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  1. Not quite space but Mrs. Geek took a TB on the "Vomit Comet," we're getting closer! Edit: Black Rock TB Page
  2. We noticed it too. Watching the movie, the logo looks more like the Groundspeak logo at speed.
  3. Happened at our newest cache and posted to the cache page! Secret Beach Cache
  4. Naked encounter Ran into this yesterday. A hot summer weekend day, crowded park...."let's get naked!" What are people thinking? At least she was attractive! (don't tell Mrs. Geek I said that! ) We had passed them 10 minutes before and they were clothed, and a tour boat full of people had to have seen the same thing we saw!
  5. Any kind of problems. As a veteran of several Cleveland Metroparks adventures (grew up there). The roads thru the parks are through roads and have many turnouts.....ideally suited for teenage shenanigans of every conceivable type. I know. In my youth I was busted for several of the possibilities. I was always told to "be on your way" never a fine (or worse)...but it could have happened, and probably should happen. geocaching isn't the reason, other (more sinister) things happen in parks, at night.
  6. Just to put this out there.......it takes 12 pounds to sink an ammocan!
  7. We do a week long , guys (over 15 ) bonding fishing trip every September. A buddy brought his nephew who is 15. We're talking 70 degrees, sunny, remote, pristine northern Michigan wilderness. The kid stayed in the tent all the time and read a book! At least he wasn't playing a video game!
  8. We had a guy describe exactly how to get around paying the toll to the park (two dollars! ) in his log! I had met with the park person for permission to place the cache and he created an account to "watch" the cache. I emailed the finder who changed his log. The park guy never said anything but I still couldn't believe it! There was a cache that we tried that had the gate across the drive and we were going to leave when a sheriff pulled up, he said that they never open the gate in the winter (during the day, posted dawn to dusk) but it was perfectly legal for us to enter...we did. We have also been to the park right before opening (gate still across) and were going to leave but the ranger showed up and said that the park technically closed for another 1/2 hour but he let us in. Man the MiGO forums are getting more and more like these forums every day. Not exactly a good thing.
  9. This cache hound is more interested in sticks......not caches. Although most caches are under piles of sticks, hhhhmmmmm?1
  10. I'm not fat, I just wear it differently than you!
  11. Our third time in this thread! Got stuck in 2WD, couldn't get the 4WD to engage since you have to move to get it to engage. The quad was able to pull us about 25 feet backwards, 4WD engaged and we were on our way. Look for us on a redneck video show on CMT. Some ATVers took video and said they were going to send it in! Didn't catch their names, but, Thanks Guys! Edit: Forgot to post picture!
  12. Boomer Esiason ran over my foot with a golf cart, while I was caching....not really, I made the caching part up!
  13. I second this. As a "not" Arnold Palmer myself, you'd be surprised where a mis-hit golf ball will go. Also, due to this problem I have (can't hit straight ) I will basically pick up any ball I find in the woods for later use. If I find one with a hole in it (I guess it depends on the size of the hole), it will be my tee ball for the 190 yard par three, island green hole. That way I don't lose a good ball in the water! The cache itself would probably be fine, it wouldn't feel heavy enough, but a golfer probably wouldn't put it back where he got it from. For the decoys, you'd be better off walking a course sometime, find the ball husks from when they get mowed over...basically a hollow ball cover. Even hackers like myself can find no use for them! Edit: This site automatically censors words? mis-hit without the (- ) came out mis*** everytime I tried to edit. That is funny
  14. That is Big Boy. I think that is easy enough to find that nobody is going to look in the nieghbor's yard.....bad coordinates or not! We will be placing a cache on our vacation property but will put GC stickers on the No tressassing signs, so cachers will know it is OK.
  15. Same in Ohio, at least it was 15 years ago when I got busted that way on my way home from school......first day of having my license!!!!
  16. Operation Ice Walk 2007 Check out this event we had this winter. Has a great gallery! It can happen!!!!! Edit: to fix link, hopefully it works this time!
  17. Now you know how we got our team name! GeoBash2005 hat contest!
  18. The link to Operation Ice Walk 2007 isn't working?!
  19. A scene from Operation Ice Walk 2007......yes, the cache is down there! A scene from Operation Ice Walk 2007....Part Deux Operation Ice Walk 2007...Part Deux Operation Ice Walk 2007 Taking a Swim at Higgins Lake Edit: to add links
  20. Had to add another pic after this thing got bumped! Osgood and Thor.......the cachehounds.
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