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  1. Thank you - I might need to renew my membership to see what the consensus is
  2. I've been geocaching since 2002, maybe you've found one of my caches (the one in Las Vegas has about 4000 find to date). But, lately, I find my interests are for finding wineries. Some people want to find every MLB stadium. Others, every National Park. Every State. Every Country. The choices are infinite. Is it appropriate to discuss my idea here in a geocaching forum? Every geocacher I have met and interacted with for the last 20 years has had the same bug/urge/desire to get out there and collect all the things - it is what we do. But, at my age, my interests have just morphed a little to find the things that I am passionate about. How about you?
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions. If I have time, I'll try to hit the ones mentioned here.
  4. I am flying in from October 3-9th to these three states, Greenville, Charlotte, and Atlanta specifically. I have chosen three caches, one for each state, Pirate's Garden Treasure, Phone-a-Friend and Peek-a-Boo respectively. Any thoughts on my choices? I will be on business and in a suit most of the time, so big hikes were out. I will also be with my father who lives there who is not much of an outdoorsman, and that will also limit my cache time. But, I didn't want to travel across the country and miss out on the chance to at least get one cache from each state I visit. I will be out again (if business goes well) the beginning of November, so I can possibly do some more then. Let me know if anyone lives along that route and would like to meet up for lunch. I am really interested in finding the best barbecue in the area. -Dru Morgan
  5. Can you spot me? Here is close up. Vegas, Baby!!!
  6. My nuts have made it around the world again and have racked up (no pun intended) 22336 miles. Is this close to the record? Anyone know what the most travelled bug is?
  7. You can tell the time by touching that????!!! No, you see that clock over there?
  8. My Hollywood Walk of Fame cache is designed to be started at one station and you end at the next one up. Then you can ride back to your starting location if you want.
  9. I got a room at the Tapatio Cliffs. If any cachers want to hook up, let me know. There is golf and I would love to find some nearby caches with some locals.
  10. Riverside? in California? I need to be in Phoenix. How far is Riverside from Phoenix?
  11. I am going to walk with my graduating class this Friday the 23rd of July at the Phoenix campus. If anyone wants to hook up and cache a bit, let me know. I'm driving from Los Angeles on Thursday, and will probably stay all weekend if I find a cool enough hotel. Email, and I'll give you my cell number.
  12. The latest logs at Sin City might just be the pick me up that you are looking for.
  13. Well, it finally happened. I'm 35 and finally got my nuts in my hands. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=41565 Thanks to everyone who helped.
  14. OK, smarta**. Los Angeles is the destination. And, time is ticking. I was at an event yesterday and people were asking where my nuts were. It's getting embarrassing.
  15. Who is making that trek soon. My travel bug, "Dru's Nuts" has been up there for a while. It made it over here from Australia, and is so close to home. Can anyone grab my nuts for the trip south? -Dru
  16. I thought it was referring to geocaching as a Lame Outdoor Adventure, and being overshadowed by the new sign.
  17. "Schwag"(notice the yiddish spelling), back in the Grateful Dead touring days always had a bad connotation. It was stuff that was considered bad, or junk. In direct opposition to "kind" which had the implication that it was really, really good. Usage: "Oh, he didn't have any imported beers, all he had was schwag" or "I'll trade my bus for an ounce of the kind"
  18. Pretty impressive. Crazy thing, we have driven by that Brady House and my wife has remarked that it looks like the Brady House. I guess they all were built in the 70s and have that feel abou them. Now, when is the naked cacher coming over? Do I need to make anything?
  19. You're Robert Blake! Wait... he's three blocks away. You're Greg Brady! Wait... his house was two blocks away. Let's try 4135 Bakman Ave, an 1893 square foot house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, built in 1949 (so you have a problem with those dang two prong outlets). It looks like you bought it in October 2002, at $338,696. Your property taxes of $2,094.38 are due April 10. Am I close? Too close for your liking? Pretty good. How exactly did you do this? I mean, Mopar told me my address by using google on my name, not too hard. But, you got very close with the triangulation method. Within 9 digits of the address. Wrong street though. I am actually on Tujunga. I guess the exact spot is in the middle of the block, and you guessed the street on the East, while mine is the one on the west. Then from there, a real estate database will give you the particulars on the property. So, there you have it, if someone sees your list, even with the rounded distances, they can get to your city block. Lucky I live in LA where one city block, especially with apartments can still only get you down to 500 people. I still say, the phone book, or google is easier. But, congrats on the math. You win the nerd prize. BTW, Robert Blake does/did live down the street, and his wife was murdered across the street from me at Vitelo's. Didn't realize about Greg Brady, thanks for the trivia there. Do you have an address? And, I only wish you could buy a house for under $400K in my neighborhood. I'd jump on that price in a heartbeat. You're lucky if you get a 'fixer' for under $600K anymore.
  20. Here is a challenge. I'll play.... This list was generated from my front doorstep. Prize to the first one to figure out my home address.
  21. He is basically saying, that if you create a list like the one he did in the top post, make sure you don't generate that list based on your exact home coordinates. Then they can find your house. (Big Woop, huh?) He is not saying the just by pulling up a list of anyone's hides it is possible to find their house. Only if they are displayed in a search from exact coordinates. So, find your own cache and then click "nearest caches" to get your list, if you so choose.
  22. Wanna See a Card Trick? My first and only virtual hide. I created it before even finding one geocache, thereby breaking another taboo. But, I did email Jeremy way back when I did it and told him my idea. He said, "Go for it". And, you know what, it has been one of the best I've seen, if I do say so myself. Just read some of the logs to see people's reactions. You get a card trick and the 'reveal' is at the site. As far as ruining it for a traditional cache site, it is inside a graveyard (ooh, spooky) and you couldn't very well place anything there anyway. I say, judge a cache on it's own merits, not by it's classification as a traditional or virtual. Actually, the more I am involved with this sport, I think about where it will be in 10, 20, or 50 years. Most traditionals can't last one year without constant maintenence. I think a well thought out virtual will last considerably longer.
  23. Well, good news. He finally responded to his email. He had used an email to sign up with geocaching.com that he never checks because he didn't want to get spammed. I can understand that. But, having been here since almost the beginning, I doubt this site is propogating spam to their members. Maybe no amount of reassurance on sign up will convince new people.
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