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  1. Yeah, emailing spammers privately always works. They want to spam, they can deal with the consequences of being called out for it in public. I have no sympathy for spammers. Then you're part of the problem. Funny, I have a block button. You're even in its short list of people to ignore. I guess that's because I actually did something useful for the caching community, and I use it.
  2. Is there some reason you morons thought you had the right to spam my email address with an announcement for this rag? I guarantee I'll never read it as long as I live; I don't care how great it is.
  3. BMGPX is a program that converts NGS datasheets, available here, into GPX format for use with programs like Spinner, Watcher, Cachemate, and so on. It's the next best thing to Pocket Queries for benchmarks.
  4. Should be okay. BMGPX doesn't look at any of the stuff that's documented as having been changed.
  5. Speaking of geocaching comics (okay, so we really weren't anymore) I found this comic strip and I wanted to share it with CO Admin...
  6. Actually, it works a little better with Cetus than it does with Nav Companion, because we've worked closely with the author of Cetus, whereas we had to guess about the function of some of the stuff that's in a Nav Companion database. The basic steps to create the PDB file are the same, but to use the resulting file you'll have to go into Cetus, go to the database screen, and pick "Select Database" from the menu. By the way, something I forgot in my reply to your questions in the other two (!) threads: GSAK also uses GPSBabel under the hood, so it should be able to do this stuff as well, and it probably has a nice pointy-clicky interface like the kids today seem to be attracted to. You'll have to ask a GSAK guru for help with that, though; I've never used it myself.
  7. Apparently we accidentally left the readme files out of the Windows distribution. If you look at my followup to your other post, you'll find the link to the nav companion readme file. By the way, It's pointless to ask the same question three times in three different threads. If anyone's going to answer it, they'll see it just as well in one place as in three.
  8. Here's the readme file for Nav Companion. If you're stuck using the GUI (gpsbabelfront.exe) you should set it up to look more or less like this: Warning: Installing the PDB file as described below WILL delete all waypoints you currently have stored in your Nav Companion software. If you don't want to do this, you MUST use the command line version of GPSBabel as described in the document linked above. After you do the conversion, just find the .pdb file you've just created and double-click it to install it to your Visor, then do a hotsync. When you load Nav Companion, you'll find that it's confused about the list of waypoints, because Magellan never expected anyone to change the list using anything but Nav Companion itself. If you tap the scrollbar on the right side of the list, it should correct itself.
  9. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have one of the following models of Lowrance/Eagle GPS receivers that they're not using and that they'd be willing to loan to me for a few weeks for the purpose of trying to add support for Lowrance receivers to GPSBabel? If you do, please contact me directly and we'll work out the details. I'd also be interested in talking to anyone who's within 100 miles or so of Fort Wayne, IN, who has one of the listed receivers that they can't part with, but who would be willing to spend an evening or two testing and debugging. GlobalMap AirMap AccuMap GlobalNav 310 Eagle View Eagle Explorer GlobalNav 200 Expedition II GlobalNav 212 GlobalMap 12 AccuMap 12
  10. You can download the .loc file, run it through GPSBabel to convert to, say, Streets And Trips format, and then load the resulting file into Excel or Notepad or what-have-you. That'll get you most of the way there. The only drawback will be that the resulting coordinates will be in decimal degrees rather than the degrees-decimal minutes we're used to here on geocaching.com. You can either set your GPS to decimal degrees, or you can use formulas in Excel. That is, if you have the latitude or longitude in cell B1 in decimal degrees, you can put this formula in, say, C1: =CONCATENATE(TEXT(INT(B1),"###"),"° ",TEXT((B1-INT(B1))*60, "##.###"),"'") (You might need to adjust this for negative latitude or longitude.)
