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  1. Down town in 'choice' locations you may find drug paraphernalia, rarely to the degree you depicted and definately not everywhere, especially if you consider the entire CRD. Watch and listen to your own video. Per capita - worse! Most of my extended family lives there so I spend a fare bit of time in the area. Unfortunately being a stones throw away from the epicentre, S. Nanaimo, has it's effect. Talk to any city grounds keeper. Personally not a big fan of the City of Victoria anymore, but never liked individuals that spew gross exagerations . . . man. Watch and listen to your own video Your right, I'm always looking for a good argument, but smart on you, declining to argue a losing side. Cheers!
  2. I have lived here near 40 yrs. I avoid the city core for what it has become. Yes, it is not hard to find a discarded siringe, but to portray a pile of them as what you find, "eeeverywhere in Victoria","every time you set foot in the bush", is wrong. They sure as heck aren't obvious in what I would consider "nature parks" throughout the CRD. You may hate Victoria or some of the cachers, but it's no worse than a lot of towns. (P.A. included)
  3. BS! Yes there are Junkies in Victoria and Port Alberni, but never have never come across such a pile of druggy litter, so to say it's everywhere is a bit of (a huge) exageration. Southern Vancouver Island is a wonderful, safe place to cache, granted a little over saturated by laim-o drive to's, but still, there's something for everyone, even sloth, fat people.
  4. eroyd

    Parks Canada

    It's within Banff town limits. Who gives a rip. Maybe they should remove the nearby Golf Course.
  5. Kermode wrote: There is some truth to this. Unfortunately MOST of the many westcoast cachers actually leave footprints behind when they walk, especially on snow. That's MOST Ummm . . . errrr. . . actually, that cache was left especially for you, a special gift from all your new caching community friends. Strange you didn't mention the "Oh Henry" bar. Word has it. Geta hate camping too!
  6. Here's a link to this "point of interest". http://www.geocities.com/quietlyinsane5/robertpi.html It one day may very well be a sad part of our local history, but as it stands now, it is a very fresh gaping wound in the local community. The nutball hasn't even been to trial yet, and evidence is still being compiled. In my opinion, there is a lot of closure that has to take place before this site can become a tourist attraction for sicko's. The approver did there job by approving it, those that were strongly opposed did there job by posting archive notes. System seems to have worked this time.
  7. Just curious . . . what sort of emergency cache maintenance would need such immediate attention, specifically wilderness type cache's. I can't think of anything that couldn't wait hours or even days? What sort of trouble could a little plastic box get itself into anyway?
  8. I admitt that I have not read this entire thead, and I don't really give a rip who is right or wrong, because it's gone beyond that, but reading unjustifiably, arrogant, pompous, condescending post's, like a previous one from Mr. Watts only confirms my decision not to renew my GC membership. . . . but why should you care?
  9. My deepest apologies if the coordinates are off, this is the first I've heard of it. Feel free to log it as a find it if you genuinely feel my misleading you prevented the find. The the views from the heights of the highest Mountain on southern Vancouver are spectacular, I would not suggest throwing all your eggs in one basket and going after this one. Mt Arrowsmith is a true mountain and it really would be dissappointing without lucking into nice weather. If you were heading towards the Pacific Rim National Park anyways then you could still fall back on some rather fine caches if the weather turned crappy. Nearer Victoria, I'd still tend to suggest the West Coast if you want natural scenery. Victoria and SE Vancouver Island are very beautiful places but it's very much like your home in the U.K.
  10. I think an athletic person could travel a pretty good chunk of the Juan de Fuca marine trail (perhaps it all one-way) in one day. There are a few rarely visited caches along the way but more importantly much of the area looks the same as when Captain Cook first arrived. Some huge trees, secluded beaches and wonderful intertidal area's. Daytime very low tides are a must. A sweep of the East Sooke park coast would be an easier (but not too easy) version along the coast. It's not quite as "wild" or as far from town.
  11. So are some people truly miffed if they aren't guaranteed a logged "Find" on every attempt? Is gas and time really wasted otherwise? As for the approvers having control over moving cache locations. Let's face it, since when have approvers been able to catch anything more than the obvious location problems of ANY type of cache. Basically ALL but very few approvals have to be based on TRUST that the cache placer has read and is following this sites rules. Perhaps traveling caches should be "members only", this way you could at least be sure that those playing are some what commited to the game.
  12. eroyd

