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  1. We recently moved and cannot find our gps unit. We are considering getting a cheap(er) etrex 10 to use until we find our other unit. The usual stores that carry handheld gps units do not have it in stock. Even garmin's website shows it is out of stock. Is there a supply issue with garmin? Or is it no longer being made? Anyone know?
  2. Too bad the survey was closed by the time I saw the email a few hours ago. We could have used that amazon card during this time of being financially strapped.
  3. An old thread that isnt quite dead yet, but since I came into the forums looking to see why the site is acting up on me (does the site hate chrome?) I thought I would chime in on this topic. Many years ago, we were caching in an isolated area that is well known to have illegals crossing the border. I parked on the shoulder and remained in the car since it was on a hefty slant. Mike got out to find the cache. Border patrol kept passing us. Not a big deal. I got tired of waiting for Mike so I honked the horn. 5 border patrol vehicles with 2 agents in each descended on me before I even removed my hand from the horn. They were nice and once we explained why we were there, they were fine and moved along. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=0ad04931-c9ba-4e4d-92fb-40bda87cb729
  4. We took a bit of a medical hiatus from geocaching so I do not know if this has been addressed elsewhere or within the past couple of months, but when I use the geocaching map with multiple caches on it, I can no longer move it around to new areas. I have windows 7 and use chrome for my browser. Is this the way the map is from now on? Or a glitch? Or am I missing something?
  5. Cool. What cache was it? edit: found at least one, very cool. I'm surprised there aren't more caches out there for these; according to Wikipedia, there are dozens still out there in Casa Grande. I was able to spot several on Cornman Road. edit 2: I've found at least one cache right nearby. Odd that they didn't even mention it was up the road. After we found it, we adopted it. But it is long archived. Lonesome Bush. There are many others out there in the area. Many are on the reservation. What hasnt been plowed under or destroyed by construction should still be around. You can see them pretty easily on the satellite photos spaced about a mile apart.
  6. We found 10 border patrol agents once ... when they surrounded us while looking for a cache. Quite a shock but no problem once we explained why we were there lol. Otherwise, the oddest thing we found was a series of large concrete crosses laid out in the desert. A cache was located at one of them. I did some digging and found out that they were originally laid out in the 1960s to calibrate the corona spy satellites. Photo of one of the crosses (posted by another cacher on the cache page.)
  7. I am not sold on the looking consistently good part. Its all so much white it is painful to look at. At least before there were color changes between each log entry.
  8. I used this a lot. Several times a month. For many reasons besides solving puzzles. I wanted to use it tonight to figure out coordinates to a possible cache location to see if it was 0.1 mile away, before going out to the site to set it up and taking coordinates via the gps unit. I miss that link. Please bring it back.
  9. I have been trying to use the new search engine and keep getting DNF your search produces no results message. For the state of Arizona, using a keyword in the title of the cache, I get no results. I have tried alternative searches using keywords of caches I know exist and get the same message. What am I doing wrong?
  10. We have barely started the roadtrip challenges. The summer challenges are fun but its quite hot where we live. 4 people died from the heat this past week alone. Any chance of having website challenges in other seasons too? Perhaps fall or spring, or even winter when the temps are just perfect for us?
  11. Permit fees are cheap. http://www.azland.gov/programs/natural/recreation_permit.htm
  12. Your loss. Its a great place to go geocaching. From deserts to mountains, given the excellent hides by the different cachers here. While Im not thrilled with what happened, I looked at the geocaching map and you can hardly tell the difference. There are a lot of caches still out there.
  13. We have had state trust land permits. Ours recently expired and we will not be renewing it, but we did not go caching without one. Most cachers I know who went on state trust land did so with some sort of permit that allowed them to do so. Most caches on state trust land have minimal impact compared to some of the difficult urban ones Ive seen. My cache had zero impact. It is a public walkway, leveled, compacted, graveled. The cache is hidden under a piece of metal that is embedded into the walkway. There hasnt been any damage to the area as a result of it. If I have to move it, it will likely have more impact to its surroundings even if I tell folks exactly where the cache is.
  14. Did you send your email to the local reviewer, or to Groundspeak? I would expect a canned message from Groundspeak, but I've already seen a dozen caches unarchived by the reviewer, which were not actually on ALT land. I emailed gc hq, who initiated the archival of the cache, per the post they put down. I dont know who the local reviewer is any more.
