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  1. Here is the message I received, I'm not available, so I thought I put it out there. Please reply if you contact Michelle, so she doesn't get hammered. ______________________________ Does your brother know of an avid geocacher that would like to give a brief 10 minute talk about geocaching and travel bugs…possibly including a few personal stories? If so, do you mind passing their info to me and I’ll forward to Doug, please? The time commitment would be on 4/12 from 4pm for 10 minutes and they could stay until 6pm when the event is over or only stay for 10-15 minutes. Thanks so much!! J Michelle Michelle Watson College of Technology and Innovation 6049 S. Backus Mall, Sutton Rm 301L Mesa, AZ 85212 (480) 727-1881 phone
  2. I have a friend who is going to Israel, and last time spent a lot of time getting lost. He wants a GPS compatible with the best mapset available. Any advise?
  3. ekitt10, I live in the Valley of the Sun now, and would like to meet you if it could be worked out, as I am one the the 1st finders of your Blood & Guts in Virginia (aka Iron & Stone) (GC73C2) cache. JoeCthulhu
  4. Thanks to BrianSnat's wife for the recomendation on 3 of my caches. Here are two other areas in northern Virginia to check out that have a good variety of caches: Burke Lake Park Fountainhead Regional Park
  5. I live in Chandler, AZ, and would be happy to answer your questions. Please e-mail me through my profile page.
  6. A few years ago I was on the Mall for the 4th of July celebration. Quarters can get a little tight. Right before sunset I notice a commotion in the crowd. A squirrel decided it wanted to get to another tree several hundred feet away, and was running, hoping, and jumping from person to person to get there. Scared the heck out of and/or startled about 200 people and several dogs. It too me a few minutes to stop laughing.
  7. Thank you to everyone. Earlier I offered for adoption all of my physical geocaches in NoVA. I'm sorry this process took so long, I just got done with finals. I was an idiot and took 18 credit hours of upper division business courses at Arizona State, on top of having two kids, and a part time job, so time has been a commodity lately. I'm no spring chicken, so it took it's toll on me. If your ever out in my neck of the woods (Phoenix, AZ), please look me up.
  8. Wow, after 1 month only 46 views and 1 response. I guess it's time to write the paper sans geocaching.
  9. Howdy, I talked my AZ Geography professor into allowing me to put a geocaching spin on my research paper. I need information on interesting geocaches state-wide. This is also great info for me as I just relocated back to the area. What I need: 1. Name/URL/code for a geocache, or series of geocaches you found interesting. 2. Why you found it interesting. (The reason it is interesting should be reasonably repeatable to cachers who come after.) I need caches from all over the state, including metor, and wilderness area. Reasons of interest can be: historical or cultural significance, unique flora, fauna, or geological compositions or structures, a great view, etc.... Thanks for your help. Scott aka JoeCthulhu
  10. I'd start at 'Garfield Park' GCG6JX. It's near Capital Hill and Metro. You can do a search from there to the next closest physical cache. There are a few south of the National Mall.
  11. I've got the closest cache to there: GCM357. I wonder how long it'll take him to find it?
  12. Wil Wheaton portrayed a deraigned homeless man on CSI last night (3/10). Mr. Wheaton has a great blog: www.wilwheaton.net. He even has a www.geocaching.com button there. If you missed it the first time around, hopefully you'll be able to catch it in the Summer if it's rerun.
  13. I had no problem with the maintenance issues regarding her caches in Northern Virginia. Either SBUX herself, or a member of her family, was in my neck of the woods about once every three weeks. That's often enough to maintain a cache.
  14. All the Marylanders post a ton on their club web-site @ www.mdgps.org. If you add all the posts there, we're tops.
  15. The pic on the left looks like it when I found it. Except I didn't have a canoe, or waders. I kept telling myself, "There are no watermocassins this far north. There are no watermocassins this far north."
  16. The Summer of '69 cache was recently archived by it's owner bspeng. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d7-284f85d48d13 When it's not frozen, it is only reasonably accessable by canoe or kayak. This is a great cache that needs to be replaced ASAP. If only for the great stories. Since I know the area (the only one to be there twice, I think), I think I can come up with a cache shape and anchor mechanism. Anyone in the area have a canoe?
  17. I was caching in Arizona. The weather was great there too.
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