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What do you call a group of cachers?


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Originally posted by Captain Chaoss:



During deer season, TARGETS.

Doing a rest stop cache, PROSPECTS.

Near a bridge or power plant TERRORISTS.

A fancy neighborhood TRESPASSERS

A city park CRIMINALS



Scary but true. lol



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It's situational dependant.


If they are bending over digging in the leaves for a micro while their plumbers butt is in plain view. Dorks.

If they are babes, well, babes works for me.

If they beat me to a FTF they are clearly rat bastards.

If they moved it before I got there so the clue is worthless, Morons.

If they found it but I was skunked, Brainiacs.

If they are mocking me because I’m the last person in the group to find the cache, Jerks

If I find the cache first, Idiots.

If they are whining about the stuff in the cache, Skin Flints.

If they are wondering why the GPS says zero but they are not standing on the cache, Newbies.

If they have beer and offer to share one, Geniuses.

If they bust me while I’m bent over digging in the leaves…nevermind.

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A find of cachers...




Pronunciation: (fInd), [key]

—v., found, find•ing,




1. to come upon by chance; meet with: He found a nickel in the street.

2. to locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort: to find an apartment; to find happiness.

3. to locate or recover (something lost or misplaced): I can't find my blue socks.

4. to discover or perceive after consideration: to find something to be true.

5. to gain or regain the use of: His anger finally helped him find his tongue.

6. to ascertain by study or calculation: to find the sum of several numbers.

7. to feel or perceive: He finds it so.

8. to become aware of, or discover (oneself), as being in a condition or location: After a long illness, he found himself well again. She woke to find herself at home.

9. to discover: Columbus found America in 1492.

10. Law.

a. to determine after judicial inquiry: to find a person guilty.

b. to pronounce as an official act (an indictment, verdict, or judgment).

11. to provide or furnish: Bring blankets and we'll find the rest of the equipment for the trip.

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Here are a few suggestions:


a meander of cachers.

a google of cachers.

a chotski(sp) of cachers.

a curio of cachers.

an oddity of cachers.

a trifle of cachers.

a whatnot of cachers.



War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.


-Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914)

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I like "event of cachers" as well.


But that is a little too "in-humor" (I.e., you have to know about event caches, etc.)


Perhaps something more germane to the task of caching:


You can describe the group by size:


"A micro of cachers" vs. "A regular of cachers" vs. "A large of cachers"


or you could describe it in this way:


Use minutes/sub-minutes/degrees to describe the group.... as in:


6 cachers equal ".1 minutes of cachers"

60 cachers equal "a minute of cachers"

3600 cachers equal "a degree of cachers"


or you could use aspects of the GPS...


A "waypoint of cachers"


or stuff like that...



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Originally posted by Cooter13:

I wonder what Christopher Columbus would have been like with a GPSr?


Answer: FRUSTRATED. Now, if you asked "I wonder what Christopher Columbus would have been like with a GPSr and a functional array of satellites, and a solar-powered AA-recharger", I would have given a different answer. [icon_wink.gif]



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OK, Christopher Columbus with a workingn GPSr, and all related technical aspects associated thereto in working order, on the Santa Maria?


What about Leif Erickson, with all aspects of GPS technology working at that time?


Uh oh, new thread topic coming into a foggy mind. Wonder if the GPSr would help now?!


See the happy moron

He doesn't give a da**

I wish I were a moron

My God, perhaps I am

Author Unknown

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an aggregation of cachers


Main Entry: ag.gre.ga.tion

Pronunciation: "a-gri-'gA-sh&n

Function: noun

Date: 1547

1 : a group, body, or mass composed of many distinct parts or individuals

2 a : the collecting of units or parts into a mass or whole b : the condition of being so collected.


"an aggregation of stars or galaxies that appear close together in the sky and are gravitationally associated"



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