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  1. I got my Bison tubes in about 3 days. Very good service. Thank you very much! Bender
  2. Years ago, when a drink or two wasn't out of the question for a younger version of bender, I mosied off the beaten path in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. People were BBQ'in late at night, I had several beers and lots of free BBQ. I ducked into a dark corner of a big lot to relieve myself and shazamm!, just as I got lil' bender out and let loose with a big ole "AWWWWWWWWWWWW", lights come up from 2 cars and doors was openin' and closing with a furious thunder. Lo and behold, I was peein' in the mayors' yard. They frown upon that kinda thing down there. That relief cost me 88 bucks to extract myself from the local pokey. You'd think they'd have signs up or something................. Bender
  3. Just take the dadgum canoe and be done with it! Bender
  4. Alcohol is one of the more popular baits. Expensive cars work well too. Bender
  5. Dagger Reflection 15 here. I love it. But I love my Dagger halifax 17 kayak even more. Have used them both to geocache out of now. The kayak is faster by far. Bender
  6. Dodge, Pepsi, PC, and PPC. the buttons DO belong on the bottom, where TPTB intended them to be. Bender
  7. With my 2215 I just save the whole pageand toss it into my pocket pc my documents. nothing else is needed. Bender
  8. Just wanted to add that Garmins do not float. My sportraks do, thank you very much. Bender
  9. I would consider doing something crazy like that if there was snow here. I don't have any plans. Will probably stare at the TV or see who is in geocaching chat. I have snow at my place. *wink* *wink* Being the happily married guy that I am, I'll have to live vicariously through Bender and DeskJockey. But it may snow here tonight ... Honey? ... We'll keep you clued in! Bender
  10. I'm gonna see if carleenp wants to go out looking for snow! Bender
  11. Do you really wanna be out in the sticks during hunting season, spookin game away from people with guns? Go for the urban caches during hunting season. It just makes sense to stay out of the way of hunters. Hunting season is not that long anyway. By the way,I believe you ballistics experts need to go back to school. Bender
  12. Jeez people, grow some thicker skin. Sometimes ya just gotta call a spade a spade. Have the < local ethnic slurs> complained about this yet? If they haven't, you shouldn't either. MYOB Bender
  13. Take one step back, Bloencustoms. That's better. How bout those cubs? Bender
  14. I once made a cache container out of bacon. That is another one you don't wanna try. And biscuits, don't try biscuits either. Bender
  15. I would think that since the sun has no outside source of energy that it has been in the process of shutting down since the minute that it began. Am I correct? Bender
  16. It seems to me that EL type light is usually rated by how many hours it takes them to get to half brightness (as in the "bulb" "wearing" out). I think I read that somewhere once. But then again, I could be wrong. Bender
  17. My multi, Bender's RR will take you approximately 21.000 miles between legs if you go east instead of west. Bender
  18. The Weasel is crying again. Life goes on. Bender
  19. If you do not like micros, do not look for them. qwitcherbitchenforcryingoutloud. I am not overly fond of puzzle caches myself, but you don't see me trying to have them banned. Some of you people would gripe if you on the lottery. IT IS A GAME PEOPLE!!! Bender
  20. Bender

    Warn Meters

    Oh god please, not DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!!! Bender
  21. '85 JS550 Jetski '90 Dagger Reflection 15 canoe '03 Dagger Halifax 17 kayak One way or another I will get there Bender
  22. I go for the hunt, screw the junk. Bender
  23. I love to go caching alone. My caching buddy is a "stomper", scares wildlife off for miles just by clompin' through the woods. Hydrocaches for me are the best, I take the kayak or the jetski for those. I too love the solitude of caching alone. Bender
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