appearance of boiled peanuts. It looked to me like a steaming bowl of umm cat box material We used to live in Hawaii and I fell in love with a back street deli that sold both chili and beef stew on sticky rice. Oh it was good that way! In Louisville, our weirdo food is fried pickles. They are um interesting. Also "Mint Julips" which I had the misfortune to vend one Derby. The ingredients are ice, Jim Beam, mint twig.
  15. Whoo hoo, can't wait! I hope some of the regulars here can make the trip
  16. This level 5 cache requires you to bring some type of lever. A very special first finder's prize is located under a boulder at these coordinates. ...YUCKY! I would think you would pass out from the pain and bleed to death. I'm with martmann, may we rest in peace!
  17. quote:Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:If you think I jest, go get a cup of luke-warm coffee at McDonalds and think about it. Sorry. I sometimes think of our desert out here, and geocachers I have seen in the area, and I worry about Jeremy and the crew. People challenge disclaimers and win all the time. The McDonalds cup said Caution - HOT! She still won! We studied the McDonalds coffee case in a Business Law class (admittedly my only basis of legal knowledge aside from Judge Judy lol) and there are a few common misconceptions--heck I thought the lawsuit was stupid until I learned more about the case...I think this web site sums it up nicely: http://lawandhelp.com/q298-2.htm Your point is well taken, however. Many Americans are walking lawsuits waiting to happen. I wonder if the original poster couldn't "advertise" his prize as a first finder's prize instead of first place. What would be the difference between his mega-multi-cache and a traditional cache with a nice prize--from a legal standpoint?
  18. We can't live without our suction cup mount for the Garmin Legend. Unfortunately, that's exactly what we are having to do...the suction cup movable part thingy won't work anymore. We've used it extensively for 6 months but I still had hopes it would last longer than that for the $30 or so we paid for it. I might try another type this time or something, haven't checked out my options yet.
  19. I'll start off by saying I've never held such an event, this is just how I would handle it myself. More details (size of the group, ages, etc) would have been helpful. I would start off by not telling the kids what is going on except that it's an outdoor adventure and advising them what to wear. This will cause them to discuss the "mystery" at length with each other on the way to the site. This will also keep some from researching geocaching...it should be as new as possible to all of them to keep some from having an advantage. Next, I would divide the group into small teams, maybe 4 per team. The slowest walker in each team would get the GPS (though they wouldn't know WHY they were selected). The first mission should be to correctly mark the starting location so they don't get lost You could have each team hide a few caches and then find each others--collecting the cache itself as "proof" so you don't have to clean up later. Teams could also compete to see who could find each others' caches the fastest. Distance limits should also be introduced (i.e., don't go more then 1 mile down this trail). Each team should have a secretary to note coordinates, the GPS carrier, an inventory coordinator, and depending upon how old they are an adult for each team. The remaining members would be "seekers"--either seeking a cache or a good hiding spot. Team jobs could be rotated between hiding and finding. A more work intensive approach would be for you to set up a multi cache in advanced. You could set out several micros with different coordinates for each team so that they aren't all looking for the same cache at the same time (like the micro would have a piece of paper saying "Team 1 go to coordinates xxx Team 2 go to coordinates xyx"). This way they are all doing exactly the same difficulty level. The team that finds the final cache would get a first finder's prize. Hope this helps!
  20. I have no problem with some type of note being added to the FAQ asking people to "trade kindly" (BTW, I like that phrase!). I don't think that this is a "rule" per se, but a gentle reminder or bit of encouragement. I think that most people KNOW they should trade up but are too cheap or lazy to get nice trade items. I was a bit peeved a few weeks ago when someone traded a quarter for a $5 item we'd left in a cache. Today, someone else traded a nice item for that same quarter. Sometimes it all comes out in the wash.
  21. Very cool! Thanks a bunch for sharing that. Am definitely going to find some of these to watch
  22. quote:On a side note, Dread Pirate Roberts', your virtual you attempted I would have loved. I plan on buying a Rubicon soon, how have you liked yours so far? Thanks for saying so The Rubicon is awesome. It is our 4th Jeep and the best by far. I drive a '01 TJ but the Rubi is my hubby's obsession. I get all his hand-me-downs lol. There's an awesome discussion forum at www.jeepsunlimited.com dedicated solely to Rubi's. I highly recommend you check it out before you buy. Lots of tips on how to handle the dealers and what options are good, etc. We plan to place a few 4x4 only caches this summer about half way between us and you... Seems to be a LOT of Jeepers and other off-roaders that Geocache.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Breaktrack:...but the treatment of virtuals lately seems to be willy-nilly and depend greatly on who the approver is, rather than the rules. Consistency should be insisted on, by all. I didn't understand all of the complaints about how difficult it is to get a virt approved until we tried to get one approved ourselves several weeks ago. Ours was a potential level 5 difficulty because it required a 4x4 to reach it. It was in a gorgeous country road that crossed a creek 4 times. On either side of the road was private "research forest" with no trespassing signs (it is a public road though). Our log didn't mention that the spot we chose was some kind of nesting area for butterflies, we saw hundreds. Not sure how LONG they are there, maybe it's only 2 weeks a year, so we left that out so as not to disappoint. There is also a house with a pet deer on the way in. The deer grazes in the front yard and wears a dog collar. Didn't mention that because I was worried some ne'er-do-well would seek it out to hurt it or something. Anyway, since my husband accidently found the area, we have returned many times and brought appreciative friends out as well. No other caches nearby for many miles. It was rejected because it wasn't "coffee table book interesting." As of yet, we haven't figured out a way to make it a multi so we may end up scraping it. Here's some pictures we took there: Pictures Anyhoo, after this experience, I won't try to place another virt. It's too time consuming with little chance of approval IMHO. Is that a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. None of you will be able to wade in the creek with us, but there's plenty of other things you could be doing
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