  15. The roads and trails are not from geocaching. There were many roads made back when folks would go 4 wheeling out there, or mudbogging on those rare times when we had mud, or from the wildcat (illegal) dumping that used to go on a few decades ago.
  16. I think reviewers all know that maps are not perfectly accurate. But when told to archive all the caches on trust land, maps are most probably the only thing the reviewer could use. Going to visit the location of each cache to see if it's ok is sadly not feasible. Have you tried sending your reviewer a polite email with some pictures clearly showing where your cache is and where the fence around the trust land is? I think it would be worth a try... I sent an email explaining things and asking them to reconsider it. I got a generic message about how they are trying to work with the state land department to open things up for everyone. I doubt that sending pictures will change things. Especially if they got a list from somewhere. Given that someone else posted that no one from the state land department sent them a list, Im wondering if it was some overzealous geocaching employee who got it in his head to compile a list to send off to gc hq. Doesnt matter I guess. Whats done is done. Im considering a new cache that might satisfy everyone and still let me use that location, which is freely accessible to everyone, without violating the state trust land department's ban on geocaching.
  17. There are still plenty of reasons to visit Arizona for its caches. The Raven's caches in Prescott is a great example of quality hides that are worth the trip. According to the stats someone else posted, there are still over 24,000 caches to find.
  18. I live in Az and one of my caches was archived. Which annoys me no end. However since folks seem to have some misunderstandings about state trust land, let me offer what I know about it. State trust land is vacant land that is owned by the state and is supposed to be sold to maximize profit for things like schools. Point is, the land is sold. In the above example of a cache that was archived for being on state trust land when the resort owns it ... That map is old. The resort had to own it to build on it. State trust land is sold to the highest bidder for development. That is how it works. The map is also inaccurate to some degree in its boundaries. My cache is located on private property (a mall/outdoor shopping center) overlooking state trust land. Overlooking an osprey and bald eagle habitat. The mall has developed a trail overlooking that habitat. Its called a trail but it is a landscaped walkway that is part of the shopping mall. No one can access the state trust land because of a fence and no trespassing signs. My cache was several feet away from that on the parking lot side of the trail. Geocaching used to be permitted by state trust land management. A change in leadership and now we are not permitted to cache on state trust land. A lot of cachers got yearly permits to do so. We wont be renewing our permit. Im grumpy about this. I am quite fond of that cache and the location. The map does not accurately reflect state trust land and the private property owned by the mall. Because of that, my cache got archived. I wish TPTB would reconsider their action on my cache, but thats life I guess. For those interested, Where Eagles Fly GC471TF.
  19. These things always seem to break when we have time off to go caching. Mike starts vacation and we would love to pull up caches around our state from the map. Any chance of this being fixed quickly? Quite a high frustration level with the slowness of the site now.
  20. Thanks. Its the first time I noticed them. I tend to have multiple screens open so I can keep an eye on something in the background. The ad part of the page is usually hidden from my view lol.
  21. Today when I logged caches, I noticed on the page where I type out my log entry that I was getting advertisements for sears and joann craft websites. Conveniently sites I had visited in this past week. I thought this site would remain ad free, except for the various geocaching related ads. Will this be something I should expect from now on? (I had no idea where to put this thread. If it gets moved, please let me know which forum it should go on so I can find it again.)
  22. I need to know if I have found caches placed in certain months in 2001 and 2000 for a jasmer challenge. How do I do this? When I look at all the caches I have found, it only goes up to the most recent 3600. When I run a pocket query for caches placed in 2000 and 2001, it only shows ones that are still active, not ones that have been archived that I may have done. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  23. Thanks but I do not use IE. Hate it lol. I use chrome. The glitch is happening to me with windows 7 and chrome.
  24. I used advanced search to look for caches hidden by a user. I entered the name and clicked search. Since I had gotten the name wrong, it didnt pull up caches. All normal so far. Then I tried to enter a new name and there was no place to enter any name. I clicked search and it kept pulling up a page to search for caches by username hidden without letting me enter a name anywhere. The only way I could do so was to go back to hide and seek and then click advanced search.
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