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  1. I wasn't Geocaching yesterday, but I did mark a waypoint! The one on the left is 23 1/2" and 9 pounds 10 ounces! This is the largest fish I've caught in almost 3 decades!!! The one on the right is 4 pounds 12 ounces!
  2. Because they're wrapping everything around RC. Cause RC's special. Awwwwwwww.... Thanks everyone for making my visit to SeaTac so special...
  3. I just gave him instruction on how to enter thru the secret passage edit...see? So did I!!!
  4. Why the BLANK look on your face, Seamus? *do I sense a change your Avatar day?*
  5. OH NO!!! My post count is going up... this isn't right! See it just went up again!
  6. *wonders if Seamus found his way over here yet*
  7. I was feeling the love earlier. I know where I stand, now! You can stand over here 'Bro...
  8. Good to see ya 'Bro! on subject: you can't even see your own message folders either, huh?
  9. Sad week, indeed...Our Prayers for the family!
  10. I am in Hong Kong till tomorrow morning (Tuesday)... then 5 days in China... Back in Hong Kong on Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th). I hope to get a cache or two then!
  11. Me too, please! Value OP offer is less valuable than NeoPoints!
  12. Even a blind hog can find an acorn when it steps on it! Okay?!?! And....for that we are to all stand and cheer? And you are doing such a good job of it for a kid!
  13. Oh, ease up there buddy. The problem is coming here and expecting results/change with the Lame cache issue. You totally lost me Ya know what's funny? I'm willing to bet a majority of people posting here actually prefer the same type of caching you do (me included), but we defend the rights of ourselves and others to enjoy different types of caches. Last week I was trapped in a hotel in another state without a car for a few hours. I got in contact with a local cacher who came and picked me up and we spent the next few hours doing about 20 urban micos. Most were probably lame, but I was having too much fun to care. And isn't that a part of geocaching too? PS: I spent the weekend with the same geocacher doing a bunch of high terrain caches, and had just as much fun. Excellent, Mopar! But have you logged any of those caches?
  14. Star, So sorry about the misfortune... ... Hopefully, you can get your stuff straighten out and the window fixed soon! Richard, that happens when you leave your windows open!!!
  15. Happy Anniversary GeoHo and Mopar... 500 days (+2) - I had this ready to do on Tuesday but I forgot! AND Happy Birthday, MOPAR! Many happy returns of the day!
  16. Pip, owning both a Merigold and a Legend...I've found- 1. The aquire and lock for the Merigold is quicker and better 2. The screen on the Merigold is larger and easier on eyes that were born in 1957(I can stand wearing glasses when I cache) 3. The buttons are more user friendly on the Merigold VS 1. The Legend is lighter weigh, smaller, takes up less room, etc... 2. I like the moving track GO TO of the Garmin better than the stationary track of a Magellan
  17. that would be "AttaGirl"! Ooops, please excuse! <clears throat> AttaGirl, Fly! BTW, I lived less than a mile from your Miss Nora cache. I could find the location with my eyes closed. Actually went to Church there for about a year. Auntie Weasel, I knew there was something about you I like. I made the trip from Lebanon to Smithville too many times (job related) in the 80's!
  18. WOO HOO! AttaBoy, Fly! Oh the times I have spend in that bend of the River! I grew up in McMinnville and lived in Lebanon up to 1989...My parents now live in Smyrna, visited that very BPS when I was there 12/03! You can go to GeoWoodStock now! IF you can get time off from WORK!
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