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  1. Uh oh, I think after all this time my avatar is finally working, last time I tried was on March 4th
  2. I have to say, this is an unusual opinion coming from a 2005 joiner. Whether people want to believe it or not, the hoardes of . or Tftc logs came out of nowhere with the release of the smartphone apps in 2009 and 2010. Don't take this is an insult, but I was obviously curious to see how many caches you've hidden that you would have this opinion, and I see you haven't exactly been a Geocaching fanatic those 9 years. That does actually explain (in my opinion), your "no big deal about lame logs" stance. No insult taken. I haven't been as active as I would like to be, I'm just not able to do as much as I did before. I feel like my opinion would be the same even if I had 100 caches. I just get excited when I get the notice that someone visited, but I also know of several who signed the physical log but never visited online. Do you feel different about someone who doesn't log online versus somebody leaving a dot or TFTC?
  3. still the wrong avatar, what's the dill pickle?
  4. Radios are my hobby. Walmart has radios from around $24 http://www.walmart.com/ip/UNIDEN-GMR1635-16-MILE-RANGE-2-WAY-FRS-GMRS-RADIOS/34205251 all the way up to this 3 pack at $77 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Motorola-MH230TPR-Triple-Pack-MH230R-Rechargeable-two-way-radios/17218560 They are all good radios. The range quoted is on flat ground with line of sight views so it drops off around a lot of buildings, trees, hills and valleys. I wouldn't try to use these for over 2 miles at best, probably less than that. I like and highly recommend this pair of radios, http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-MT350R-FRS-Weatherproof-Two-Way/dp/B0072LAAA0/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t They are orange so they're easy to find in the woods if you drop them, they have a volume knob instead of up and down buttons, a loud radio in the middle of a presentation can quickly be remedied with a nice volume knob, they come with rechargeable battery packs but you can also throw in 3 regular AA batteries, always a plus, battery packs wear out after 3 or 4 years anyway, and they have a place to clip a carabiner. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FRS/GMRS RADIOS!!!!!!! In order to use GMRS frequencies you must have a GMRS license issued by the FCC http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/general-mobile-radio-service-gmrs The channels are broken down like this, 1-7 are shared FRS/GMRS, 8-14 are FRS only, and 15-22 are GMRS only. Without that license you can only transmit on 1-14, but there is a catch. Some radios talk about a power boost. Power boost only works on 1-7, and 15-22, and you can only use it if you have a GMRS license. The base fine for operating a radio with proper licenseing is $10,000. Now I can't find any instance of somebody being fined for using the GMRS frequencies. You probably will be ok if you use them. Most people out there use all the channels and probably didn't read the manual or just don't care. There have been a few businesses that have been fined. FRS/GMRS is for individual use only, no businesses allowed. So, there you have it, http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-MT350R-FRS-Weatherproof-Two-Way/dp/B0072LAAA0/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t It even has a built in flashlight, how could you go wrong?
  5. Well, this is a test of my forum signature. It isn't a test of my forum avatar because no matter what I do I can't get it to work write. I guess since I've had the same avatar since 2006 it doesn't want to see it go. well that didnt work, im not surprised
  6. Since there is no requirement to leave an online log it shouldn't matter if a person decides to leave TFTC, ".", or a blank log. They didn't have to leave anything in the first place as long as they signed the physical log. Personally I like to leave a few words that describe something unique about my search for the cache, but sometimes I just say thanks for the cache.
  7. I like being able to read the story of somebody finding my cache, but it doesn't bother me at all to see TFTC and nothing else. Especially since there is no requirement to make an online log of your visit. The only rule is to sign the physical log. Everybody can play the game how they want to as long as they follow that rule. I like to read the long logs, but I'm just as satisfied if you just leave a "." and nothing else.
  8. I too am having problems with my avatar. It should be a picture of a Fraggle, instead of a muddy car. I've removed the avatar, logged out, logged in, selected avatar, logged out, logged in, went to forums, logged in, out, in. Still no change. And erased my history before, during, and after for good measure.
  9. Somebody always brings up the wasp spray idea. In a life and death situation you do what you have to do. Just remember that the can of wasp spray has a warning label that says, "It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling." and you become liable for the person after you spray them. Also some states have specific laws against using any spray other than pepper spray. Pepper spray is a bad name anyway, most are a stream that is good for 10 to 15 feet. This is where most close quarter attacks happen. Anything further and you are probably better off running for cover, or if there isn't any cover then run toward your attacker while spraying them. I am not a self defense expert so don't quote me on anything. When it comes down to it you do what you have to do.
  10. I usually just find a "spider" stick on the ground somewhere and twirl it in front of me. I backed in to a huge web one time. It was a golden orb weaver, you could hear the web break. I freaked for a second and then I thought I was ok. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it crawl up on my shoulder. I came out of my jacket pretty quick. I usually avoid cacheing during the time of year when the spiders are out. You can see their webs in between the powerlines as you drive down the road.
  11. I use the watchlist. After I find a cache I put it on the watchlist for a little while, then after it has a couple finds after mine then I take it off. Every so often I go back and review all of the caches I've found.
  12. Our favorite geocache will always be GCQFZ3 Alligator Alley where we found Henrietta the Geopooch. This was the 9th cache we found, what a great find! She's been with us for 4 years now. She is so loving and sweet. AHHH, daddy's boots, what more could a dog want?
  13. I always carry safety glasses for geocaching. I have a pair of tinted ones and clear ones. Sometimes under heavy tree cover the clear ones come in handy.
  14. This is the exact GPS that I started with. I found my first few caches with it. I quickly upgraded once I started looking for caches in heavy tree cover. Still an ok gps though. Here's a couple pics of some benchmark hunting with my 2000xl http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/c8b...44b886db658.jpg http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/7a3...bee70881436.jpg
  15. Thanks, I'll try it again in the morning, and thanks for the link to the yahoo group i joined it so maybe i can get some answers.
  16. I was ready for that, so that morning I set it all up I left it outside for an hour before I jumped in the car. Checked all the screws and they were fine. I reset the memory and left it outside for an hour, still no change.
  17. I've had my Meridian for 3 years and never have had a problem with it. I was always able to get a lock even in heavy tree cover. I took a break from cacheing for about a year and when i was ready to start again my gps just wont lock on. Anybody else have problems like this. Here I am standing in a clearing and can only lock onto one satellite. I put fresh batteries in that morning and made sure to initialize everything. I did a factory reset and everything and I still cant get it to work like it used to. GC18CGW
  18. Happy to see that we bought the bugs. I was following the thread and had planned on bidding until the auction was pulled. Post the links when you get the bugs so we can all take a look.
  19. I've been thinking about keeping extra logs of my finds. Currently I just use the website, but I also take lots of pictures. I take a picture of the cache location exactly how I find it, I lay out all the stuff in the cache and snap a photo of that, then I take a pic of the logbook after I sign it. I just keep these in my geocache folder on my computer.
  20. This was my first GPS also. I found my first 3 caches with the Magellan GPS 2000. Heavy tree cover is a real problem with this gpsr. I soon found out that I needed something better. Once into the woods the display would freeze and all satellites would drop out. Also having to input each cache by hand was a pain. It was a good one to start out with but once I realized I really liked geocaching it was time for something better. GPS 2000
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