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  1. Actually, my Meri-plat is still working fine (though it is pretty beat up); I'm just passing it on to my son I ordered the Garmin 62S; it seems like a really good unit for the price. Thanks so much for all the advice everyone!
  2. That makes sense, thanks. In that case, either the base or the "S" model (only $20 more) would seem to be the way to go. The only draw back in the 1.7 vs 3.4 gb of built-in memory -- but is that an issue at all, since it appears I can add a 4gb memory card (for just $6)?
  3. Thanks for the great feedback! At this point, I'm leaning towards one of the Garmin GPSMAP 62 units. The prices have been dropping (on Amazon) a lot over the last few days. 62 - $205 - 1.7gb - the base model 62S - $222 - 1.7gb - I think the "S" means it has the compass/altimeter 62St - $287 - 3.5gb - I think the "t" means it has the 100k US topo maps 62Sc - $339 - 3.5gb - I think the "c" means it has the camera 62Stc - $466 - 3.5gb - with the compass, maps, and camera So a couple more questions How much do I need the 100k US topo maps (pre-loaded)? I assume I could buy them (from Garmin?) or get some maps from other sites. This adds about $65 to the cost (or $125 for the Stc - that price seems likely to drop more soon); but it doubles the memory too. I can definitely live without the camera (which seems to add another $120 or so). So right now, the the 62St seems to be the sweet spot. If the 62Sc price drops more, and I don't really need to maps pre-loaded, that might be a good option.
  4. I'm looking to finally replace my Meri-plat. I've got an HTC One I use as a backup, but I'm looking to get a new model. I'll probably go fairly high-end ($300+). Other than a bit of hiking/camping, I only use it for geocaching (my phone works great for in-car navigation). I can't decide between Garmin or Magellan. I don't have much experience with Garmin. I've had pretty good luck with my Magellan over the years. I don't need a camera (and I'm leaning away from those models which have it) -- but having a camera in a water-proof rugged device might be handy sometimes. Has anyone used both lines (Garmin GPSMAP 62/64 and Magellan eXplorist)? How about touch-screens? Do I want GLONASS? Anything else I should consider?
  5. I tried a bunch of things - I finally dialed *228 to reset the phone, and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks.
  6. Anyone else using an Android phone? I have the HTC Incredible. My GPS was working, but (I think after the 2.2 update), I can no longer turn it on. Some apps (like 'GPS Status') will turn it on when I use them. Unfortunately, the Geocaching.com app does not. I should be able to turn in on manually, but that doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas? Or know a way that I can tell the Geocaching.com app to turn on the GPS? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, that fixed my problem.. Hope to give the app a good test run this weekend!
  8. If I uninstall the app, can I resinstall it without having to buy it again? This is the first app I've bought, so I'm not sure how it works... thanks.
  9. Anyone know the best way to get support for the Geocaching.com Android app? I bought it, but it doesn't run on my phone (HTC Incredible). The splash screen comes up, and then a message pops up and disappears too fast for me to read it, and the app exits. That's the first app I've actually purchased. I seem to have a lot better luck with the free ones.
  10. Just bought and installed the new Android app from geocaching.com. The 'Find Nearby Caches' worked fine. But when I tried to search for a cache by GC, it hung the phone - had to reboot it. Just the pain of being an early adopter, I guess This is the first app I've ever spent money on - the free ones may be the way to go, for now.
  11. I'd love to hide the cache for Virginia. I sent a separate e-mail to you with some more information. Great series of caches!
  12. Thanks for the ideas. I generally just prefer to hang out and have fun too. Games that encourage meeting other cachers can be helpful I think; though since we all share such a great hobby, ice breakers aren't really needed. I'm looking for something to involve the kids especially, since we expect about half of the folks to be kids. The Ground Zero type games could work I think.
  13. Hi -- I'm looking for some game ideas that we can do at an upcoming event. I was not able to find much in the forums (though it's probably there somewhere; markwell if you know of any please). We've done the 5x5 find-a-cacher-who-meets-this-criteria "bingo board". That was fun, but I'm looking for other ideas. We expect 25-50 people at the event, about half will be kids. Thanks for any links or suggestions! -BeachBuddies
  14. Is it still possible to set your own background images on your cache pages? Mine seem to have disappeared. Thanks...
  15. Although gift certificates are great, I prefer the "interesting" items. I've been FTF on some caches that had nice items, but I didn't need them, so I left them for the next cacher. One that I took was a new TB tag -- a fairly inexpensive, but fun to get item I think. I usually try to put some kind of FTF prize in my caches. Generally not an expensive item though -- usually something related to the cache. For example, I have a puzzle cache that uses historical markers, and I created laminated photos of a fake marker with the cache name and FTF, 2TF, or 3TF on it. In one cache I left an Iraqi first aid kit I got during Desert Storm. Not worth much, but kind of a cool souvenier. I'm working on a Civil War cache that will have some type of civil war money (bills or coins, I'm not sure yet) as the FTF prize.
  16. I think we should have a category for Wildlife Sightings, with sub-categories such as Birds -> Birds of Prey -> Eagles, etc This could actually be a useful list, to help track loss of habitat, etc. Birders would love it for sure. Great place to post photos too! -BeachBuddies
  17. Current Locationless caches related to trees include: Millennium Trees Moon Trees Native American Trail Trees
  18. When I created my Categorized List of Locationless Caches, I came up with the following categories. This list was not meant to be a list of "good" categories; rather, it was simply a list that categorized the current locationless caches. It might server as a staring point for further discussion. Buildings (by designer) Buildings (by shape) Buildings (by style) Buildings (by use) Buildings (towers) Venues and Points of Interest Regional Point of Interest Sports Venues and Related Sightings Religious Sites Bridges Trail and Border Markers Benchmarks and Survey Markers Historical Markers Special Designated Areas Towns and Cities Ancient Ruins (and other old things) Events Statues Monuments Graves and Memorials Art, Sculpture, and Cultural Icons Signs Hydrographic Landmarks Vehicles and Transportation Military Industrial (and other) Equipment Interesting Sightings Special Coordinates Referential
  19. I use skype, but it never crossed my mind to combine it with geocaching. Always fun to meet other cachers though. My id is TanuWoW (I use it for World of Warcraft); maybe I'll add a "BeachBuddies" account too...
  20. Grats to Bisanabi! He just found his 400th while visiting Florida.
  21. And of course there's a bunch on the AT.
  22. This one visits some of the great bars and restaurants in Nags Head, NC. We had a lot of fun doing it.
  23. I can tell you about plenty of good hikes if you make it up to the Northern Virginia area. Haven't been caching in Tidewater yet though. ps. You might have better luck if you post this on the North-East board.
  24. David picked up number 200 on a very tough but awesome puzzle cache, The Eagle's Tour
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