    Canadian Tire

    I thinks it's ironic at Canadian Tire that they'll let me walk around all afternoon with an axe, baseball bat or golfclub but the moment I request a box of .22 shells I need to be escorted to the front checkout.
  13. Jeremy wrote: "If you don't like it, create your own moving caches web site and get folks to be irresponsible there. Some topics are not decided by committee." Thank you, that tells us a lot.
  14. Every area needs a few travelling caches. They are fun and breath a little life into the routine of the game, especially in urban area's.
  15. One big difference between a Cache Machine and a Cache Event is that the Machine targets specific caches (the easy ones) along a specified route. I'm sure that not everyone shows up at a cache at the same time but no one can honestly tell me that 70+ people visiting a cache in one day isn't going to have some negative effects on most caches. The cache owner is the best one to decide if their cache can take this punishment, therefore I suggest the event planners contact every owner personally prior to the event. There is also the aspect of respect. Hopefully the cache owner spent some time and effort placing the cache. There is a reason they put the cache there, something they wanted you to take a moment to enjoy, not just rush in and out. My post cache machine experience has demonstrated that most participants don't even take the time to personally sign the log book, they just slap in a sticker or one person slaps in everyones sticker just to speed things up. Many online logs consist of a cut/paste "did as part of ****** CM, thanks". Is this what Geocaching is about? I can certainly see the enjoyment of the social part of CM's but I'd rather see events where participants have there get together and then set off and do their own thing, then meet again at the end of the day sharing different stories. Some folks, no doubt, would skim the easies where others may pic a few more challenging ones to get a better sample of a new area. It would be a more random hit! Cache machines differ in that they are about padding numbers.
  16. With a good sighting compass, a good map and a few obvious visible landmarks you should be able to figure your position. Take backbearings from at least two obvious landmarks you can identify on your map. With your compass set-up and oriented properly you can draw these bearings w/pencil and straight edge of compass. Where the lines cross there you be.
  17. Just tap your heels together and say .... There's no place like home... Toto . . . . Toto . . TOTOE! . . . BAD DOGGY! edited for spelling
  18. eroyd

    Night Caching

    It's certainly accounted for some of my more interesting urban cache adventures. Deep hidden pits, invisible cables, automatic sprinklers, big bugs and creepy critters, ghosts and/or aliens etc. I only use a little light if any while caching and save the mighty BFL to fry the retinas of any weirdo hanging out near my car.
  19. Is that the "Bird of Paradise" or something like that. I'm game as long as it isn't one of those pubs where you have to dress up like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz. Down Toto! Down! . . . . . . . . good boy.
  20. eroyd

    La Snow!

    Oh! Sorry. and there's no snow in Victoria.
  21. eroyd

    La Snow!

    I did 15-20 by myself one day starting in Sooke and sweeping accross the hills comming out at Shawnigan. Have done more around town but that's no big poop given Victoria's situation. Don't and won't do cachemachines.
  22. eroyd

    Cold Weather Gear

    I still find a good dense wool better than fleece, especially when there's moisture involved. One of the best deals in pants are the old Germain Army pants. They are dense preshrunk wool re-enforced in the right places plus a water resistant inner liner on front of the legs, just the place we scoop up a lot of moisture. These pants are pretty snazzy if your into the Fred Astaire look. If your active it is well worth spending money on hi-tech underware that wick's chilling moisture away from the skin. They really work a lot better than the old cotton crap. Polypropolene and Chlorofibre I think are a couple of the materials.
  23. TEAM KFWB GPS, now known as THE X-TREME GPS have been putting out big money caches in the Vancouver Island Region for about a Year and a half now. Due to constraints put on them by GC they were unable to put out the caches the way they wanted to. They have however been putting out dozens of "regular" caches, of which a few contain special instructions on competitions. The last one I'm aware of had a pay out of around $10,000 for the first three placers. These competitions are quite complex and involve a lot of running about and aren't for those with family commitments. All of their caches usually contain at least a $20 plus prizes but usually more. It's really quite amusing how fast these caches are found after posting. No serious fights YET! Presently I know of two ongoing ones. X-TREME GPS TEAM CACHE #20 has something to do with locating a plane wreck on a remote snowy mt. and XOXO cache has a bottle floating around somewhere worth a G. Why they do it? That's the burning question. But really, who cares? Their moneys seems good and everyone involved are enjoying themselves.
  24. From the bushes aside arose such a clatter I ran to the clearing to see what was the matter. But instead with my eyes where I expected a deer were two men who were no doubt just a little bit friends.
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