  11. I may be wrong, because I never use the GUI, but I don't think it wants the name of a "file folder" there. I'm pretty sure it wants the name of a file, e.g. "C:\Street\whatever.psp" Also, if you're wanting to load the file into S&T on your desktop, you don't want the Pocket Streets format. You want the s_and_t format, which the GUI frontend calls "Microsoft Streets and Trips 2002/2003."
  12. I wouldn't count on that.
  13. GPSBabel will do that, with some caveats. Make sure to read the README.magnav file that should be included in the download; it tells you how to make Nav Companion recognize the new waypoints and how to merge new waypoints with existing waypoints should you wish to do so. I will say, though, that even though I was responsible for the Nav Companion support in GPSBabel, I strongly recommend that you use Cetus GPS instead.
  14. What's that old rule about spelling flames again?
  15. Alternatively, there's Popget which I've never used and which I can't vouch for, but which claims to do the POP3 part of the process for you. You'll still need uudeview, of course. (Edit: just used it. Seems to work. Good luck.)
  16. It's probably overkill, and it depends on your skill level, but there's always fetchmail (windows/cygwin version here - note that you'll need the appropriate cygwin DLL and some other DLLs; you might want to look around for a mingw version instead) for retrieving the mail from your mailbox and uudeview (windows console version here) to decode the attachments. Note, though, that Fetchmail will just download everything in your mailbox, so unless you have a dedicated mailbox just for PQs and such, it's probably not what you want. In a pinch, you can specify the -k option to make it leave mail on the server, but then you'll download your (probably huge) PQ results again when you check your mail with your usual mail client. The option you want for Fetchmail to write its output to a file is --bsmtp. There'll be some excess cruft in the file, and any line starting with a . will have the . doubled, and all of the messages will be in one big file, but none of those should affect uudeview's ability to decode the attachments.
  17. Everybody keeps saying that, but it's not as true as you think it is. If everybody had kill lists, and used them, the truly obnoxious people would be in most people's kill lists, and there wouldn't be any replies to see (at least, no replies from people who weren't ALSO in your kill list.)
  18. Okay, here's a higher-tech solution for those of you who use IE and don't have Jeremy's hand available: First, download this. Second, unzip it into your Windows directory (Sorry, it has to be in your Windows directory to work.) Third, double-click on killfile.reg (in your Windows directory) and enter its contents into your registry. Fourth, edit killfile.html (also in your Windows directory) to include the names of people you don't like. At the moment, the list consists of me and Jeremy, so you might want to change it. Remember to make sure the number in the line that says "NumNames=2" matches the number of names you've entered, and make sure that each BadNames entry has a different number. I know, it's cumbersome. Maybe version 2 will make it easier, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. That's it. Now you will have an ugly button on your toolbar, and a menu item on your Tools menu, that will let you hide posts from people you don't like. It doesn't run automatically, but it's better than nothing, right? Right? Hey, can anyone see this post? Oh. Right. You'll need to restart IE. Don't forget that part.
  19. Jeez, Fizzy, did you have to tell everybody?
  20. No, no, no, datums are about SPACE. Time zones are about time. Geez, if you can't even get THAT part right.... Also, you're 54 years late; there's already an Irish datum: EUR-K "EUROPEAN 1950, England, Ireland"IN -86 3 -96 3 -120 3 48 62 -12 3
  21. McDonald's has food products? I don't think McDonald's is allowed to mention Mayor McCheese anymore.
  22. Well, that didn't work....
  23. Here's Alaska; this might include some in my lists above: UV1481 UV1482 UV8494 UW5259
  24. My thanks too, to both RogBarn and you. I also needed the Setting codes, and divining those from the text turns out to be much, much harder. I guess I didn't have to download the entire database after all. But now that I have it (well, except Alaska) I wonder if I should offer to burn it on a CD and send it to Groundspeak...
  25. I notice that those two are in Alaska. Due to the way I snarfed the database, and due to the fact that they don't have counties up there, I don't believe I got everything in Alaska. I'll see what I can do about rectifying that.
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